Belly fat is one of the most stubborn things to get rid of. Once it is there, you could be exercising for years before it starts to go. This can be frustrating for a lot of people and sometimes that give up all together because they think nothing will shift it.

When people give up on the task to get rid of their belly fat, it tends to get a lot worse and there will become a point when they have twice as much belly fat than they had when they decided that they wanted to lose it.

If you have read the above and it you agree that sounds like you, then it will be such a shame if you quit now. There will come a time when you regret the decision and then you will even feel worse.

So, if you want to get rid of your belly fat and you are approaching the point where you want to quit, then read ahead for some tips on getting rid of the belly fat and being patient.


Getting rid of belly fat does take patience. It is not going to go away over night and if you are measuring your waistline everyday, then it is going to seem like it is taking forever.

You should not measure once a week, let alone once a day. This will be bad for you and the more you see slim results, the more you are going to feel like giving up. Putting the tape measure away will be the best advice that you will even be given. If you have to measure, then you should stick to a schedule of once a month so that you are giving yourself some time to burn some fat off.

Instead of measuring, you should use a pair of clothing that you want to fit into, as a guide. A pair of jeans that will not close is a good example because you will be able to see your progress as the button gets close to closing. Again, only try these jeans on once a month.

Whole Body

If you want to get rid of your belly fat, then it might be the case that you have to burn the fat off the rest of the body first. It all depends on how your body works. For some people, fat from the belly is burnt off last, and for others, it is burnt off first.

Therefore, it is important not to feel downhearted if you are burning fat off the rest of the body first, because it will burn off ever. It just takes a lot of determination.

It might be better if your goal was to completely change your life and your body shape overall because then you are not focused on such a small goal. You will feel like you are more successful when you notice the changes in your body.


There are supplements available that will help you to burn fat off the stubborn areas of your body. The supplements are not meant to replace the hard work. You are not going to take the tablet and then watch as the fat just glides off the body.

You are still going to have to diet and exercise as well. So, do not think of taking a supplement as a short cut, because it is not and people who expect this to give supplements a bad name, when if they did the work as well, they will see that supplements do help.