As the 17 Day Diet has become the most talked about weight loss plan in no-time, more and more people have started asking if it is of any good. Can the 17 Day Diet really help me to lose weight? And can I even hold on to it? In this review, we're gonna highlight what makes the 17 Diet so special and different from other diet plans and whether it is worth a try or not.


The 17 Day Diet as Dr. Mike Moreno states is all about having fun and losing weight at the same time. He says, thatowing boredom is the worst mistake, that other diet programs do. By letting boredom come up, they take away the opportunities to the readers to be successful over a long period of time, so most people crack in and give up, because they are just not able to hold on to a strict diet program, that is never gonna change. The 17 Day Diet uses the number 17 as a magic number. Dr. Phil had Mike Moreno on the Dr Phil show this week, where Mike stated, that the key is to adapt to the human nature to change habits every 17 days and that's what the diet does. It does not allow you, to fall into a repeating system, that is going on and on, forcing you to give up ever. Instead the plan is changed every 17 days to not let boredom come up.

Delicious Weight Loss

Well if we believe the book, weight loss recipes are very delicious. That's why Mike Moreno also offers 101 recipes for low carb food, that can be eaten during the 17 Day Diet. The recipes are available as an add-on to the book for about $ 4.00. Many people who used this diet to get rid of their extra pounds stated, that they still eat those foods, because they just taste great. The best of having delicious weight loss food: You can eat plenty of it without gaining weight.

Body Cleansing

The Diet can be used over a long period, although it is possible to lose up to 15 pounds in the first 17 days. That's the first period followed by more periods. The first period however is the most tough one and supposedly to cleanse your body from a lot of toxins and substances that consume your energy and keep you from losing weight. The nutrients, that have to be eaten during the first period are specifically selected, but still there is a whole variety of food recipes provided, so one always has the choice between different foods.


What would a diet be without additional workouts to boost weight loss? We all know, that sports increase the success, when it comes to losing weight. But most of us have crunches and sit-ups in mind when they think of it. Surprisingly you will not find any of these in the book. All you'll find is exercises, that are incredibly easy to do. You would not believe how easy. Each workout takes … well … 17 minutes a day. The workout is also being changed every 17 days to avoid boredom.

In Conclusion we can state, that the 17 Day Diet is really different from other diet programs around. So if one is really willing to lose weight fast and naturally and have fun at the same time, the 17 Day Diet is definitely worth a try.