The Diet Solution Program is the solution to a dieter's woes: not only does the program seek to apply its teachings to a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and lifestyles; it caters its program to a person's personal needs. This program is not like all the one size fits all programs that try to apply themselves to a broad range of people, but a program that is tailor to a person's particular body type and metabolic rate. The program is the result of years of research by Isabel De Los Rios, who had been seeking to improve the health of her mother and in doing so came up with a solution to many overweight dieter's problems.

I found that The Diet Solution Program was easy to understand and very easy to apply to my daily routine. The first part of the program explains the different body types and metabolic rates that people have, and also recommend varying amounts of caloric intake, fat intake, carbohydrates intake, and other nutritional information based on that body type and metabolic rate. One difference I found in this program, compared to the typical diet program, was the emphasis on the body's metabolism, and explaining how your metabolism affected your required intake as well as things like blood sugar level and blood pressure. It was very surprising to learn!

I also liked that The Diet Solution Program was natural, fresh, and did not try to heavily restrict my diet. By teaching me to shift my focus to portions of food that my body type and metabolism required, I was able to enjoy all that foods that I liked without fearing that I would “break” my diet. The program was also reliably easy on my body, because it did not demand a high intensity exercise routine or a near starvation restricted diet. The workout routines included in the eBook were fun and vigilant without being over the top, and the recommended foods and caloric intakes were all very reasonable and healthy. There were even helpful tips on how to plan out my new shopping lists for when I started my new meal plan, which made converting to this new food plan very easy. And unlike some other diet programs, the foods recommended to me were relatively inexpensive and very easy to cook and make meals with.

One thing I appreciated about this program was that it felt more like advice and common sense about weight, food, and nutrition, rather than a diet that promised I would drop 20 lbs by doing something outrageous like drinking only coconut milk for two weeks. By learning the basics about my body and metabolism, as well as what my body required to live and to lose weight, I gained important knowledge about getting rid of my unnecessary fat. I personally feel that the Diet Solution Program's “diet” is more like a lifestyle choice than a typical diet, and that someone could, if they chose to do so, follow it for many years!