Considering meat-free diet? If you're on the fence about becoming vegetarian here are some things to think about that have led other people like you make the no-meat-leap.

Health reason to go vegetarian:
1. Factory Farming :

Over 99% of all meat that makes it to your platter comes from just a handful of factory farms. These arms force antibiotics and hormones into the animals to make them grow faster for better production rates. Why is it that the price of a stamp has risen 500% since 1975; where the price of beef has barely doubled? These farms are looking at the bottom line, and your health is not a worry of their.

2. Heart Disease :

Diabetes is literally killing our country. Meats are extremely high in saturated fat and cholesterol. By eliminating meat out of your diet you are diminishing your chances of heart disease, on average, 24%.

3. Get Slim :

Over 35% of all Americans are considered obese. Not just overweight, but OBESE. The obesity rate of vegetarians, 0-6%. Combined with daily exercise, a Vegetarian-on-the-Go will eat more fruits, vegetables, legumes (beans) and whole grains which are low-fat foods and rich in fiber, phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Recent studies have shown the average vegetarian outlived meat-eaters by 6 years.

4. Spread of Disease :

Where do you think bird flu came from? Or swine flu? Mad cow disease anyone? All of these zoonotic (animal-to-human) diseases were the result of overcrowding and unclean factory farm environment. Did you know Autism has been a diagnosed mental illness since 1940? And in the 10 year span between 1993 and 2003 the number of children diagnosed rose 800%? The proof is on their dinner plate folks. A growing child needs certain vitamins and minerals, not hormones and antibiotics.

Moral reasons to go vegetarian:

1. Animal Abuse:
Trust me, the more you study the more horrendous it is. There are literally hundreds of examples you can find on the Humane society website that document ruthless animal abuse in factory farms. A few examples are breaking the backs of mother cows, using chain saws to rip apart a STILL LIVING cow, and feeding so many hormones to chickens where they are unable to stand on their own two legs without them breaking underneath them. It has been established that animals do not just react on instinct, but are in fact capable of experience intestinal suffering and pain

2. We Love Animals:
Why is it we tell our children to clean their plates because there are starving kids in Africa, but when we put our dog down due to old age, we do not slice him up and serve him for dinner? Many vegetarians believe there is a moral problem when it comes to what animals we believe are OK to eat and what is inhumane. For many people who switch to vegetarianism they feel there is no line between what's right or wrong, it's all wrong.

3. It's Unnatural:

Evolution created animals into what and who they are. The lion prey's on the gazelle in the untamed prairies of Africa. The snake hunts mice in the high grasses of the plains. And the chicken sets in a 5 “x5” cage being fed cardboard and hormones so that it can grow to an adult in 45 days? Or the ' smarter-than-an-average-dog ' pig was meant to have no social interaction and crammed into tight corners until its time to be hacked up? These are examples of taking a natural animal and turning it into a monster. And believe it or not we've been able to destroy thousands of years of evolution in just a few decades.

So now you have just a few of reasons people decide to eliminate meat from their diet. Which side of the fence are you on?