People hear the word diet and cringe, as they immediately think “okay, what foods do I have to give up this time?” Well, this is where anti cellulite diets differ; Because rather than being all about the foods you need to avoid, the cellulite diet is more about what foods you need to be eating MORE of.

Obviously, like any other diet, there will be foods that you'll need to consume less of while on anti cellulite diets; such as junk food, processed food, and large amounts of animal fat (saturated fat). However, that is pretty common with any type of diet plan and should not surprise you in the least. Aside from that though, there are still plenty of tasty foods you can enjoy and eat lots of.

Great Food For Anti Cellulite Diets …

Lean Meats: Poultry and lean cuts of meat can be very helpful for eliminating cellulite, as they happen to contain large amounts of protein. This protein helps to strengthen the body and “muscle out” cellulite deposits. Combine this protein consumption with a little bit of exercising and cellulite has met its match!

Nuts: A handmade or two of nuts contains plenty of fiber, protein, and beneficial fat, all of which can help to reduce cellulite significantly. However, you should know that nuts can be very fattening; so only a useful or two should be ate in any one sitting.

Bright Fruits and Vegetables: Brightly colored produce tend to have large amounts of antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent or slow oxidative damage to our body. More antioxidants means less oxidative damage (free radicals), and this means fewer cellulite deposits!

Fruit and Vegetable Juices: Same as above but just in a liquid form that you can drink instead of eat! Excellent choice for meals rather than sugar filled soft drinks.

Water: Water can help flush your system of toxins and make it easier to remove cellulite. Since toxins in your system contribute to overall cellulite accumulation, getting rid of those toxins is a major step for complete cellulite removal. 2 liters of fresh water every day is recommended.

Fish: As far as anti cellulite diets go, fatty fish and fish oils are the best food around. Why? Because they contain a plethora of fatty acids that are essential to us. These fatty acids help to strengthen and fortify skin cells, thereby improving the tone and texture of our skin.

These are just a few of the things you can eat or drink when on anti cellulite diets. That being said, stop worrying about your cellulite problem and just start eating anti cellulite foods until all your cellulite melts away like butter!