If you have ever spoken to someone that has been talking about losing weight for their own lives, but they have always failed, they will tell you that the reason for this is the cravings.

They have not been able to deal with the cravings for the foods that they have been eating for their own lives. This is nothing to be accused of. Changing the habit of a lifetime is extremely difficult and a lot of people will fail.

However, there are a select few that crack it. They lose the weight and they keep it off. Some of these people were able to do it because they were strong وليد and they managed to resist the urges to eat things like chocolate and sweets. But, other people will use nutritional supplements to beat the cravings.

If you are reading this and you think that you are having a lot of trouble beating the cravings, then read ahead and learn how to beat them.


You might thing that they crave the taste of the fatty foods when actually the craving might be psychological. If you have grown up eating the wrong types of foods and you have gotten into the habit of eating for comfort, then your problem is psychological and you can overcome this.

You just need to change your attitude towards food. Eating for comfort is one of the worst habits that you can fall into because whenever you feel down, you will start to eat. Even if you have watched a TV show that has upset you, you will eat to feel better. Plus, you will not be reaching for the fruit or vegetables either. You will be reaching for the stodgy carbs and the sweets.

You need to get yourself out of this habit before you even start exercising and dieting because even if you have some success, as soon as something upsets you, you will eat to feel better again and undo all the hard work.

Humans eat for fuel to get through the day. That is it. There is no other reason for you to be eating. You need 3 meals a day, or 5 small meals and you should not really be snacking in between, unless you are exercising, and then you should be reaching for health foods that you know will give you fuel for the rest of the day, not something like chocolate that will give you a hit of sugar and then make you feel tired.

Once you get out of the habit of eating the bad foods, then you will start to feel better. You will feel a lot better and you probably would not have known that the foods you were eating were hindering you and making you lethargic.


If you have gotten out of the habit of eating to make you feel better, but you are still craving food and feeling hungry even though you have had a nutritious meal, then you might need some extra help.

This help can come in the form of a nutritional supplement. A supplement like Green Tea or Green Coffee will help with desires and reduce the feelings of hunger. Therefore, you will stop reaching for food when you do not really need it.

If you take a supplement, then take it with a pint of water and carry one drinking the water once the tablets have gone. This is because it is hard for humans to decipher between hunger and thirst, so you might have been thirsty when you have started snacking instead.