I sometimes hear from folks who are concerned about the differences between the core or basic Nutrisystem plan and the select or gourmet plan which features frozen foods. I heard from someone who asked me if the frozen plan was “better” than the core plan. The word better has a lot of different connotations when it comes to dieting. By using the term better, she could have meant more effective or she could have meant a better value. Or, she might have meant that the food was more tasty or of a higher quality. So, in the following article, I'll give you my take on the differences between these two plans. Hopefully, you will be able to take that information to help determine for yourself if one plan would work out to be better for you.

Both Plans Are Set Up The Same Way And Are Designed To Be Equally Effective: These plans work in exactly the same way. You will eat a breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with a snack and dessert. All of these meals and snacks are provided for you. In addition to this, you are asked to add in fresh grocery sides with each main meal. This is true of both plans. So, you do not take in more or less food on either plan. Both plans have you taking in around 1,200 calories per day. Both plans are based on the idea of ​​eating low glycemic, nutrient dose foods that are modified to make you feel full.

So, in this way, you can expect both plans to be equally as effective. In that sense, one is not better than the other in terms of effectiveness. And, it is not as if you get additional meals with either plan. They both come in a package with an equal number of meals and with an assortment of different foods unless you chose not to do the “favorites” packages and you opt to choose your own foods (which is surely allowed and easy to do.)

The Real Difference Between The Two Plans Is On The Menu: So since hopefully I have made it clear that the plans are set up in the exact same way and should be equally as effective, what is the real difference in the two? The answer to that question lies in the foods. While the basic menu has some great offers (like pizza, ravioli, muffins, etc.) only the select or frozen menu gives you foods that include the new chef's table entrées. Also, there are additional frozen offerings available like french toast, omelets, wraps, melts, and specialty dinners like glazed turkey. Now, I assumed a real argument could have made that some would see the frozen offerings as “better,” more extensive or more tasty. I would agree with this. If you think that compliance on the foods from the core or basic line is going to be a problem for you, then sometimes it makes sense to look at the frozen line.

However, I do believe that many people are quite happy with the core line. There are some nice menu options on it. Whether you prefer the frozen meals is a matter of personal preferences. But I hope this article has shown you that the only major difference between the two plans is the foods and the price. Yes, there is a bit of a premium for the success line, although much of the time it is on sale. But this does not make it better or worse. It just makes it different.