Controlling appetite is by far the most difficult aspect of any fat loss regimen.

This article will give you some easy tips on how to control your appetite NATURALLY and help you burn more fat than you ever dreamed. No need for magic drops, pills or crazy supplements, just smart eating.

If you want to jumpstart your fat burning process and control appetite these 3 tips below are proven to work, no matter how many times you have failed before.

First let's clear up the one big fat loss myth …

Restricted Calorie Myth

Most restricted calorie diets may help you lose a little weight but NOT fat; in the long run what you lose is water and lean muscle. Also restricting calories keeps your body hanging onto fat cells. So, even though you may lose a little weight by restricting calories you still appear “flabby” in all the areas you do not want.

That being said … to Lose 10 pounds of Fat in 2 weeks try to diligently follow this plan …

TIP 1.) Eliminate ALL Sugar – Eating sugar will make you hungry! Yes, sugar is digested and absorbed into the system faster than any other food. It also spikes your blood sugar faster than any other food causing a huge surge in insulin.

The insulin helps push all that glucose into available cells to be used later for energy, just like it's supposedly to. However that big drop in blood sugar now makes you start to feel tired and hungry, sometimes EXTREMELY hungry craving … MORE sugar.

So the cycle continues …

To ensure you keep appetite stable cut out all sugar, and hidden sugar.

Hidden sugars to avoid like the plague – high fructose corn syrup. Also avoid dextrose, sorbitol … anything that ends in “OSE” or “OL”. These all have the same blood sugar raising effects as sucrose or table sugar and will have your appetite going out of control if do not eliminate them.

TIP 2.) Eliminate Simple Carbs that are WHITE – This is similar to the first tip but includes things like white flour. Anything with white flour like bread, pasta, cake, pastries etc … has a very similar effect like sugar. These simple carbs break down in your system quickly creating wild blood sugar spikes which just like sugar increase appetite.

TIP 3.) Drink only water – This is critical! Just imagine how much sugar is in what you drink through the day? Pop, fancy teas, and even so called healthy fruit juice contains LOTS of sugar, which spikes glucose and causes appetite to go crazy … So why take a chance? For 2 weeks drink plain old water. One exception! If you drink coffee have one cup of black coffee a day to avoid the killer headache.

So there it is!

What you've accomplished here is to seriously recalibrate your blood sugar to eliminate naturally all blood sugar spikes. Your appetite will be much more under control.

This plan is really for you if you are serious about long term healthy fat loss, there is nothing really complicated the regimen. If you're looking for a fat loss shortcut that uses weight loss drops or supplements exclusively, the results will be temporary at best.

Obviously you will be eating food the rest of your life, and knowing what to avoid and what to indulge in is the KEY! Why not learn all about the hundreds of fat burning foods that make fat burning easy?