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Important Tips for a Successful Green Tea Diet!

The allure of a green tea diet joins many to give it a try with the hopes of sizing down without lifting a finger. Popular culture programs us to consistently strive for svelte figures and washboard abs, so we seek opportunities far and wide to lose weight and look our best. This awesome diet will bring about better results if the following recommendations and guidelines are contemplated before indulging.

Note that changing your daily nutritional habits will cause changes in your digestive system. You should realize beforehand that the possible side effects may include stomach cramps, diarrhea, or loose stools. Take the necessary precautions to lower any future potential discomfort by heeding warning labels and dosage recommendations.

People with high blood pressure and hypertension would be wise to seek the advice of a medical professional before investing time in this wonderful diet. The caffeine in green tea could raise heart rates to alarming levels, so its best to put your personal well-being first by checking with your doctor to see if it is okay to begin, and worry about a diet's effect later.

Thyroid problems arising from hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Green tea has a chemical ( fluoride ) which adversely affects the body's thyroid gland. People with thyroid conditions should discuss this with their primary health care provider to make sure the safest course of use is taken.

Achieve at least one sweat session per day, three times per week. No act by itself will cause you to melt off the excess pounds, you will achieve quicker results if you combine with daily exercise. Even a spirited walk after lunch will help you raise your metabolism. This, along with your green tea, will together boost you to a higher rate of fat loss.

Hazards of green tea consumption when pregnant, breastfeeding, or nursing infants. Teas are not given to very young children, and should not be administrated to minors, so why raise the unneeded risk when caring for your kids. There will be plenty of time for consuming when your baby is older. For now, understand it is best to sacrifice and abstain from partaking of any tea – for the sake of your child's health.

Do not drink more than six cups of green tea per day. Moderation is usually the presiding rule when under some form of nutritional program, and this is no exception. If at all possible, drink your six cups throughout the day, at reasonable intervals. Resist gulping down the daily quota in one fell swoop, your digestive system will be shocked at the sudden influx and eliminate the excess tea as fast as it can. You'll probably make frequent visits to the bathroom, so to avoid this, sip a cup here and there. A gradual introduction is best and will avoid those perplexed looks from fellow office mates.

As discussed, this diet is a helpful tool in the battle against expanding waistlines. Use sensible and common sense guidelines to make the most of participating in a green tea diet.

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LA Weight Loss Bars

The broad popularity of the LA Lite Bars according to LA Rapid Results Diet System is due to the taste. With eight flavors to choose from and as a permanent fixture of the LA Rapid Results Diet System you may be in a great situation to receive both healthy and tasty treats through your diet plan.

The bars are designed to serve as snacks between meals. Two bars a day can satisfy your desires and control your hunger by helping you to feel full and satisfied. Bars may be purchased individually, entire box with a single flavor or in mix and match group package. Each box contains seven bars and is highly recommended to be supplemented with the LA Rapid Diet System for maximum results.


Bars are a mixture of tastes and textures including salty, sweet, and crunchy which are all things that dieters tend to crave. Flavors consist of chocolate mint, chocolate crunch, and peanut butter. The taste resemblies that of a candy bar more than an actual nutrition bar. They come individually prepackaged making it ideal an ideal snack for on the go eaters.


Bars contain between 150 to 200 calories which is not too bad for a snack. As previously stated, snacks are good for dieters because they help manage cravings which will absolutely lead to more controlled eating habits. Aside from the low number of calories per serving, LA Lite Bars contain 8 grams of protein and 4 grams of fat, both of which take a while to process and digest in your stomach and can really help to control your cravings and cur your appetite.


Although low in calories, there is not a great deal more in these bars in terms of nutrition. Carbohydrate watchers you may want to stand clear as you can expect to receive close to 29 grams per serving. Bars are also weak in the fiber area and contain less than one gram which is not good for dieters. Last and probably the most significant is the amount of sugar found in these bars. A single LA Bite Bar contains 18 grams of sugar which is only slightly behind a Hersey bar with almonds bar which has 19 grams of sugar.


LA Weight Loss Bars can be purchased online which in recent years has become the latest trend and at LA Weight Loss Centers located throughout the United States and Canada.


If nutrition is your top goal, there are other better options available on the market. If you are someone who is looking for a low calories sweet snack then this bar is for you. Also, be clear in understanding that in order to purchase most of these bars you must own a membership to a LA Weight Loss Center.


Overall the LA Weight Loss program has been cited as a successful system that has worked for many people and looks to keep existing customers around. However, as successful as the plan is, the LA Weight Loss Bars can be somewhat of an interesting aspect of the plan due to its complexity. As with anything, there are two sides to every story and the bar are no different. Consistent users can expect to consume a low-calorie snack packed with almost as much sugar as a candy bar. At the same, snack bars will curb your appetite and make you feel full. It's a balance of two evils I suppose. It all depends on your personal preference and needs.

As with any new change to your diet plan, consult your physician before starting. Discuss with your doctor your personal weight loss goals and interest in this particular program. Ask questions and get feedback. This is as important as the diet itself. The reason being, your doctor will give you an objective professional opinion of the product and whether or not it is suitable for you.

Most diets fail due to a lack of consistency not because they are all hoaxes. With that said, clearly being able to identify a diet that is tailor to your needs will save you time and money, help you along with your weight loss campaign, and most importantly getting you to do the things in life that you want to opposed to what you need to.

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Vegan Egg Replacer: How To Substitute Eggs in Recipes

Eggs are traditionally used in a variety of ways, from scrambles to desserts and baking. Choosing the right vegan egg replacer, then, is largely determined by what you're planning on cooking. For example, you will not be able to fry up ground flax seeds, but you could certainly fry medium-firm tofu. In this article we'll take a look at basic vegan egg substitutes and talk about how they're used.

Ener-G Egg Replacer : This is a commercial brand of egg replacer that can be found in many conventional grocery stores. The brand name varies depending on where you live in the world, but the concept is the same – it's a starchy powder that you mix a specific amount of water with to replace eggs in baking, like cupcakes and cookies. It can be found in the baking aisle of your grocery store by the flours.

I've used this with much success, and it's great if you only want to replace one or two eggs. My mom has used it in recipes that call for 3-4 eggs with excellent results, although not everyone is fond of it in higher amounts.

Use this in any kind of baking, since it's all-purpose like that. However, this will not work for anything egg-based, like quiche or meringue.

Other starches : When I'm without Ener-G, I opt for cornstarch – usually 1 tbsp mixed with 2 tbsp water for one egg. I've heard that other starches like arrowroot powder also works well, and I would assume potato starch would also be functional since it's a main ingredient in Ener-G. Use cornstarch (or other starches) in baking goodies, but not eggy things like quiche, just like the above egg replacer.

Ground flaxseeds : Ground flax makes a great binder in baking, though it does impart a slight flax-y taste. If you mix 1/4 c. warm water with 1 tbsp ground flax for one egg, mix it up and let it sit for 5-10 minutes, the mixture will turn gelatinous, perfect for baking. I like using flax in healthier baking where its mild flavor is not too out of place.

Ground chia seeds : chia seeds do the exact same thing flax does – make goopy gelatinous water – but with absolutely no flavor so you can use them in virtually anything. 1/4 c. warm water mixed with 1 tbsp ground chia seeds should do the trick for replacing 1 egg. Use in baking.

Bananas : This works very well as a binding agent in baking. 1 medium, well-mashed banana is enough to replace 1 egg. Obviously you would not want to use this in a recipe where the taste of banana would be unwanted, but it does work very well otherwise.

Vegan yogurt : In recipes that call for a lot of eggs, like cheesecake, I've been known to replace some of them with vegan yogurt, since it's thick and goopy, adds moisture and helps bind ingredients. Most cheesecakes call for a lot of eggs (usually around 4), and I like replacing 2 eggs with starches, and the other two with yogurt (or soft tofu which I mention below).

Soft or silken tofu : Tofu is a great egg replacer, although it's usually more annoying to use than the other egg replacers mentioned above, since you have to open a package, use only a little bit, and then let the rest of the package take up precious space in your fridge. On the odd occasion I do have tofu kicking around, though, I've been known to use it in baking with lots of success. Make sure to use either the soft or silken kind – firmer tofus get a chalky taste when they're blended. It's also very important to blend the tofu in a blender before adding it to the recipe, or you'll have little white specks in your pumpkin pie, and that's just sad.

Medium or firm tofu : When making scrambled “eggs”, quiche or frittatas, this is what you'll want to use. I find that medium-firm tofu is the most egg-like in texture and I love using it in scrambles, with plenty of seasonings so it is not bland. All you have to do is heat a little oil over medium heat in a pan, crumble in the tofu, season to taste with salt, pepper and herbs, and saute for 10-15 minutes. Throw in vegetables if you like. Adding a 1/4 tsp of turmeric gives it a nice golden “eggy” color.

These vegan egg substitutions cover 99% of recipes I make. Eggs are surprisingly easy to bake without, and multiple egg replacers work just as well as others if you do not have access to a certain ingredient. Tofu is not a perfect substitution for scrambles but it's delicious in its own right – just be sure to season it well, because tofu is quite bland by its lonesome.

The best part of using a vegan egg replacer? There are no worries about eating raw cookie dough.

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The Secret To Build Muscle Without Supplements Revealed

In my experience, I've seen people obtain great gains without the use of stimulants or supplements, and the key to their success was their diet and training. In fact, diet is the foundation of bodybuilding success. A great diet is what will give you your results, supplements only contribute a small amount to overall results. Another thing to note is that supplements will not even be beneficial for you without your diet is in good shape and you are getting an optimal intake of protein and vitamins as well as carbs and fats.

Our body naturally uses the whole foods that are available in the world for its source of energy and to build itself up and repair. The body uses protein to repair muscle tissue that was broken down from exercise as well as everyday life. Supplements may aid in this process by increasing blood flow so that the muscle receives the proteins and other essential nutrients to repair and grow, but the supplement itself will not increase your muscle size.

Carbohydrates are our primary energy source, they fuel our body so that we can perform at our peak levels of performance. Carbohydrates also help in the recovery phase by restoring the glucose stores in depleted muscles, which is what allows the muscle to perform efficiently and effectively.

Fats also aid in the recovery phase by lubricating joints and even promoting muscle growth. Even though they do not help with they training phase of bodybuilding, they are very needed for recovery.

As you can see, supplements are not essential to build muscle or strength. There are many athletes that compete at the professional level that do not use supplements to increase performance. Instead, they have a sports nutrition specialist come up with a diet plan that will help them achieve their goals.

People who do not use the traditional supplements such as whey protein or creatine can benefit from some forms of supplements though. A few that could help them a lot would be a multi-vitamin pill and an omega-3 pill. Using these in addition to a great diet will help you get all the essential nutrients your body needs to be in great health and in an amazing muscle building state. Multi-vitamins will benefit anyone who is not getting all the essential nutrients from their diet, which is just about everyone. An omega-3 supplement will help people get an essential fatty acid that is uncommon in many diets, because most people do not regularly eat fish.

Hopefully with these things in mind you will realize that your goal to build muscle without supplements is not a lost cause, and that it is obtainable.

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Detox Drink: Cheers to a Healthy Life

A detox drink is probably the best way to free you body from the toxins that can build up over time. These toxins come from the unhealthy foods you eat everyday. These include junk foods, processed foods, canned goods and many other foods that are made readily available at various food stores. People buy this type of food because it is more convenient, especially if they have a busy work schedule. It takes less time to prepare, which is beneficial for someone who is hungry but does not have time to prepare a healthy meal. But for some people who are not aware, these foods contain chemicals that are toxic to the body, especially if they are eaten daily. This is even more aggravated by the polluted air we breathe. Thus, our body is loaded with toxic chemicals that are harmful to our body.

As mentioned above, the detox drink helps in removing the toxins that are circulating in your blood stream. These toxins can cause various diseases if not removed. Thus, detoxifying is important. Other than that, it is one of the easiest ways to lose some pounds. This has been popularly used by some known celebrities. It is natural and healthy. But, before doing anything, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

If you want to feel healthy and look good, using a detox drink would be a great choice. It offers a lot of health benefits and, best of all, it allows you to lose some weight and get a sexy looking body like the models you see on the television. There are different healthy juices you can try, to stay healthy and sexy. In order for this to be effective, the drink must contain the important nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. These juices and other forms of healthy drinks include tea, which has been used for centuries, lemon juice mixes which are considered very effective and are commonly used among many people, cranberry juice, and a lot more. Tea contains natural compounds that function in many ways. Aside from helping people lose weight, and protecting the body from the harmful toxins, it also improves digestion, reduces bad cholesterol and gives many other health benefits. Lemon juices are also helpful in the detoxification of the body. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to detoxify. Also, cranberry juice is good for the skin and helps improve digestion.

Along with the use of detoxifying agents, getting plenty of rest, eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, and drinking lots of water will help you achieve a healthy body. Other than that, it helps people lose weight, burn fat, and get a perfectly sculptured body. Thus, it offers great benefits that you can never imagine.

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2 Proven Reasons Why You Should Start a Fat Burning Plan If You’re Seriously Overweight

If you are seriously overweight you are not only carrying around lots of excess fat but are at risk for many other serious diseases as well. If you are 15 – 20 or even 30 pounds overweight you are at a much higher risk for CVD (cardio vascular disease), diabetes, sleep apnea and joint problems.

This article will show you why 2 critical factors make this fat burn plan worth doing. Actually you should go full steam ahead and completely immerse yourself in the process, educating yourself as well as implementing the actual plan.

The good news is that you can burn fat (and lots of it) and lower your risk of disease by learning exactly how to implement this fat burning plan. Notice I did not say “diet”.

That's because this is really not a diet in the typical sense, it's more of gaining an awareness of what to eat and not eat, long term … for life!

That being said …

Two Main Reasons You Need This Eating Plan If You Are Struggling with Weight Issues:

First you will lose serious amounts of fat if you do this plan diligently . It is far superior to any calorie restricted diet in terms of suppressing appetite, keeping energy levels up, and keeping lean muscle tissue. You can actually burn 7 pounds of fat easily in one week

Second, the eating plan is naturally anti-inflammatory . This is a HUGE benefit to your overall health, and quite a bonus. Eating a sugar and simple carbohydrate diet (which unknowingly is the norm for so many of us) creates insulin spikes which in turn causes “glycation”, a fancy term for sugar overload, which results in our body's creating free radicals. These free radicals naturally ravage arterial walls and cause premature aging as well.

This diet controls your intake of inflammatory foods resulting in a huge reduction of free radicals floating around in your system.

How Does This Fat Burning Plan Work?

The way to accomplish fat burning is NOT counting up calories through the day. You will insist focus on maintaining stable blood sugar. Good things happen to your body when blood sugar is stable. You burn fat cells, and can substantively reduce chronic inflammation.

Blood sugar level is what actually causes appetite to fluctuate so controlling blood sugar is far more important than just focusing on restricting calories. When your blood sugar level is in the “zone” your body burns fat cells like a furnace burns wood.

What Do I Eat To Get Into The Fat Burn Zone?

In broad terms what you will focus on is lean protein, low glycemic carbs (complex carbs), and good fats (omega threes and yes … saturated fats … .what foods you. need to eliminate is JUST as critical or the plan wont work. Sugar, high fructose corn syrup and simple carbs are to be avoided. The idea is to keep you metabolism high by fueling the body with the right foods, this is the only way to burn fat naturally.

This is a lot of information to take in yet the concept is simple. If you base your diet on lean protein, complex carbs, and good fats while eliminating excess sugar and simple carbs you are well on your way to burning fat naturally and lowering your risk to major disease.

Specific Foods For The Fat Burn Diet
If you are confused on what to eat the link below provides a free video that goes into amazing detail on what you can eat on a fat burn diet, you will be surprised!

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Paleo Diet Breakfast Ideas

For those who are not that familiar with the Paleo Diet, there is a tendency to encompass that like many other diets, it is likely to be rather restrictive or complicated. So many diets end up making a meal time an issue rather than an enjoyable thing. But the Paleo Diet is not like these others. The recipes that are a part of the diet are anything but boring, mundane, complicated, or dull. Instead, this diet contains recipes that are not only full of flavor for maximum enjoyment, they are also highly nutritious and wholesome.

This diet is sometimes referred to as the caveman diet or the hunter-gatherer diet and its full name is the Paleolithic Diet. It is about eating the meals that our ancientors used to eat in that they never had the processed foods that are so common today. Many people believe that the additives in our foodstuffs are liable for a number of diseases, some of which are often life threatening, such as cancer and diabetes. Many also attribute the rise of obesity and acne to these additives that are found in today's processed foods.

When it comes to the Paleo Diet, the meals are jam packed with protein. The balanced diet will make an allowance of between 60 and 70 percent for protein intake. Protein is found in:

  • Different types of fruits
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Avocado oils
  • Nut oils

When you take on the Paleo Diet, one thing must be remembered and that is that no grains or dairy are part of the diet. The key is to consume only what is fresh and organic. Being on the Paleo Diet means eating what is seasonal.

Depending upon your own unique requirements and your lifestyle, the Paleo lunch and dinner recipes can be adjusted. Essentially, it is about taking what you would normally serve at mealtimes and swooping what you can not have with what you can. Adjusting to this way of eating is surprisingly easy and you will find that within a short space of time, you will be coming up with your very own Paleo Diet recipes.

The Paleo Diet lectures you to avoid foods that contain grains, legumes, soy, dairy, salt, yeast, processed sugar, and starchy veggies such as yams or potatoes. Although you may wonder what is left you'd be pleasantly surprised to discover that most other veggies are allowed, including fruits, all types of meat, eggs, and nuts (except peanuts).

When it comes to the Paleo Diet breakfast, the following recipes and ideas are great.

  • Serve two poached eggs on some lightly panned spinach.
  • An omelet made with the filling of your choice and using two eggs. Make sure that you keep to the no tax rule.
  • Chicken liver with some bacon and grilled tomato.
  • For something a little more refreshing, try a fruit smoothie. Use some bananas, nuts, berries, and fresh coconut and blend it all with ice.
  • Use what is left from the meal the night before to conjure up a great breakfast.

By switching to the Paleo Diet, you are assured of giving your body what it needs to function properly while making an investment in your own future health and that of your family. Because the meals are so great and varied it is easy to make the switch.

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The Mediterranean Diet Revisited

The food pundits and cookery book writers as well as the nutritionists have all waxed lyrical about the Mediterranean diet and its health benefits. Having lived in Turkey, Greece and Italy I can say without hesitation that Mediterranean food is wonderful and healthy of course, as what you eat is fresh and usually not genetically modified. The huge 'beef' tomatoes grow that way and olive oil from the villages is an absolute gastronomic delight-no doubt about it.

However not many of them sing the praises of the one drink that is common to all three of the Mediterranean countries I have lived in – coffee. Elizabeth David, writing in the 1950s did describe Turkish coffee as “thick and aromatic” but in other cookery books it scarcely gets a mention. Greek coffee and Turkish coffee is the same thing, powdered Arabica coffee beans, boiled with water and sugar if desired and served in tiny cups. Greens start their day with it and you can have it sketo (no sugar) or metrio , (medium sugar) and glyki with coffee in your sugar. It is made in a long-handled pot called a briki , which comes in various sizes, for however many cups you usually make. You boil the mixture, remove it from the heat and boil it for a second time before pouring it into the tiny cups. People take a lot of coffee as part of the Mediterranean diet, as the Italians have their equivalent of this- espresso.

We may have to rethink our ideas of the Mediterranean diet given the latest research from Harvard (Mat 2011) which showed that men who drank the coffee over a twenty year period were less likely to get prostate cancer than men who did not drink as much coffee or who drank no coffee. Their findings were fairly conclusive, and perhaps we should forget the thought in the back of our minds that too too coffee is bad for you. It did not seem to matter in the study whether the coffee was caffeine or decaf, but it was not stated whether the responders took sugar and milk in their coffee. In Greek and Turkish coffee as well as in espresso, no milk is added.

The olive oil and tomatoes along with the wine and fresh fruit and vegetables clearly help people in the Mediterranean remain healthy and live longer, but perhaps coffee also helps.

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3 Critical Factors You Must Know to Lose Weight Fast

I do not know about you, but I finally got tired of all those long tedious hours at the gym, day-after-day with little or no results, and started looking for ways to lose weight fast.

I totally understand that adding lean body mass to my body performances miracles for the metabolic process and losing body fat, not to mention providing a whole host of other benefits that allow me to live a life as healthy as I can.

Unfortunately, I recently learned that when I was doing my training training or resistance training I was investing way too much time with each exercise, and yet, I was not working hard enough. Consequently, I was not burning a lot of fat. Obviously, it was extremely unlikely that I would burn much body fat working out like this.

I recently discovered what 3 key factors I needed to apply for training lean muscle and strength. I had no idea how important they were and as a result, I completely ignored them. What are they? The individual three elements are:

-How hard you perform the exercise based on your current condition.

-How much and how often you perform any given exercise

-How much the demand progresses or increases from session to session

These three vital factors, intensity, volume and frequency, and progress are the three principles you must know to burn fat faster!

Most often, weight training goes on far too long and is transported out way too many times each week. It's unfortunate, but most people weight train the same way they do their aerobic exercising. But these two forms of exercises are on opposite ends of the exercise spectrum. We regretably treat weight training exactly the same as we do the suggested fat burning aerobic fitness exercises even though these types of exercises vary greatly. Actually, they're complete opposites.

So how are they different? Well, in terms of our three key principles the intensity of the aerobic exercise should be low to moderate, the volume and frequency of each exercise should be high and there is little or no progress involved. Contrast that with weight training and you will find that anaerobic exercising must be performed at an intensity that is rather high, but lower in volume and frequency. There must also be a progress with each of these exercises in order to get maximum effectiveness from them.

No quantity of weight lifting that you do at a low or moderate intensity will give you significant benefit to your muscle and strength building except in the first few days of beginning your workout sessions. When we look at this from the 50,000 foot level, it boils down to a combination of ample intensity, combined with your trying to add to the number of reps in your exercise, and the quantity of the weight you use in each workout routine. This will help your body transform into the ultimate fat burning machine!

In addition, you must give consideration to other components when putting together an efficient and effective workout routine designed to maximize your exercise session yet minimize the time and effort you spend during your workout. For example, another important component of your workout is the period of relaxation following it. It is this period of relaxation following each session that is essential for getting stronger and more muscular.

Here is what happens when one handles weight resistance training properly. You are actually developing small injuries for your muscles and you need to allow the body to repair itself, after which it will overcompensate and build up the muscle mass you already have. It is very important that you not exercise again before this repair process has a chance to finalize. Otherwise, the results, if any, are lackluster at best.

So getting the proper amount of relaxation between workouts is essential. Normally, this means a minimum rest period of one to three full days following your weight training workouts.

Now upon hearing the notification that one must add muscle to create the maximum fat burning circumstances, lots of people, especially women, start to think, “I am trying to lose weight and the last thing I want is to get bigger!” But this kind of thinking is unfortunate. Not only are they illegally to lose the weight, but they are passing up on these body fat burning benefits as a result.

The truth is, most males and nearly all females do not have the required genetic hits which will cause them to look bulky or excessively-developed to other people by creating such gains in muscle mass. These are exercises such as the make-up of their muscle fiber, their levels of testosterone, muscle belly length and so on.

But what about the bodybuilders in competition that you've seen on TV and in the magazines? These individuals have the super genes for muscle development and are usually on significant doses of steroids, growth hormones and other body building drugs. Never let yourself be misled by these images, or by those who want to scare you into thinking that way. Even so, fat is not as compressed as lean muscle and therefore it will take up more space than lean muscle. This actually means you get smaller when you replace fat with lean muscle.

Please realize that you're putting yourself in the best position to achieve success in your weight loss and workout goals any time you perform your strength resistance training correctly, regardless of who you are.

But make sure you put into practice the 3 critical concepts I talked about above. Should you not, you'll always be happy with your results, whether it is losing body fat or recognizing the lean, strong, and healthy body you deserve – or both!

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Information About the Prasouda Diet

Years ago, long before dieting was first widespread through western way of life, many people within the Mediterranean region were living a lifestyle which is now considered to be one of the healthiest eating plans in the world. The Prasouda Diet, also called the Mediterranean Diet, is a lot more than simply what foods to eat; it really is a longing style of living your life. The mix of a dynamic lifestyle and nourishment from food items found in that region along with a stress-free attitude, the Prasouda Mediterranean diet is among the best ways to be able to keep your body fit and healthy, your pores and skin gorgeous and also your internal organs clean.

Quite a few diet fads require that you invest in certain dietary supplements and extra offers as a way to stick to the diet plan completely. However the Prasouda Diet is completely zero cost. You will not see any businesses marketing you their products because everything required is found in the foods you could normally buy and eat. One of the principal aspects of this unique diet plan is the high consumption of olive oil. Many occasions when cooking you will require butter or oil, make sure to switch those for extra virgin olive oil. A staple in this particular diet includes a high daily allowance of fresh fruits and vegetables together with grain and also legumes. Carbohydrates are tolerable as long as they're non-refined. You can have a large amount of fish that have omega3, consume average servings of meat along with other processed fats as well as eat 4 to 5 eggs every week. Moderate intake of dairy, yogurt and cheese (particularly fresh goat cheese) is acceptable so long as you do not select products rich in saturated fats. Red wine in moderation is useful for all around health so you can certainly have one or two modest glasses per day combined with your dinners. When you need to snack, opt to eat nut products as you acquire a lot of beneficial fat along with protein.

One of the more key components within the Prasouda Mediterranean diet is actually not the food itself, but the extra active lifestyle that includes a great deal of exercising. The key to better health should be to offer your body with all the required vitamins and minerals which it needs to be able to function a lot better and have a lot of physical activity to make sure you are working your heart, lungs along with all muscle groups. You do not even need to do strenuous physical activity, simply just start out with walking alone or your friends and family because you do not require any kind of equipment and everyone knows how to do it right. Walk at a comfortable stride in the beginning after which you can increase the difficulty as you begin to improve, such as walking more quickly, walking uphill and then walking for an extended amount of time. Other lower impact physical activity to get started with involve hiking, going swimming, riding a bike and yoga exercise. It really does not make any difference just what form of physical exercise you decide to become involved in so long as you're in motion.

Remember that this really is a lifestyle, one which the people within the Mediterranean region have gotten familiar with for quite some time. Take plenty of time to savor your meals with other individuals in your everyday life. Spend time speaking over evening meal with your loved ones and acquaints. As you relax to take pleasure from your meal with other people you will recognize that you end up having much less since your body will quickly feel full without needing to take in a whole lot of calories. You'll find yourself feeling better about your body because you're ingesting fewer calories and more healthy items, which in turn will enable you to shed weight and feel more healthy, which is the purpose of the Mediterranean diet.

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Gluten Free Weight Loss – Fad Or Savior?

Approximately 3 million US citizens suffer from celiac disease– an autoimmune illness in which a person's body responds to a particular mixture of rye, barley, and wheat. Interestingly the absence of gluten not only is key to the proper treatment of celiac patients, but it has also been linked to weight loss and healthy living.


A gluten-free diet is one completely absent of wheat, rye, and barley. More specifically cakes, cookies, bread, pasta, pizza, and most cereals are generally made with traditional wheat or white flour and are completely off-limits. Aside of the more common sources, this substance has a way of finding itself in other commonly used products. Soups, salad dressing, pre-made processed frozen meals, and some pasta sauces are also food products that contain gluten and should be avoided.


The interest in gluten-free product by far surpasses the 1% of Americans diagnosed with celiac disease. At one point, such a diet meant having to give up your favorite foods like beer, cookies, and pizza. Interestingly enough between 2003 and 2008 the number of gluten-free products jumped nearly eight-fold. And if history is any indicator of things to come, you can expect a continuous rise in the use of this product.


Although significant, inexplicable weight loss is a common symptom of celiac disease. Most patients intolerant of gluten tend to suffer from bloating, weight gain, and stomach distension. Patients generally see a decrease in these types of symptoms after switching over and end up losing massive amounts of weight. A diet free of gluten is one free of refined simple sugars and flour and one that serves to benefit you in a number of ways. Many people experience weight loss and higher energy levels as a result of switching to a gluten-free diet.


Some people who switch over to a gluten-free diet seek out specially made crackers and baked goods to replace the ones containing gluten. Although a solid choice in moderation, these types of food generally contain lots of calories. As a matter of fact, some gluten-free products contain more calories than their counterparts because of the added sugars which act as a substitute from flours and starches. Word to the wise, a label claiming to be gluten-free does not need to mean that it is low in calories of even healthy.

Meal Plans

Gluten-free meals can be incorporated in breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some of the most common breakfast options include scrambled eggs or quinoa prepared like oatmeal with fresh fruit, milk, and your favorite nuts. For lunch consider a green salad, shrimp, chicken or beef, beans, and cut up eggs. To top off your day, brown rice served with grilled fish and fresh vegetables is an excellent option for dinner. To break the monotony and add some variety to you daily diet, snacking on some low-fat cheese, gluten-free yogurt, or fresh fruit will really satisfy your urge for something unique.


If by doctor's order, you have been authorized to live a gluten-free lifestyle it is important that you stick to it. For those following a gluten-free diet for weight loss purposes you must still incorporate sound nutritional practices into your diet. Substituting unhealthy refined grains, sugary snacks, and fatty meats with gluten-free whole grains like quinoa and brown rice, fresh produce, and lean meats will definitely help you to lose weight. Additionally, as with any diet, portion sizes should still remain a focus of yours. Remember that many of gluten-free products contain sugar substitutes for gluten and are quite high in calories.

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Why Fasting Is Good For You

Needless to say, “water fasting” is an extreme diet. It's extremely hard, but some people swear by it. Literally, you drink only water, no food, no juice even. Not surprisingly, some people report 35 pound drop in weight after going on the water diet for a few weeks.

Proponents of fasting (not just water fastening) assert that it's a natural human function. They cite the fact that many ancient societies resented to fasting when they were sick as a wail to treat disease and illness. Perhaps, this is the cause of loss of appetite during sickness. In other words, during illness, the body loses its appetite because it wants to focus on getting better, not digesting food. This is a plausible claim considering the amount of energy the body consumes simply digesting food.

Undeniably, fast gives your digestive system a chance to rest, allowing your body to focus on healing and growth. The body takes the time to rid itself of toxins and waste at the cellular level, so clearly fast is beneficial to long-term health. It also forces your body to tap into its energy reserves ie stored sugars and fat. If there are no high levels of fat, the body will burn muscle tissue, which is obviously less than ideal, so it's important to be deliberate when fasting. But if you can make it past the hunger pangs (which you will), you'll notice that you're more energetic.

Of course, it's not advisable to binge after a fast. Pigging out on your favorite junk foods is counter productive and may shock your body. However, prolonged fast causes the stomach to shrink, so you just will not be able to eat as much as before. So if done properly, fasting not only brings the immediate benefit of a healthy body, but it can help regulate eating habits in the future. In the case of an extreme fast like a water diet, it's smart to slowly transition to juice for a few days, and then into soup, vegetables, and often back to your regular diet.

Of course, the rapid weight loss from the water fast is not as sustained as a more balanced fast. People who go on juice fasts or fasts where they do not eat during the day see better results and sustained weightloss compared to those that do not, primarily because most of the weight lost is water.

Lastly, one of the greatest benefits of fast is that you become aware of how much you consume everyday, and how little you actually need. You realize that you do not need fancy food and that you'll survive if you bring simple meals from home, rather than going to expensive restaurants. The feeling of gratitude and appreciation for everything in your life has stress-relieving effects as well.

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3 Tips to Control Appetite Naturally and Lose 10 Pounds of Fat in 2 Weeks

Controlling appetite is by far the most difficult aspect of any fat loss regimen.

This article will give you some easy tips on how to control your appetite NATURALLY and help you burn more fat than you ever dreamed. No need for magic drops, pills or crazy supplements, just smart eating.

If you want to jumpstart your fat burning process and control appetite these 3 tips below are proven to work, no matter how many times you have failed before.

First let's clear up the one big fat loss myth …

Restricted Calorie Myth

Most restricted calorie diets may help you lose a little weight but NOT fat; in the long run what you lose is water and lean muscle. Also restricting calories keeps your body hanging onto fat cells. So, even though you may lose a little weight by restricting calories you still appear “flabby” in all the areas you do not want.

That being said … to Lose 10 pounds of Fat in 2 weeks try to diligently follow this plan …

TIP 1.) Eliminate ALL Sugar – Eating sugar will make you hungry! Yes, sugar is digested and absorbed into the system faster than any other food. It also spikes your blood sugar faster than any other food causing a huge surge in insulin.

The insulin helps push all that glucose into available cells to be used later for energy, just like it's supposedly to. However that big drop in blood sugar now makes you start to feel tired and hungry, sometimes EXTREMELY hungry craving … MORE sugar.

So the cycle continues …

To ensure you keep appetite stable cut out all sugar, and hidden sugar.

Hidden sugars to avoid like the plague – high fructose corn syrup. Also avoid dextrose, sorbitol … anything that ends in “OSE” or “OL”. These all have the same blood sugar raising effects as sucrose or table sugar and will have your appetite going out of control if do not eliminate them.

TIP 2.) Eliminate Simple Carbs that are WHITE – This is similar to the first tip but includes things like white flour. Anything with white flour like bread, pasta, cake, pastries etc … has a very similar effect like sugar. These simple carbs break down in your system quickly creating wild blood sugar spikes which just like sugar increase appetite.

TIP 3.) Drink only water – This is critical! Just imagine how much sugar is in what you drink through the day? Pop, fancy teas, and even so called healthy fruit juice contains LOTS of sugar, which spikes glucose and causes appetite to go crazy … So why take a chance? For 2 weeks drink plain old water. One exception! If you drink coffee have one cup of black coffee a day to avoid the killer headache.

So there it is!

What you've accomplished here is to seriously recalibrate your blood sugar to eliminate naturally all blood sugar spikes. Your appetite will be much more under control.

This plan is really for you if you are serious about long term healthy fat loss, there is nothing really complicated the regimen. If you're looking for a fat loss shortcut that uses weight loss drops or supplements exclusively, the results will be temporary at best.

Obviously you will be eating food the rest of your life, and knowing what to avoid and what to indulge in is the KEY! Why not learn all about the hundreds of fat burning foods that make fat burning easy?

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Losing Weight and Keeping It Off: The Cabbage Soup Diet

Want to lose 10 pounds in 7 days ?! Well you'll do it! Just be prepared for insatiable hunger pangs, horrid headaches, low energy, a new found hatred for cabbage soup, as well as a negative and generally pessimistic outlook on life. Afterwards, be prepared to binge on everything in sight, followed by a nasty stomach ache thanking the next two days (this applies even if you do not make it the whole seven days).

The cage soup soup claims 10 pounds in seven days, which is reliably accurate due to the initial water loss. This being said, you do also lose fat, although this varies with each individual.

The cabbage soup diet is a crash diet. It is not a healthy eating plan and will not teach good eating habits or assist in keeping the weight off. It does, however, help lose weight fast, which seems to be the primary concern of most individuals. On the website, it states “Although not suitable for long-term weight loss, the Cabbage Soup Diet is a low-fat, high-fiber diet that will help you get into shape fast before you embark on a more moderate long-term eating plan. ” The diet is described as a motivator or the “'quick start' you're looking for before you embark on a less stringent eating program.”

Along with condemning that most of the weight lost is water, the diet comes with a health warning. This is only a week long diet. The cabbage soup diet is so low in calories that continuing the diet for longer than a week is damaging to your health.

On a more positive note, the obnoxious phrase “You'll get it all back!” exclaimed by most well intended friends upon hearing of your new diet announcement, is not necessarily true. You are able to control whether you gain or keep the weight off; the way you lose the weight does not dictate your future choices, although can (and most likely will) influence them.

As a promoter of healthy lifestyles and eating choices, I do not recommend this diet, especially if you want to lose the weight and be able to maintain it. As a woman who struggled with weight issues, I have to admit going on this diet numerous times (mostly failing to be honest). I have lost weight on this diet, especially when my weight plateaued or I just needed a morale boost to increase my fitness routine.

If you are able to last the week then you will lose weight. However, if you want a healthy lifestyle and be able to maintain it for the rest of your life, the cage soup diet is not the diet of choice.

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Diets For Weight Loss – Quick And Easy Ways To Lose Weight

On average, Americans spend close to $ 80 million a day searching for answers to their weight loss problems. And for just reason, considering the staggering number of people classified as overweight or obese and the recent research which shows exactly how dangerous being overweight can be.

Increased competition and the need to find the answer to the weight loss epic has led to many different approaches and product developments. Some of which have been successful others may have been dangerous and failed to deliver results. Either way, with such an abundance of information available it can sometimes become overwhelming and difficult to find precisely what system will work best for you.

What I have looked to do is simplify weight loss diets by type. Simplifying things at the most elementary level ensures that at the very minimum, you have a foundation and solid understanding of what these types of diets are and what they can offer you.

Fixed Menu Diets

A fixed-menu is a list of all of the foods that you will incorporated into your diet. This particular type of list is reliably easy to follow because the foods that you select are entirely based on your interest. Where some people run into problems with this approach is in the fact that the monotony of eating the same foods over time becomes boring and hard to follow away from the home.

Exchange-Type Diets

This type of diet offers meal plans with a certain number servings of different food groups. Within each group, foods are close to equal in terms of calories and can be swapped as you desire. For example, the “protein” category could include a cup of yogurt or ounce of tuna; each about equal with respect to their nutritional value and calories. If your meal plans calls for two servings of protein for lunch, you could choose to eat two cups of yogurt or two ounces of tuna. With this type of diet, you have more of a varietal in terms of your options and it can also be easily followed away from the home.

Prepackaged Meal Diets

Prepackaged meals come pre-made. They are most helpful in helping you to determine specific portion sizes. Although helpful, they can be somewhat costly. Before making a purchase be sure to review the nutritional label and determine if the contents best suit your diet and budget.

Liquid Formula Diets

This type of diet replaces meals with liquid formula. Most of which are quite balanced and contain a mixture of protein, very little fat and carbohydrates. You may find this type of product in powder or liquid form. The benefits are well documented and most people see significant results as long as they remain on the liquid diet. The problem arises when dieters abandon the formula and resort to other less healthy means to lose weight.

Fad Diets

Avoid at all costs any diet that suggests that by eating a certain nutrient, single food, or combination of foods that claim to help you will lose weight easily. Most of these diets are low in calories and provide short-term weight loss. The reason that fad diets generally do not work is because they are not balanced and have the potential to cause nutrient deficits.

Calorie Counting or Fat Counting Diets

Through your time searching for a solution to your weight loss problem you may or may not have come across plans that suggest calorie or fat counting. This strategy has been proven to help people lose weight by teaching them how to control what they consume. Although helpful, there is one drawback; that being the fact that most people do not apply this approach to each and every meal.

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