I often hear from folks who want more information about the Medifast counseling. Specifically, they are sometimes concerned about the cost involved. They often know that having a lot of support and accountability helps to contribute to weight loss success so they really want that vital support, but they do not want to have to pay a lot for it.

I can tell you about the counseling available on the company's web site. I have not used one of the centers so understand that the information provided is going to be applicable if you are ordering your food online instead of going to one of the centers.

If you're going to be ordering your foods online and are also comfortable getting your support online, then there is no additional cost for Medifast counseling. In other words, yes, it is free. It is included with your membership and it's under an option called “my Medifast.” In order to sign up for this option, look for the “support tools” section on the top right of the website.

Once you click on support tools, you'll notice that there are many resources right there. You only need to sort through to determine which are most applicable to you and start educating yourself. There are program guides and frequently asked questions. There is even a live chat option where you can get any of answered questions or your concerns addressed. And if you look on the right side of the page, you will see the icon that allows you to sign up for “my Medifast.” This is where you can track your progress, ask questions on forums, read blogs, join the community, or look at sample menus. There's also a place to show your progress and track your meals and exercise.

Many of your questions can be answered by reading the information provided. If not, there's always someone to ask in the community. Or, if you are not much of a group joiner and like to keep your concerns private at first, you can always go with the live chat option. Plus, if you'd like to talk to a live voice, there is an option to receive a phone call. You can find this option on the very top of the website where it says “click to call.”

I know that reaching out can seem daunting at first. But the company really done a good job of making sure that you are comfortable. If you do not like to interact personally, you can just read the information available. If you want to interact but would prefer to do it online, then there are the communities, the forums, and the live chat. And if you really want that one on one connection with a live person, you can opt for a telephone call. But if accounting is your concern, know there is plenty within the tracking of “my Medifast” You can opt to make this for your eyes only or you may want to put yourself out there and get the support of others.

Know that people are very supportive in the communities. Every one is in the same boat. And people are genially happy when you succeed and they want to help if you're unsure. Many of the veteran posters were once beginners like you are now. And they have chosen to pay it forward because someone helped them when they were first starting out. So to answer the question posed, if you are dealing with the company's website, then yes the counseling would be free.