I recently heard from someone who was interested in starting this diet but she was unable to find the promotion that she was looking for. She said in part: “I'm looking for the promotion or coupon that allows you to lose your first 10 pounds on Medifast for free, but I can not find anything like this. but I can not find it now and I do not want to have to pay up front if I do not have to. ”

These types of questions are not uncommon. People very often confuse Medifast for other diets. There are similar diets where you pay by the pound and they often give you the initial or beginning pounds for free. However, even with these offers, you are still paying for your food in addition to the other fees. In fact, you are often paying by pound or for some other member ship or counseling fee on top of the food that you are buying.

Medifast does not work this way. You never have to pay per pound or by the weight that you lose. What you pay for is the meals or the food that you order and the price for this varies depending on how much food you order or how big your package is. While I understand that the thought of getting something free upfront is very appealing, this often is not the case with any diet because as I alluded to, you still have to buy your food even if your membership or “pounds lost” fees are discounted Egypt offered for free. So while they may be erasing these upfront fees, the bulk of the costs (the food) still remains.

So, now that I've hopefully made it clear that the “first 10 pounds free” promotion is not one that Medifast offers, what promotions do they offer? Usually, what you will see on this diet is either money off of your order or some weeks of food free. This makes sense since food is truly the only thing that you are ever charged for. They do not charge you for counseling or support (although the counseling is online or over the telephone rather than in person like it is for some diets.) I've never seen them offer promotions that simply because you're getting something for free that they've never asked their users to pay for in the first place. Usually, their special offer process is pretty straightforward.

Effectively Comparing The Cost Of Medifast To Other Diets: I realize that this can make things confusing when you are evaluating the cost of diets and trying to figure out the amount of money that you would actually have to pay before all of the promotions and specials are deducted. To ensure that you are comparing the price of the diets fairly, you'd want to look at the total costs (including any fees plus the food.) Then, you'd want to remove whatever promotion is being offered.

So, in this case, if you were comparing Medifast to the diets which charge you per pound, you would subtract that “per pound” fee and just compare the cost of the food to see which one works out to be cheaper. Once you're comparing food and meal costs between all the diets, then look at any of the diets ever offers coupons or discounts for the food costs that remain. As I said before, Medifast does on an almost constant basis which is why, in my opinion, it often turns out to be the better deal. For example, if you were going to order their roughly $ 300 basic 4 week plan, you could often find a coupon code to get either over $ 50 off of this or at least two weeks of food offered at no cost. So, the bottom line is that this would be about $ 250 for 4 weeks of food. Now, you can compare this rough number to any of the other diets, subtracting whatever per pound or per weight costs that they are offering for free to see which is the better deal.