Do you know, according to the recent surveys, statistics and studies, one of the top most reasons that cause people to gain weight is their inability to control their appetite? Similarly, if you do not know how to curb your appetite, all of your weight loss goals will eventually go in vain. Therefore, to achieve your weight reduction goals or to simply maintain a perfect body shape and ideal figure, it is essential for you to know and understand how to cur your appetite.

What is appetite?

Let's start by defining the appetite first. The term “appetite”, often also known as hunger, can be simply defined as your desire to eat. In other words, it is a psychological and physiological feeling that causes you to eat food unless you are satiated or satisfied.

How does appetite work?

To better know how to curb your appetite, you should also understand the way it works within your body. You know that the food you consume or eat is principally stored in your stomach for hours before it finally moves toward the small intestine. As soon as it is moved to the small intestine (duodenum), your stomach begins to become “empty” or devoid of food. The lack of food in your stomach causes its walls to shrink rhythmically and periodically, a phenomenon commonly known as “hunger pangs”. This “emptiness” automatically sends signals to the “appetite” center located in your brain which, in turn, creates the desire to eat or a wish to eat food.

How to cur your appetite? '

It is crystal clear from the above discussion that “appetite” itself is not a bad thing and, in fact, is a healthy, normal physiological process that is essential for us and also for all livings beings of our class. However, it is only when this appetite becomes “abnormal or uncontrolled” that the things start going wrong. In majority of such cases, it is just a “psychological” desire to eat more and more that causes people to gain weight on consistent basis. Weight loss & fitness experts and nutritionists have recommended the following ways to control or curb your desire to eat more.

1. Exercise just before you eat

Ideally, you should never engage yourself in any vital physical activity just after having any kind of meal, be it a dinner, lunch or breakfast. It is not only a bad practice but also increases the risk of heart attack for you. Therefore, try to perform exercise (such as walking, swimming or jogging or any physical workout) just before having breakfast or dinner. You will notice that it can dramatically reduce your appetite throughout the day.

2- Drink plenty of water

Interesting but true, water acts as an excellent, natural “zero” calorie appetite suppressant and the best part is that it comes for free. Drinking a glass of water about thirty minutes before having a major meal would tend to decrease your appetite at least by 20% to 30% as most of the time, it is our “thirst” for water that we often confuse with “hunger” for food.

3. Consume appetite-suppressing food

All foods containing fiber such as whole wheat, fresh fruits (apples, oranges) and green leafy vegetables (lettuce, broccoli, carrots) are rich in dietary fiber. This fiber is very low in calories and makes your stomach feel fuller for prolonged period of time. As a result you are naturally inclined to eat less and consume fewer calories that results in gradual weight reduction.

4. Use a natural appetite suppressant

Lastly, if you want to know how to cur your appetite in a natural way, using a pure, organic and herbal appetite-suppressing supplement is considered as one of the fastest and effective ways to control your hunger pangs. You should, however, be sure enough to choose this supplement from a reliable and authentic weight loss site . Such selected supplements are specifically recommended for those people who are unable to control their abnormally high appetite by other natural means.