As the old saying goes, “the bigger they are the harder the fall.” Same goes with inflammation and other dietary problems. But all hope is never lost. Infection, acidity and other such problems are common today thanks to all the junk food that we eat and also due to the sedentary life style and lack of physical exercise. Moreover, the amount of mental you face in order to keep up in the rat race is also one of the major reasons. I simply can not stress enough on the virtues of having a balanced diet and avoiding all of the above problems but for now let us concentrate more on the cures and prevention measures for inflammation and even before that, the causes of inflammation.

The main ingredients causing inflammation are proteins called cytokines. And it is your diet that plays an important role in suppressing or activating these proteins. These proteins are also toxic to the body and pollute the internal passages of your body and in particular, the intestines and lead to inflammation.

You need to understand that whatever you consume is going to have some effect, good or bad on your body and based on that you decide what foods to consume and what are best avoided. Remember, there is no neutrality as far as food is concerned. They are either good for you or bad. But everything consumed in moderation is good. And here is a basic list of foods that are notorious for producing more of cytokines, the inflammatory protein.

i. Meats, especially Red Meat except fish that are oily
Only fish that are oily do not cause inflammation. Moreover, red meat is harmful in many other ways too if over-consumed. Many people who want to lose weight and opt for diets that are low on carbohydrates often tend to consume a lot of red meat as it I know to be low on fattening fats, carbohydrates and cholesterol. The ideal quantity of red meat for those who wish to prevent pollution should be around four ounces per week. In order to compensate for the protein intake, opt for foods that are rich on vegetarian proteins.

ii. Egg Yolks
Egg yolks known to be really high on an acid, viz .; arachidonic acid that causes inflammation. This is also the same substance that makes all forms of meat cause infection. It is ideally advised by doctors that one consumes only the white part of eggs.

iii. Dairy Products:
Dairy products including milk are also high on the same arachidonic acid and it is often observed that in countries like Sweden, United Kingdom and even Canada where dairy products are consumed in substantially high quantities are most susceptible to inflammation and even osteoporosis; a disease which leads to the weakening and even breaking of bones.
Milk often referred to as the complete food has also many vices such as aggravating asthma and it is known to even contain some addictive endorphins and even certain narcotic substances.

iv. Corn & Corn Oils and Syrups:
Corn is known to contain fructoseides cytokines. It is the combination of these two that is highly addictive and is known to be present even in cigarettes. Manufacturers of cigarettes have been using corn syrup since as early as World War I, not for the good taste that it has but for the fact that it is addictive.

v. Sugar:
Sugar in all its forms is known to cause inflammation on prolonged consumption and overdose. Moreover, it also causes obesity & weight gain. Studies and surveys show that an average America consumes as much as a hundred and fifty three pound of refined sugar that is known to be very difficult to digest and this prevails the body from absorbing the nutrients in it such as minerals and vitamins. Moreover, sugar is even dehydrating.

All in all, opting for a vegetarian diet that is moderate on every food item is ideal not only to prevent inflammation but also for a healthy lifestyle. For those who are still not convinced, try looking at the body structure and oral formation of your pets, it will not take long for you to realize that your teeth and body is not meant for consuming non-vegetarian food.