I often hear from people who are very concerned about getting hungry on Nutrisystem. To that end, many plan to eat snacks between their meals but they are not sure if this is going to be allowed. I heard from someone who said: “I will get eat between meals on Nutrisystem? Because I have to leave for work very early. have a snack at say, 10:30 and still be in compliance with the diet? ” I'll answer this question below.

The Diet Is Set Up So That You Can Have Two Snacks Plus A Dessert Every Day. So Yes, You Can Eat Between Meals: There is a lot of flexibility with this diet. They do not require for you to eat at any certain time or in any particular order. But, it is set up so that you get a breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 snacks, and 1 dessert each day. How you time this or spread this out is really up to you. In addition to this, they want for you to add in fresh sides with each larger meal (breakfast, dinner, and lunch.) People sometimes get confused and think that these side items are your snacks. They are not. You get to eat them in addition to your snacks. And the side items are really just fresh foods meant to enhance your meal. For example, you might have some applesauce as your fresh side with the diet bagel. You may have some non fat milk with the Nutrisystem cereal. Or you might have an apple with the lunch hot dog.

Note that these sides occur with the 3 main meals (although you could spread these out too if you wanted to.) And, you are still allowed 2 snacks and a dessert through the day. The company supplies you with snacks or desserts or you could use your own so long as they are in compliance with the diet. So yes, in this particular situation, she could probably have a snack at 10:30. She may chose the diet's rice cakes or something else. But if she had that snack, she would still have one snack and one dessert left for the entire day, plus all of her side items. This would allow her to still eat between lunch and dinner and one additional time, or whatever other configuration would work for her.

To make this more clear, here's a sample schedule. Most people's Nutrisystem meal schedule looks something like this: breakfast; snack; lunch; afternoon snack; dinner; and dessert. However, nothing says that any of this is set in stone. Since this woman got up so early, she could do a schedule that looks more like this: early morning snack; breakfast; mid morning snack; lunch; dessert; and then a later dinner. Basically, you can choose whatever schedule works best for long as long as you are eating those six times per day (three main meals plus two snacks and a dessert) as well as items to each main meal. (And, some people combine some of these meals if they get really busy and have a hard time eating that often.

Hopefully, this article has made it clear that you do eat quite often on Nutrisystem and this ensures that many people do in fact eat between meals and still say well in compliance.