I sometimes hear from people who are trying to tweak the medifast diet in order to make it work better for them. One of the common questions that result from this topic is whether you can combine two medifast meals at one time. There are a couple of reasons that people want to do this. First, sometimes, they have a busy life style and they want to eat one larger meal to ward off hunger or to save time. An example is someone who wants to have a large breakfast because they are not going to eat again until lunch. Another reason that people want to combine meals is just for variety. For example, the hot chocolate and latte are wonderful mixed together. I mix these two quite a bit. But there are things that you can do to ensure that you are still with in the diet's guidelines, which I will discuss below.

If You're Going To Eat Two Full Meals, Adjust For The Rest Of The Day: Keep in mind that I'm only sharing my opinion and practices with you. If you have any real concerns about this, the company offers free counseling and can answer any questions you might have. But if I combine two full meals, then I will just make adjustments for the rest of the day. Since you're supposed to have five prepackaged meals and one main meal, if you combine two meals at one time, then that leaves you three more for the day. In the example of combining two for breakfast, then you could either just skip your morning or afternoon snack (but not both) to compensate for this.

If You're Mixing Meals For Taste Or Variety, Just Use Half If You Want To Only Have One Full Meal: Remember when I talked about mixing the cocoa and latte? I do this so that my drink tastes like a restaurant mocha, but I do not always want to sacrifice one of my meals to do this. So I will only use half of each which makes it only one meal. I will just save the other half for another time. In this way, though I'm using two prepackaged meals, it only counts as one and I'm able to eat 4 additional meals that day plus my main lean and green meal.

Hopefully, this has addressed some of the concerns. I typically feel free to take liberties with my meals, as long as I stay within the guidelines. I figure that it is much better to do what I need to do to stay in compliance and to stay on the diet, then to not take the liberties and to be unhappy or hungry. I do not see a problem with combining meals as long as you adjust accordingly. If you're going to combine two full meals to count for two, then just have three more through the day. If you do not want to consume two meals at once, then just use half. This has worked well for me. But every one is different and there's nothing wrong with experimenting to see what works for you.