I've been getting a lot of emails indicating a huge amount of interest in the new Nutrisystem success shakes. People want to know if you can order them individually or if you can order a sample package since there are some flavors (like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and coffee.) I'll go over how you can order the shakes as well as how much they cost in the following article.

As of this writing, you are able to order these shakes either as part of a core or select package or on an individual basis. The shakes are thrown in for free if you order one of the core or success monthly plans. But, if you want to order and pay for the shakes on an individual basis, then you have a couple of options. The first is that you can access the a la carte menu. (You do this by clicking on either the men's or women's plans and clicking on the “order now” link. are in the a la carte version of the website, then click on the “vitamins and supplements” link. On the bottom of the page, you will notice several flavor options for the shakes.

As of this writing, you can get a 7 pack of any of the shakes for $ 12.99. This works out to be about $ 1.85 per shake. With this option, you have to get a box of seven of one flavor. So, if you wanted to sample each flavor if you were ordering this way, you'd have to order a box of each.

Now, if you want a sampling and you want to buy in bulk, then there's another option. If you hit the “sampler savings” button in the a la carte section of the website, you will see where you can order a sample pack of 7 of the different types of shakes for a total of 28 shakes (along with a shaker to make them) for $ 59.99. This works out to be around $ 2.14 per shake if you are not counting the cost of the shaker. But you are getting more variety that way.

So that is how you order the shakes and how much you can expect to pay for them. Some will just replace one or two of their daily meals with shakes but this is not the same as being on the diet full time. Most people will order a package for that.