I recently heard from someone who was getting ready to begin the Medifast diet. She wanted to make sure that she did everything completely correctly and this included taking in the correct amount of calories from the very beginning. She asked me in part: “What is the average amount of calories that I should be taking in on the first week of Medifast? are you taking in have anything to do with the amount of weight that you are trying to lose? ” I'll try to address these questions in the following article.

The Amount Of Calories Consumed In The First Week Of Medifast Mostly Remains Constant Through The Diet: I know that many diets ask you to taper the amount of calories that you consume either down or up as you go along. But this diet is not one of them. You basically take in the same amount of calories through the entire time that you're on the diet. The exception to this is when you have lost all of the weight that you wanted to lose and then go into the maintenance phrase of the plan. Once you are in maintenance, then you will gradually begin to take in more calories, return to more regular eating, and begin developing a healthy and lasting new lifestyle.

Daily And Weekly Caloric Rates: However, if you were starting this diet tomorrow, it's a safe bet that if you ate five of the prepackaged Medifast meals provided and then followed the directions towards your daily “lean and green meal,” you'd be taking in around an average of 1,000 calories per day. This is true from day one and should still be true until you go on to the maintenance phase as stated before.

If you've spent any amount of time looking at the Medifast nutritional information of the specific foods, you've probably noticed that most of the diet's meals contain roughly amount the same amount of calories. For example when you are talking about a chocolate shake or a cup of chili, you're looking at anywhere from 90 – 110 calories for each small meal. I suspect that they probably designed the diet this way so that it would be easy and convenient. Because most of the foods have very similar calorie, carbohydrates, and protein content, you can use them interchangeably and anything that you pick is going to work out just fine.

So to answer the question posed, the average amount of weekly calories on Medifast would be 7,000 per week. But, this is going to be true for all of the weeks that you are on the diet. This should continue until you have met your weight loss goals and decide to go into the maintenance phase where you'll start adding in more calories, more carbs, and more of your own foods.

How Your Lean And Green Meal Figures Into Your Calorie Count: Now, since you do have some choices to make when you prepare your daily “lean and green meal,” you'll have to make sure that you follow their specific directions. They tell you how many ounces to have of each type of protein and which vegetables and sides are preferred. As long as you follow along with these pretty straight forward guidelines, you should be fine.

Think about it this way. Since most of the meals average around 100 calories, even after eating 5 of them each day, you've still used only half of your daily calorie allotment. This means that you still have a very generous 500 or so calories to play with for your main entrée of the day. And in my experience, staying within these ranges is not all that difficult, even if you chose to carefully eat out or use ready made foods.