Fad diets have gained massive popularity over the years. However, many of these diets tend to disappear after a few months only to be replaced by new ones months later. Fad diets just bring about a temporary weight loss solution and consequently, a yo-yo dieting phenomenon where the weight loss is followed by a larger weight gain. In short, they fail to live up to expectations and hype.

This article will show you the reasons why fad diets fail and why the best thing to do is to avoid them.

Fad Diets Fail You Physically

Fad diets tend to limit certain elements of the diet, such as macronutrients (carbohydrates and fats are the most common), total calories, or both to extremely low levels until the body gets insufficient amount of these elements. Your body needs all elements to be provided adequately for proper health and function. As your diet continues, you will find yourself feeling less healthy as each day goes by. Your energy level will drop and consequentially, your workouts that are provided to help you lose weight will also suffer. You will not be able to exercise effectively or worse, you may not even be able to exercise at all because you constantly feel sick and tired.

Fad Diets Fail You Mentally

As fad diets severely cut elements from your diet leaving you feeling constantly stripped, at some point, you would not be able to take it anymore mentally. The motivation and determination that you had when you started your diet will diminish, making it difficult to continue. Your desires for the missing elements of your diet will become uncontrollable and cause you to binge in order to satisfy your desires. As a result, it is likely that you will quit the diet and return to your normal unhealthy eating habits.

Fad Diets Fail You Physiologically

Fad diets cause negative physiological responses in your body. Since they do not provide sufficient nutrients for the body, this causes your metabolism to drop as the diet progresses. Low metabolism makes it easier to gain weight and harder to lose it. Therefore, the only way to continue to lose weight is to stricter in your diet, which might not even be possible. In the end, you will stop seeing results and feel discouraged, which may result in a binge eating, and to do so with low metabolism will further boost the weight gain.

Therefore as you can see from the reasons above, when it comes to weight loss, fad diets are definitely not the answer. The net result is you gain more weight than you have lost. The best way to lose weight is through a balanced and healthy diet that is able to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs in sufficient but not excessive amounts. This will ensure a long-lasting weight management solution and promote total wellness, physically, mentally, and physiologically.

Once you understand that fad diets will not work for you. The next step is to design your own balanced and healthy diet. You can find out more about a balanced and healthy diet here.

Finally, do not starve yourself. Instead, enjoy and have fun with your diet!