The Caveman Paleolithic diet is patterned after the diet of the cavemen who lived in the Paleolithic period. They are proven to have been very healthy because their diet consist of fresh fruits and vegetables and some meat. The reason for this is because these were the only kinds of food that they had access to. They were still free from foods with additives and preservatives which is why they did not have the disease and illnesses that we now have.

The cave men during the Paleolithic era used to pick food fresh from the trees or from the earth. They relied on nature to provide them with food every single day. Their only choice was between fruits, vegetables or meat. With meat, they still had to hunt animals, which is why they depended mostly on fruits and vegetables, simply because they were easier to have. All they had to do was pick them from the trees or harvest them from the earth.

Because fruits and vegetables were easier to get than animals, the cave men consumed large quantities of produce which is why the Paleo diet requires eating large amounts of fruits and vegetables to mimic this habit. There is even no limit on how much produce one can eat because eating more means getting more nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. Remember to choose organic produce as much as possible or else you will be exposing yourself to chemicals that were sprayed onto the produce to make them grow bigger and faster.

The cave men also had to hunt wild animals for meat, and they even had to walk miles to find their prey. This is why, unlike most other diets, meat is part of the Paleo diet. The wild animals then, only ate grass or other living animals and they were free of artificial feeds or enhancers, which is why opting for pasture-grown and grass fed meat is best. The cave men needed protein for energy to hunt for food and traverse from one place to another by foot and they got protein from wild animals or from fish from the sea.

Since the cave men did a lot of hunting and walking, the Paleo lifestyle also requires exercise. Exercise came naturally for our ancestors because they had to look for food but for us, exercise is more of an effort and discipline. Aside from the diet itself, exercise should be part of the Paleo lifestyle to help keep us healthy. It puts our bodies in good shape so we can perform daily activities well and it also conditions our hearts and minds.

While it is impossible to exactly follow the diet of those who lived in the Stone Age because, well, that was thousands of years ago and what was available then is no longer available now, but we can still try, as much as we can, to imitate what they used to have and resist foods that we know are not good for us and can even do us harm.