Ever been in the place where you really wanted to lose weight for the last time but was not sure where to start? Maybe you're even in that place right now? Unfortunately, you're not alone so I took some time to share two simple, but powerful strategies that can make it feel like you're really turning up the heat in your fat burning furnace. If you have not already, open up a file on your computer to take notes or pull out a pad of paper because these two ideas gleaned from The Diet Solution Program could have the help you were looking for.

Fast Start Tip # 1 – Plan To Move

Whoa, hold on. Not like “move out of your house.” We're talking about moving your body. You know, the word that a lot of people forget about: EXERCISE? Or maybe you're like my wife and I a couple of years ago and you exercise a lot – but do not see much fat falling off. Either way, this tip as found in The Diet Solution Program could actually cause you to move with a smile to a lot of different places you've never been before like the less clothing section or the beach!

Most people think that you need hours in the gym on the treadmill or running marathons or at least working out in the gym 45 minutes 5 days a week to really make some headway. So what if I told you that there are things you can do in your home or at the gym that would help you lose inches, burn fat, and build muscle in less than 30 minutes / day? Do you think you could do that if you could get those kind of results?

There's not enough space here to give you a detailed work out routine nor would it be appropriate, but I can give you a few tips. Think about doing things that work multiple part of your body at once. Exercises like Y-Squats, Diagonal lunges, jumping jacks with weight on your feet, reverse lunges, just to name a few. Another simple strategy is to purchase some ankle or hand weight and just wear them when you're walking or doing regular cardio workouts. This is a surefire way to 'turn up the heat!' In other words, there are many simple things you can do to take your typical bike, treadmill, or weight-lifting routine to a true fat burning level.

Fast Start Tip # 2 – Prepare To Be Pushed

Yes, all of us need encouragement and accountability. Without question, one of the top reasons that most people fail at burning fat or losing inches is because they do not have the support of others. Sure, there are exceptions and you may be one of them. In fact, most of the time I'm pretty disciplined now. But you know what always takes me to the next level? It's having that little bit of encouragement when i feel like I can not go any further or when I want to take a day off!

In The Diet Solution Program, this was an essential aspect of what is offered and what sets a good program apart from most other so-called weight loss and fat burning programs. Think about it. Every successful professional athlete and performer has a coach. Every CEO and top Executive is surrounded by 'advisors' and 'boards' who lend advice, admonishment, and accolades. Why would our success in burning fat depend on anything less?

Amazing how success is simple is not it? Notice I did not say 'easy.' But it is not complicated. And with a little direction and a little support you will get a Faster Fat Burn. In fact, in the next section we'll explore one more way that you can get an edge in your quest to a new body.