The growing number of obese and overweight people in the modern world has resulated in a boom in fat and weight loss programs and systems. There are programs for just about any budget and lifestyle-such as programs with accompanying gyms or physical group sessions, or even programs that can be bought online and done entirely from home. Some programs focus solely on the amount of calories you eat, while others focus on exercise. And some programs more more on boosting your metabolism and other bodily energy burning processes to help with your weight loss.

One such program is the Fat Burning Furnace system. This program was created by Rob and Kalen Poulos. Rob Poulos is an American fitness expert who has written many extensive articles about health and weight loss. Rob Poulos himself struggled with obesity and poor health due to his excess fat, and it was his own solution to his struggle with obesity that inspired him to create his own fat loss program. Along with his wife, Kalen, he then created and wrote his own fat loss program.

Some diet and weight loss programs focus solely on calorie control and caloric intake. Although the Fat Burning Furnace program does involve controlling the amount of food and calories you take, the primary focus of the system is increasing your RMR. Your RMR is your Resting Metabolic Rate, which determines how many calories your body burns simply by existing-or, how many calories your body burns in order for your body to function normally through the day. Poulos' exercise and nutrition guide is designed in order to increase your Resting Metabolic Rate, and thus, to increase the amount of energy and calories your body burns on a daily basis. In addition to burning more calories daily, boosting your RMR boosts your body's metabolism and increases the amount of calories burnt while exercising! Certain exercises and foods are used to increase your RMR each day.

The decision to focus on boosting RMR in the Fat Burning Furnace Program was an excellent feature, because it allowed me to maintain a higher calorie intake and not feel as if I was starving or restricting myself. The program came with recipe and food guides as well, so if someone does desire to create a more structured and lower calorie meal plan to go along with their new workout routine, they can easily do so.

I found that this program was a new and interesting approach to weight loss which greatly benefits those who have trouble with restricted diets and are speaking to binge eating or giving up when faced with having to cut calories, foods, or meals down. Some people, like me, are more than willing to put increased energy into working out and burning fat, as long as we're still able to enjoy their favorite trips now and then! I recommend the Fat Burning Furnace program for its complete guide to boosting your RMR, and easy, lifestyle oriented approach to losing fat.