If you are seriously overweight you are not only carrying around lots of excess fat but are at risk for many other serious diseases as well. If you are 15 – 20 or even 30 pounds overweight you are at a much higher risk for CVD (cardio vascular disease), diabetes, sleep apnea and joint problems.

This article will show you why 2 critical factors make this fat burn plan worth doing. Actually you should go full steam ahead and completely immerse yourself in the process, educating yourself as well as implementing the actual plan.

The good news is that you can burn fat (and lots of it) and lower your risk of disease by learning exactly how to implement this fat burning plan. Notice I did not say “diet”.

That's because this is really not a diet in the typical sense, it's more of gaining an awareness of what to eat and not eat, long term … for life!

That being said …

Two Main Reasons You Need This Eating Plan If You Are Struggling with Weight Issues:

First you will lose serious amounts of fat if you do this plan diligently . It is far superior to any calorie restricted diet in terms of suppressing appetite, keeping energy levels up, and keeping lean muscle tissue. You can actually burn 7 pounds of fat easily in one week

Second, the eating plan is naturally anti-inflammatory . This is a HUGE benefit to your overall health, and quite a bonus. Eating a sugar and simple carbohydrate diet (which unknowingly is the norm for so many of us) creates insulin spikes which in turn causes “glycation”, a fancy term for sugar overload, which results in our body's creating free radicals. These free radicals naturally ravage arterial walls and cause premature aging as well.

This diet controls your intake of inflammatory foods resulting in a huge reduction of free radicals floating around in your system.

How Does This Fat Burning Plan Work?

The way to accomplish fat burning is NOT counting up calories through the day. You will insist focus on maintaining stable blood sugar. Good things happen to your body when blood sugar is stable. You burn fat cells, and can substantively reduce chronic inflammation.

Blood sugar level is what actually causes appetite to fluctuate so controlling blood sugar is far more important than just focusing on restricting calories. When your blood sugar level is in the “zone” your body burns fat cells like a furnace burns wood.

What Do I Eat To Get Into The Fat Burn Zone?

In broad terms what you will focus on is lean protein, low glycemic carbs (complex carbs), and good fats (omega threes and yes … saturated fats … .what foods you. need to eliminate is JUST as critical or the plan wont work. Sugar, high fructose corn syrup and simple carbs are to be avoided. The idea is to keep you metabolism high by fueling the body with the right foods, this is the only way to burn fat naturally.

This is a lot of information to take in yet the concept is simple. If you base your diet on lean protein, complex carbs, and good fats while eliminating excess sugar and simple carbs you are well on your way to burning fat naturally and lowering your risk to major disease.

Specific Foods For The Fat Burn Diet
If you are confused on what to eat the link below provides a free video that goes into amazing detail on what you can eat on a fat burn diet, you will be surprised!