Many diet programs and weight loss plans want dieters to eat little else but fruits, vegetables, fat free yogurts, and other low calorie but often light and not very filling foods. While I love fresh apples, carrots, and salads, I definitely do not want to limit myself to those types of foods for every single meal! And that's where the Food Lovers Fat Loss system came in. I heard about this program late one night while watching television, and decided to give it a try. They had a money back guarantee if I did not lose weight, so I felt confident that it would both work and start me on my weight loss journey … or it would not work, and I would then be able to get my money back!

Some might think that the Food Lovers Fat Loss system lets you eat as much of your favorite foods as you want, but losing fat, as anyone with weight loss know knows, simply does not work that way! But this program does let you eat your favorite foods, whether your favorite food is delicious homemade spaghetti or cherry pie and ice cream. When I signed up for the program, I was afraid that they were going to insist I only eat “healthy” versions of my favorite foods-low fat yogurt instead of ice cream, or turkey bacon instead of bacon. However, this is where the difference between this program and other diet programs came in: You can eat your favorite foods just as you regularly make or buy them, but you have to portion your meals carefully.

Some people may feel cheated by the Food Lovers Fat Loss program, because they do not want to have controlled portions, and want to ea whatever they feel like, whenever they feel like it. But I find that it's an excellent way to jump start a healthy eating plan, because it explained two very important parts of weight loss: energy intake and output, and portion control.

This is especially helpful for anyone who has been used to overeating and never tried portion control before. The Food Lovers Fat Loss system relations on portion control to teach people that they can eat literally whatever kinds of food that they want, as long as they are making sure that they are only eating enough of it to stay below a certain calorie take level. This program also recommends daily exercise, andave me plenty of options for exercise routines, rather than telling me I must do a certain exercise each day.

I liked that the Food Lovers Fat Loss system had mainly to do with teaching control and good daily eating habits, rather than sticking me with some sort of gimmicky diet or exercise routine. It may not be for everyone, especially if you think that it's a magic program that lets you eat a gallon of ice cream with no consequences at all, but it is a very common sense, practical program that just about anyone can follow!