The Basics of Green Tea Diets – What You Should Know

If you've ever wondered why the Chinese are so sylphlike in their physique, sometimes you should look no further than green tea. Granted, they may typically be endowed with their slim figures, but daily intake of this beverage could well play a role. After all, this bitter concoction is filled with antioxidants that have been shown to promote weight loss and prevent certain types of cancers. EPCG or epigallocatechin gallate are the antioxidants in tea that hastens the rate of metabolism to burn more calories. Aside from this, EPCG also suppresses appetite, significantly lessening food intake. When your caloric intake is lowered, you lose weight.

The green tea diet for weight loss hinges on the power of antioxidants to shed off the excess pounds. There are different kinds of green tea preparation available in the market today. There are green tea leaves, bottled green tea, green tea patches and green tea pills. The kind of preparation you choose for your diet will seriously be determined by your taste preference and convenience.

To prepare tea leaves, get about a teaspoon of leaves and brew them in a cup of hot water for three minutes. Drink two to three cups a day to facilitate weight loss. If you can not stand the tart taste, perhaps you might want to take the pills instead. Read the instructions and take the pills as prescribed. Usually, you will be asked to take one or two per day. If you prefer, use patches but make sure that you change them everyday.

The good thing about this diet is that drinking this antioxidant-laden beverage is also good for the immune system. Regular intake of green tea promotes digestive and respiratory health, protecting the individual from common viruses that cause sickness and disease. It is also good for heart health since it lowers cholesterol and protects cell damage that can cause the Big C. Aside from its benefits to one's physical health, green tea also promotes mental focus and clarity making it beneficial for psychological wellness.

While it is very effective for weight loss, tea should not be used as a substitute for exercise. Rather, you can accelerate your fat loss efforts if you combine it with a regular workout regimen. Cardiovascular workouts like walking, jogging and bicycling combined with a resistance-training regimen composed of bodyweight exercises like push ups, pull ups and crunches or weight-training workouts with dumbbells or free weights serve to burn more calories to give you a lean, fit and healthy body.

However, anything that is taken in excess is not also good for you. Like coffee, tea is also high in caffeine that can cause jitters, anxiety, palpitations and nervousness when taken in excess. Those with preexisting medical conditions like kidney problems, stomach ulcers, heart and anxiety disorders should refrain from drinking tea. Pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding can not also engage in a green tea diet. If you are unsure if this form of dieting is appropriate for your condition, make sure that you consult with your doctor first.

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How Serious Are You About Your Weight Loss?

The first thing you need to do if you're serious about weight loss is to set a goal for yourself. Most people do not set a specific number of pounds that they want to lose, they just say “I need to lose a lot of weight and I want to lose it quickly.” It is known that our minds work much better if we have a set goal formulated. So the first thing you need to do is set a goal. Write it down and even tell it to a few people.

The next thing is to figure out a plan to reach that goal. The plan that you create has to take into account the time that you have to dedicated toward that goal and your discipline level. If you are not able to exercise for several hours every day, and eat a very healthy but restrictive diet, you will not lose a lot of weight quickly. But think about this, you did not gain it quickly so why do you think you should lose it quickly. If you lost 2 pounds a month over a year, you would have lost 24 pounds – that is significant. Most people can make small changes in their eating and exercise lifestyle to lose 2 pounds a month.

And remember that you do not have to look like a supermodel. Movie stars and models have the time and money to spend to have a personal trainer and a personal chef with them at all times. If you have those resources by all means use them, but if you're like most of us we have to do it on our own.

Think about how long that you have been overweight. Has it been more than one year, maybe three or maybe even five? Is it worth it to you to make healthy eating habits and exercise plans and slowly take off 2 to 3, maybe 4 pounds per month over the next year? At the end of that year not only will you weigh significantly less, but you'll be much healthier.

So what are some things you can do to focus on healthy eating habits? There are a couple of things that most people can do right away that will make a significant difference. Replace soda with water. Most people think that diet soft drinks work just as well as water, but that's not true. Our bodies need water to function properly. And traditionally sweetened soft drinks are not healthy, in fact they can make you crave more sugar. Another thing you can do is eat whole grain bread and pasta instead of white pasta. White bread, and plain pasta are full of unhealthy starches that increase your insulin levels and keep you from losing weight.

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Diet Program Secrets: Save Your Hide By Following Advice Found in The Diet Solution Program

Would not it be great if everyone was so trustworthy that you could leave your car door unlocked? Or the keys to your house sitting in the lock of your front door? What about how much simpler it would be if you could trust what everyone says about their diet or loss product or program?

Yes, it would be nice, but unfortunately you can not. However, you CAN use these two simple principles that are used in the Diet Solution Program to save your “hide” and not put yourself in harms way – you, your wallet or your time!

Tip # 1 Is the Program Safe?

This requires both a little common sense and a little due diligence but it's worth it. For starters, just listen to the claims and ask yourself, “Is that reasonable or verifiable?” If there's some pill promoter promising pounds of fat to just fall off your body without doing anything you are faced with two choices. Either the pill is bad for you or the person is not being honest with you. In The Diet Solution Program for example, the claims that are made are not supported by paid 'testimonials' but real, down-to-earth people. Furthermore, the claims are balanced by warnings that everyone is different and that the ultimate results depend on how faithful you are to the program.

Another aspect is that it reminds you to keep this simple, but tried-and-true principle in mind: The safest way to lose weight is typically in 1-2 pounds / week increments. Yes, you can do it faster and many people have. At what cost though? Do you know what damage that causes to your body? Or, how it affects the organs and systems? Case in point: Did you know you lose a lot of muscle when you lose weight too quickly? Programs like the Diet Solution Program help you lose weight in a way that's safe and effective without risking your 'hide' – your health!

Tip # 2 – Is the Program Sound?

Here's where you need to dig a little deeper. Let me explain. From using The Diet Solution Program I learned that not every program has to be run by “Ms. America” ​​or some body-building champion. What is important is that the science behind what they do needs to be solid and well-referenced. They need to show you the support. A good way to ascertained this without having a degree in nutrition is to make sure they are not claiming some “new” approach that “no one else is talking about.” Effective weight loss is not complicated!

Be sure to check in on the program by reviewing what people are saying on our site. If people are complaining and asking for refunds and saying it does not work, then you've got problems. But if there are good reviews or even an absence of remarks, you're probably OK because people complain if they do not like something!

Another pretty safe bet to check how sound the program was would go to one of the top marketplaces like, search under the heading “Marketplace,” then “Health and Fitness” and see what pulls up. All of the top programs there have very, very low return rates and are safe for you . The Diet Solution Program , for example, is one of the top sellers. Another thing about programs like The Diet Solution Program is that even though a company does not have a perfect BBB rating, they can be great if the complaints were resolved. Remember, the principle of balance is important when you're checking out a company.

Keep these Tips in mind next time you're tempted to try the “next best thing,” use a little common sense, and as I keep saying, pick a program like The Diet Solution program that has a track record based on real food and exercise. That way you'll be sure to not get stuck in a program that could hurt you or your wallet!

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Diet Program Secrets: The Focus Is On You in The Diet Solution Program

Although most diets and weight loss programs tout that they are in business to help you lose weight, the truth is that most of them are there to make a dollar. So how do you know when you find a program that's all about you and making your fat loss journey a success? How do you steer clear of the ones that deliver nothing but paid testimonials and empty promises?

It was a question like that which prompted me to do some research and with that in mind, let me reveal to you two elements essential to putting your time and trust – and money – into a program that will do what it says– burn fat and help you lose inches! Here are two safe and sound ground rules that I learned from The Diet Solution Program.

Tip # 1 – Is it Green Friendly?

This is not about being earth-friendly though that is a wise thing to keep in mind. This step is about making sure that it works with the green in your pocket. Although nothing is free, you do not want to spend your money on a program that is out of your reach financially or does not do anything more than another one that is less expensive. The Diet Solution Program is an excellent case in point. It delivers so much more than just an E-Book on how to lose weight. There are multiple resources that work together to create a complete program which provides incredible value. Do not be afraid to spend a little money, but do not fall for creative marketing either!

Here's some rough guidelines. For do-it-yourself programs you should be able to spend less than $ 75 and if you want to add additional support, many of them offer that for less than $ 100- $ 150 / month. Of course if you desire to just buy a book, there are many great options under $ 30. The challenge often with them is that there are other elements that you need which are missing: Things like extensive recipes, shopping guides, journals, etc … as I mention in previous articles. Which is why The Diet Solution Program provides so much value by offering a very balanced package for less than what you've spent on taking the family out for dinner at an average restaurant!

Tip # 2 – Is it YOU Friendly?

Simply put, how do they treat you from the first interaction all the way to when you need help, get stuck, or even need a refund within their guarantee period? This part of the program can be easily overlooked in all the hype and 'selling' that often happens. But when you see programs like The Diet Solution Program that are run by real people and have tons of real, live testimonials and have their guarantee in writing, you have a good chance that they are legit and will take good care of you.

Consider this as well. Not everyone can relate to everyone, right? So if you like what you are hearing about the results of the program, but do not really connect with the author or main person behind the solution, then keep that in mind because you'll be listening a lot more from them over the next weeks and months. Personally, after making sure everything else was in place, I chose to use and recommend to my clients The Diet Solution Program because I felt like I could connect with the people who created it – and I have not been disappointed.

Some programs even offer free email coaching for a period of time, a live coach or person you can talk to through your program. These things can make or break your success so think about them carefully. In fact, Isabel has created an entire online support community for those in the Diet Solution program which adds an entirely new dimension of support!

In fact, Isabel's promise is one you need to use as the gold standard in finding a program that focuses on YOU: “I am here to give you the step by step plan that will show you great results while still enjoying life.”

So what are you waiting for?

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How Often Do You Have To Weigh In On Nutrisystem? Do You Have To Record Your Progress?

I recently heard from someone who was getting prepared to start the Nutrisystem diet over the weekend. She had already received her food but had decided to wait until the weekend to begin the diet so that she would have a few days to get used to the program before she had to implement it at work.

In preparation for this, she was trying to understand everything that she needed to do in order to be successful in the easiest way that was possible. One of the questions that she had concerned how often she was supposed to “weigh in” after getting started. She asked, in part: “How often are you expected to weigh yourself on Nutrisystem? Are you allowed to log in your weight, record it, or keep track of it somewhere? Are you supposed to give your counselor your results?” I will try to answer these questions in the following article.

What The Nutrisystem Guidelines Say About Weighing Yourself: You'll get a good deal of information and instructions with your food order and you may notice that the company itself recommends weighing yourself once per week at the same time. They also want for you to wear the same clothes each time so that your clothes are not entering into the equation. (They do not call this a “weigh in” though.) This sparse schedule looks to surprise people. Many people assume that you're likely to step on the scale on a more regular basis.

I suspect that the company recommends this schedule because they do not want you to place any undue pressure on yourself by looking at your progress every single day. While your weight loss may vary from day to day, it really is the long term and over all results that count. My habit was always to hit the scale when I got out of the shower on Saturday mornings. That way, I had a little extra time and was not worried about hurrying out to my job or to church. But I'd recommend just sticking to whatever regular schedule works best for you. Because if you think about it, weighing yourself is only one way for you to check your progress. You'll probably also notice your clothes fitting differently before the scale indicates any changes.

People sometimes ask me if you can weigh yourself more more if you want to. I suppose that you could. But I also think that doing so might add pressure that you do not need. And I also know that sometimes, it takes more than a very short amount of time to see any real changes or any loss of pounds. I know of people who weigh themselves several times per day, but I do not understand this. How can you expect to see any real changes that quickly? It's just unrealistic and it really does not do anything to contribute to your success or your enjoyment.

Are You Supposed To Record Your Weight Or Tell Someone About Your Results? How Do You Keep Track Of Your Progress ?: This is really a personal choice. People often ask me if they are supposedly to report to their Nutrisystem counselor or keep their weight recorded in a journal somewhere. If you feel that sharing this information will help or motivate you, then by all means feel free to do so. But this is not a requirement (and some people do not even take advantage of the diet's counseling.) While the personal counseling is not a requirement, it is there for free if you should want or need it. But, Nutrisystem is not like other programs where you have to go in person and get on the scale. You can check in if you want to, but many people prefer to keep this private, especially at first.

As for tracking or recording your results, this is not a requirement either. But if you are up for this, Nutrisystem makes this pretty easy and keeps it private. They have online tools where you just go in and enter your weight and measurements and they will keep track of this for you so that you can refer back to it whenever you want. There is a weight and measurement log, a progress tracker, and a food diary. So if you are one of those folks who likes charts and graphs, you may like these tools very much. They give you a nice visual of your progress which can be very stimulating. But you are not required to do this if you find it to be too much work.

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A Little Bit Of Discipline Can Go A Long Way When Dieting

It's not difficult to find methods to lose weight the healthy way. One thing you must have is discipline. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to make lifestyle changes not just find a new fad diet. Losing weight is just like any life goal, you need to set it, write it down and create a plan to reach that goal. Following are a few key steps to taking off the pounds the right way – gradually and long-term.

Our bodies are made up of mostly water. In order for the body to function correctly, you must keep it hydrated. If your body is trying to find water to hydrate itself, it is not trying to burn calories so you can lose weight. You will find many formulas for how much water to drink. A rule of thumb is to drink 6 to 8, 8 ounce glasses of water a day. There is plenty of discussion about what liquids can be classified as water, decaffeinated coffee, sugar free sodas, etc. I say, stick with water and your body will thank you.

Drink water before you get thirsty. If you feel thirsty, your body is already starting to dehydrate. Sometimes when you are hungry, it is actually your body telling you it is thirsty. So before you reach for an unplanned snack, reach for some water.

Try to plan your meals, snacks and exercise for the whole week. By planning your food ahead of time, you reduce the chance of getting unhealthy snacks or eating take out junk food when you do not have food at home to cook. Keep plenty of healthy snacks, like granola bars and fruit available at home and work. It is rare that you find healthy snacks in the vending machine, so be prepared for those afternoon hunger pains.

Part of your weight loss plan needs to include exercise. Always consult your doctor before starting an exercise plan and start slow and easy. If you have not exercised in months or years, do not start off trying to run 5 miles a day. If your goal is too large, you will get discouraged quickly. Maybe start by walking 2 miles a couple of times a week. Make sure you drink before, during and after exercise.

Not only does exercise keep your body in good shape and make you overall healthy, it increases your metabolism, so you can burn more calories. Burning more calories than you take in is the bottom line when it comes to weight loss. Good starting exercise plans can range from 10 minutes every day to 20 minutes a few times a week. Create a plan for yourself that you can stick with. You are in this for the long haul – slow and steady wins the race.

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How To Lose Stomach Fat – Steps To Success

I bet you were trying all those years to find the perfect diet to get rid off that excess weight around your tummy. Have you got the power and patience to go through anything to lose that stubborn stomach fat? Did you decided to change your habits of living and living a healthy style of life? If you answered yes to these, then you are at the right place to begin, because I will show you how to lose stomach fat for good.

First of all, you need to be careful what trees you are eating. There are a lot of opportunities to start snacking these days for example while you are stuck in traffic with your car, when you watch movies or while you are doing an important report. If you do not control your eating habits, those trips could add a couple of pounds to your stomach. To eat a couple of trips a day is not harmful at all to your diet, but you need to know which snack's you can eat. Best trees out there are fruits, low carbs products and nuts when you have a bit of time off.

The next step is, to control your meal portions. I guess you have a weekly food plan which has healthy foods in it. But that does not mean that you can still eat a lot of it, because they are healthy. Lot of people gets confused by this. Try to eat smaller portions. If you eat too much it is going to turn into excess fat.

The third step is to eat in decent times. Important part of your diet plan is to having your meals in the right time. Do not skip your meals. It is important for your metabolism to speed up. When you have your food at the right time, you will not have to struggle with your desires between each meal. When you start skipping your meals, it will affect your body drastically. You will feel tired and it will slow your metabolism right down and you will have no chance to lose your stomach.

Fourth step, do some abdominal exercises. People who know how to lose stomach fat, they know that they can lose that excess weight with a good diet and a good fitness regime, if you want to know how to lose stomach fat. You need to know that abdominal exercises are the best to get a toned and flat stomach.

Lastly, have fun with your great diet and workouts and stick to the plan. When you are having fun and joy in what you are doing, you will reach your goal quicker and gain your self-confidence back and feel good again in no time. You will have more will power to reach your goal. Just imagine that you do not like the meals you are having. You probably will leave it on the plate and munch on some chocolates. But because of this you will feel guilty and you are back where you started.

If you do not like your workouts either, you probably do less and less by each exercises and you will stop at the end and end up sitting on your sofa watching TV with a big tub of ice-cream in your lap. After you know how to lose stomach fat, you will need the power to get started. But it will take time to achieve it, but this way you will have a well-defined stomach and a toned body with the healthy lifestyle. Hope you are going to start the right way after reading this how to lose stomach fat.

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How Many Calories Will I Consume On My First Week Of Medifast?

I recently heard from someone who was getting ready to begin the Medifast diet. She wanted to make sure that she did everything completely correctly and this included taking in the correct amount of calories from the very beginning. She asked me in part: “What is the average amount of calories that I should be taking in on the first week of Medifast? are you taking in have anything to do with the amount of weight that you are trying to lose? ” I'll try to address these questions in the following article.

The Amount Of Calories Consumed In The First Week Of Medifast Mostly Remains Constant Through The Diet: I know that many diets ask you to taper the amount of calories that you consume either down or up as you go along. But this diet is not one of them. You basically take in the same amount of calories through the entire time that you're on the diet. The exception to this is when you have lost all of the weight that you wanted to lose and then go into the maintenance phrase of the plan. Once you are in maintenance, then you will gradually begin to take in more calories, return to more regular eating, and begin developing a healthy and lasting new lifestyle.

Daily And Weekly Caloric Rates: However, if you were starting this diet tomorrow, it's a safe bet that if you ate five of the prepackaged Medifast meals provided and then followed the directions towards your daily “lean and green meal,” you'd be taking in around an average of 1,000 calories per day. This is true from day one and should still be true until you go on to the maintenance phase as stated before.

If you've spent any amount of time looking at the Medifast nutritional information of the specific foods, you've probably noticed that most of the diet's meals contain roughly amount the same amount of calories. For example when you are talking about a chocolate shake or a cup of chili, you're looking at anywhere from 90 – 110 calories for each small meal. I suspect that they probably designed the diet this way so that it would be easy and convenient. Because most of the foods have very similar calorie, carbohydrates, and protein content, you can use them interchangeably and anything that you pick is going to work out just fine.

So to answer the question posed, the average amount of weekly calories on Medifast would be 7,000 per week. But, this is going to be true for all of the weeks that you are on the diet. This should continue until you have met your weight loss goals and decide to go into the maintenance phase where you'll start adding in more calories, more carbs, and more of your own foods.

How Your Lean And Green Meal Figures Into Your Calorie Count: Now, since you do have some choices to make when you prepare your daily “lean and green meal,” you'll have to make sure that you follow their specific directions. They tell you how many ounces to have of each type of protein and which vegetables and sides are preferred. As long as you follow along with these pretty straight forward guidelines, you should be fine.

Think about it this way. Since most of the meals average around 100 calories, even after eating 5 of them each day, you've still used only half of your daily calorie allotment. This means that you still have a very generous 500 or so calories to play with for your main entrée of the day. And in my experience, staying within these ranges is not all that difficult, even if you chose to carefully eat out or use ready made foods.

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The Dukan Diet “Attack” Phase

The Dukan Diet is the French diet which is creating a storm in the dieting community. It has been around for over 10 years in France and has recently been “imported” to the UK and US, where many dieters, previously unsuccessful in their attempts to slim on conventional low fat diets, are taking to it like ducks to water.

The diet is made up of four sentences and rather than skim through all four of them here, I am dedicating this article to just the first phase – the. The amount of time you stay on it depends on how much weight you have to lose. Here's a rough guideline:

• less than 10lb – one day;

• less than 20lb – three days;

• 20-40lb – five days;

• more than 40lb – seven to ten days

You are of course advised to seek medical advice first.

There are 72 different foods to choose from in the first phase and you are given a full list of them in the Dukan diet book. It is stressed by Dr Dukan that you must stick to the diet completely; not one morsel of a forbidden food should pass your lips during this first phase, otherwise you may have to start all over again! Here's a list of the main foods you are allowed:

• Lean beef

• Veal

• Offal

• Chicken

• Turkey

• Lean ham

• All fish, including oily fish

• Seafood

• Up to two eggs per day

• Fat-free natural and flavored yogurt, but not yoghurt containing fruit

• Fat-free fromage frais


• Cottage cheese

• Skimmed milk

You also have to eat 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran every day. This serves two purposes; firstly, it fills you up, as it swells up to 25 times its original size in your stomach. Secondly, oat bran has unhealthy benefits in that it lowers cholesterol, is heart-healthy and leads to improved intestinal health.

Also allowed during the Attack phase are sweeteners, vinegar, spices, herbs, garlic, onion, gherkins, pickled onions, lemon juice on food, mustard and salt (in moderation), sugar-free natural ketchup in moderation, and sugar-free chewing gum. This should help jazz things up a bit if you find it difficult – but remember, it's only for a short period of time, and then you're on to the “Cruise” phase.

Exercise is “non-negotiable” and you are advised to walk briskly for 20 minutes every day, and you are also asked to drink 1.5 liters of water. You can include coffee, tea and diet drinks in this total.

My conclusion: hard, if you're not used to cutting down on your carbs, but worth it. It will kick-start your metabolism and you will feel great!

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Natural Skinny Diet – Controlling Your Food Cravings With The Asian Diet Pyramid

Oftentimes people are at a loss when choosing the right skinny diet for them. Everywhere you look, you see advertisements of crash or fad diets claiming to be the ultimate skinny diet or weight loss meal plan. On the surface, most of these diets look okay, but a closer inspection would reveal that either the diet is too concerned with what foods to avoid or it endorses special or unusual foods said to help you with your weight loss problems. In other words these so-called skinny diets are either too complicated or too difficult to follow to have a lasting or permanent effect.

Why do we crave food? The reason why our body craves food is because food is our body's source of nutrients. From food we derive the basic building blocks for the creation of new cells or for the repair of tissues and organs. It is important there before that we give our body everything it needs to keep our body building new sturdy cells and to fortify itself against infections and diseases. This is essentially the reason why we feel food cravings at certain times of the day.

Our food desires have nothing to do with how full our stomach is. If our stomach is full because we've just eaten a ton of junk food, then the food cravings will not go away. We would still be feeling hungry because our body's demand for nutrients has not been met. This is the reason why people who main diet consist of junk or processed foods are either overweight or obese.

Aside from obesity, the other major drawback of a junk diet is your body will be forced to make use of inferior or even the wrong type of material to build cells. Ultimately, this will lead to a body composed of weakened and short-lived cells which will not hold up to normal life. Think of junk and processed foods as counterfeit foods. They are not real food because they do not satisfy your body's hunger.

If you want to lose fat permanently and live a happy healthy life, then you need to change your eating habits. Stay away from fad diets and processed foods. Focus on eating a healthy, natural, balanced diet. The Asian diet pyramid is one such diet which not only addresses the issue of overeating and obesity, but also helps your body in building strong, sturdy cells.

The Asian skinny diet makes use of fresh fruits, vegetables, rice, beans, seeds, nuts, mushrooms, roots and seaweeds. It makes use only of healthy ingredients and avoids altered foods like trans fats or hydrogenated fats. By focusing on a natural skinny diet , you can overcome overeating problems, lose body fat fast and develop a strong resistance to infections and diseases.

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Diet Programs 101: Two Essential Elements As Revealed in The Diet Solution Program

There are two types of people in the world: those who read manuals and those who do not. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that some people do not need to read manuals and some do. You've all seen the person who takes the bike or complicated piece of equipment out of box and just begins to assemble it without even reading the instructions, right? Well, that's not me.

Now, that being said, I've read some instructions that are easier to follow than others and that is exactly why I'm sharing this with you now. So for those of you who DO need to read a manual and who DO need some guidelines for deciding upon the best weight loss program … then this article is for you. Why? Because the following two elements found in The Diet Solution Program are critical to any weight loss success.

# 1. It Must Be Easy.

Not in the sense that it requires no work, but that the process is simple. For example, it does lay out a plan that you can understand and grasp the significance of. In other words, do you feel after reviewing it that you could really get into the program and understand why you are following each of the steps? Or, is it so scientific that you do not really get why you are told to do this or that.

Another aspect of a simple weight loss or fat burning program is that you can follow from one step to the next without getting lost in the information in between. Is it detailed enough to explain the “why” without being so deep that you forget where you are in the process?

How about providing clearly defined benchmarks and goals? Yes, you need to stick to something to be successful in the long run, but having little sign marks along the way helps. Things that check how many inches you've lost or how you are feeling or what your energy level is like from one week to the next.

# 2. It Must Be Editable.

No, not “ible “! Can you edit or customize it. Can it be adapted to your specific dietary needs or lifestyle? In my case, as a vegetarian, I had to look for programs that had options for me. That's one of the aspects I gleaned from The Diet Solution Program. So whether your vegetarian or vegan or have special restrictions for religious reasons or because of other family members, make sure to keep this in mind.

Many people also have allergies to certain foods which would make it important. Or maybe there are some foods that are not readily available in your area during some seasons. Other factors could include physical limitations or schedule restrictions that would need to be adjusted for.

Surely, you realize there's more to fighting fat than these two steps. But these guidelines make finding the Diet Solution that works – and works for you – much easier!

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Do Diet Shakes Work Well For A Rapid Loss Of Weight?

People wanting to stay fit and lose weight has fueled the development of diet menus, programs, pills, supplements and even diet shakes with a label claiming rapid weight loss. The primary focus of this article will be rapid weight loss using diet shakes!

Weight loss shakes have a reputation for being the magic solution to weight reduction. Even though a product may taste awful, if dieters believe it works they will buy it.

It is strongly suggested that a dieter researchers the weight loss shakes before one consumes them. Research should be done before purchasing a product to see if others have had good experiences with the product. Please keep in mind all facts in regards to these shakes, because if you already have a bad situation, drinking the shakes might aggravate them.

One important benefit to these shakes are that they do help reduce ones overall caloric intake, which will help to lose weight. These shakes do come in many refreshing flavors, making it easier to eat and enjoy them.

When you drink protein shakes it will make your stomach feel full for a good amount of time. The body needs time to adjust to quitting solid foods. After adjusting, it's smooth sailing from there.

Although these shakes do offer rapid weight loss, there is no assurance of long lasting effects. There are some disadvantages to these shakes that would be difficult for anyone to ignore.

Relying on just meal replacement shakes would mean risking losing out on the nutritional benefits of having a complete meal each day. Well-rounded nutrition is vital for a healthy body.

Meal replacement shakes definitely offer rapid weight loss, but their use can bring on some health issues. Some consumers have experienced dry mouth, dry skin, headaches, irregular menstruation and fluid imbalance. Some of these people, after drinking the protein shakes, have said they experienced rapid hair loss.

Because of system imbalance within the body, it should be noted that others have reported changes in behavioral patterns. The people that are generally affected are those who are grossly overweight. In order to get their self confidence back, some of these people try a quick plan to lose weight. They do not realize that in extreme cases of obesity it takes time to eliminate the extra pounds, and for some it has taken months or years to accomplish their ideal weight. A lot of people who fail to get the positive results they want will be thrown into a mental depression, to the point of having a mental breakdown.

If a dieter loses weight quickly, there is no guarantee that person will keep the fat they lost off. Once a person returns to their old ways, they usually double the weight gain compared to what they previously weighed.

In response to the question of whether diet shakes work for a rapid loss of weight, the answer is yes– but only in the short-term. It is a glaring fact that one can not ignore negative effects.

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Faster Fat Burn: Getting the Fat Loss Edge With The Diet Solution

Ever been in the place where you really wanted to lose weight for the last time but was not sure where to start? Maybe you're even in that place right now? Unfortunately, you're not alone so I took some time to share two simple, but powerful strategies that can make it feel like you're really turning up the heat in your fat burning furnace. If you have not already, open up a file on your computer to take notes or pull out a pad of paper because these two ideas gleaned from The Diet Solution Program could have the help you were looking for.

Fast Start Tip # 1 – Plan To Move

Whoa, hold on. Not like “move out of your house.” We're talking about moving your body. You know, the word that a lot of people forget about: EXERCISE? Or maybe you're like my wife and I a couple of years ago and you exercise a lot – but do not see much fat falling off. Either way, this tip as found in The Diet Solution Program could actually cause you to move with a smile to a lot of different places you've never been before like the less clothing section or the beach!

Most people think that you need hours in the gym on the treadmill or running marathons or at least working out in the gym 45 minutes 5 days a week to really make some headway. So what if I told you that there are things you can do in your home or at the gym that would help you lose inches, burn fat, and build muscle in less than 30 minutes / day? Do you think you could do that if you could get those kind of results?

There's not enough space here to give you a detailed work out routine nor would it be appropriate, but I can give you a few tips. Think about doing things that work multiple part of your body at once. Exercises like Y-Squats, Diagonal lunges, jumping jacks with weight on your feet, reverse lunges, just to name a few. Another simple strategy is to purchase some ankle or hand weight and just wear them when you're walking or doing regular cardio workouts. This is a surefire way to 'turn up the heat!' In other words, there are many simple things you can do to take your typical bike, treadmill, or weight-lifting routine to a true fat burning level.

Fast Start Tip # 2 – Prepare To Be Pushed

Yes, all of us need encouragement and accountability. Without question, one of the top reasons that most people fail at burning fat or losing inches is because they do not have the support of others. Sure, there are exceptions and you may be one of them. In fact, most of the time I'm pretty disciplined now. But you know what always takes me to the next level? It's having that little bit of encouragement when i feel like I can not go any further or when I want to take a day off!

In The Diet Solution Program, this was an essential aspect of what is offered and what sets a good program apart from most other so-called weight loss and fat burning programs. Think about it. Every successful professional athlete and performer has a coach. Every CEO and top Executive is surrounded by 'advisors' and 'boards' who lend advice, admonishment, and accolades. Why would our success in burning fat depend on anything less?

Amazing how success is simple is not it? Notice I did not say 'easy.' But it is not complicated. And with a little direction and a little support you will get a Faster Fat Burn. In fact, in the next section we'll explore one more way that you can get an edge in your quest to a new body.

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Paleo Foods for the Caveman Diet

Genetically speaking we humans are still 99.9% of the same make up as the caveman. Surely this is reason enough for us to consider the caveman diets. We are aware that the caveman did not suffer from modern disease, ie cholester, hypertension, arthritis and the like, and this can unduly be accounted to the caveman's diet. The caveman diet of course being Paleo foods – foods of the Palaeolithic era, ie caveman days.

A diet of Paleo foods is totally grain and dairy free. It consist of approximately 60-70% protein from meat of all kinds and 30-40% fresh fruit, vegetables, berries and nuts. Fresh, organic and wild foods being the ideal option. It really is worth the trouble to source naturally produced foods as one's body really should not have to expend energy sorting out and trying to eliminate chemicals and unwanted toxins. We need our body to maximize the absorption of needed nutrients in order to function at peak performance without unnecessary stress of having to deal with toxins.

By not having to deal with toxins your body will speed up your metabolism, resulting in increased energy levels; enhanced health and encourage a feeling of general happiness and well being. Beside all this eating Paleo foods is a healthy way to boost your immune system and speed up your body's ability to burn unwanted fat. By embracing this diet you are eating the caveman diet, the very first diet intended and designed for your body by the very power that created us

Hunter / gatherer is a more modern perception of the caveman lifestyle. Indigenous people of the Palaeolithic era are known to have been slim, fit and muscular with no signs or symptoms of chronic diseases that are currently plaguing our modern-day lifestyle.

By adopting the caveman diet your body will naturally obtain all that is required for optimum function and any craving of sugary, fatty, stodgy foods will disappear, as a result you will immediately see a difference in your body (weight loss) and feel the difference . The caveman diet of Paleo foods is a DIY diet that accommodates your personal taste, creativity and imagination to grow and be appreciated. You will enjoy the freedom of wholly natural, tasty and wholesome foods and there is no limit to your menu other than no grain and no dairy. There is more than enough food choice for all regular three meals of the day, mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks and celebratory meals for any occasion, including dessert!

Caveman diet foods were chemical free. The animals (meat source) roamed free, vegetables and fruit grew free of insecticides, etc., as well as being seasonal. If your local supermarket does not provide an adequate variety of natural foods, source local farmers' markets, farm stalls and even considering planting some of your own. Putting in the extra effort to obtain natural food is well worth it – it affords you the opportunity to making and keeping your body in prime health. Besides being healthy by being chemical free, natural / organic foods have a taste that we have nearly forgotten and soon your taste buds will light up with glee remembering how good food should taste. Meals will be far more appetizing and before long you are craving good healthy foods.

A diet of Paleo foods assists in the normalization of blood sugar levels, assists with natural detox, boost in immune system, surge in energy levels and the BONUS and benefit of regular and healthy weight loss !!

Family and friends will be delighted to enter your cave and enjoy wholesome, healthy and exceptionally tasty meals all of which our caveman ancestors enjoyed daily.

Paleo foods are the way to a happy, healthy and lighter life.

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How To Lose Belly Fat – Secrets Revealed

To lose belly fat very quickly, you need to change your diet. Full stop. It's not all about the exercises and ab crunches you make or which miracle weight loss product you are taking. The food is the answer of getting rid of stubborn belly fat. But there are a few facts about food which you need to know before you start. Today is your lucky day, because I will share the most powerful top secrets to battle that fat and keep it off for good.

Firstly I will give you a quick overview. If you think that fad diet is the best method to lose belly fat, you are wrong. It will slow your metabolism down. It might work in the first couple of weeks and you will lose a couple of pounds, but then the results will decrease after that and your weight will stay the same. So think again … Food is the key of changing. Your body will not like it and it will show some side effects as well if you do the fad diet.

So pay close attention here, because you will get the tips you'll need to get started.

1. Eat to get rid of hunger. It is important that you understand that eating is not for comfort or joy, it is to stay alive and to get rid of the hunger. You should not stop eating to lose belly fat. Control your eating habits and the portions. If you eat once a day but that meal is a big portion, your stomach will not like it. You start getting bloated and will have indigestion. That would be too much for your stomach to take. Or if you eat through all day and still have big portions, you'll put on weight. It will really affect your health. The right amount of food is, when you do not feel too full but you're not hungry either.

2. Every now and then you can have a treat. Why? There's two reasons for that. First if you treat yourself and eat a little bit more than recommended to, your metabolism will receive a shock and starts to speed up. The second reason is that you will have no more cravings. But you still need to choose which treat you should eat and how. A well planned diet will help you to keep track of your eating habits and you can have a treat every now and then.

3. Eat less as the day goes. Breakfast is really important. Make sure you eat a nutritious breakfast, then eat something a bit lighter at lunch and have something easy to digest at the end of the day. Do not eat before you go to bed. Your stomach will be grateful for this kind of eating manner.You'll have more energy than ever and you will not even struggle to lose belly fat. Your metabolism did the job for you.

4. Make sure you eat small portion often. DO NOT and I mean it, do not eat too much at once. This will take you a step back in your progress. What you need to do is to have about 4 to 6 meals a day but make sure they are small portions. You will not feel hungry, the cravings will calm down, metabolism will be increasing, your digestion will be a lot better and you will have a lot more energy.

5. You can lose belly fat with fat burning hormones. You can boost your fat burning hormones up by eating certain foods.I tried it myself and I was astonished of the results. Because of this I lost 40 pounds in a matter of eight weeks. My stomach started to look more flatter and toned. And as I said before, without any hassle. With the right diet you will lose belly fat in no time.

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