In order to keep fit and lead a healthy life, one needs to have iron content in their food. Iron is a must because it is necessary to distribute oxygen in your system and produce energy. Nutritionists recommend that and an omnivorous adult should take 8 mg-10 mg of iron per day. However if you are a vegan, your iron requirement per day is anything between 33 mg-35 mg. Deficiency in iron content in your blood can lead to anemia and lead to a perpetual feeling of weakness in your body. Usually it is either the elderly or pregnant women who are found to have iron deficiencies in their system.

Iron should be an integral part of your diet

If you are young and trying to make adequate efforts to take care of your health, you must take care of the iron content in the food and drinks you consume.One great way to fill up on your daily needs of iron is by opting for a green smoothie as a replacement for a meal each day. In order to ensure that your green smoothies are rich in iron, you can use leafy and dark greens that are rich in iron content. Some of the greens that will turn out to be excellent choices when you are trying to up your iron content in your smoothie are parsley, dandelion greens kale and spinach.

Parsley is undecidedly the top choice when you are trying to increase your iron intake. Among all your greens, parsley contains the most amount of iron. Not just that, when you use parsley in your green smoothie, your smoothie gets a nice fresh flavor as well. Parsley goes very well with citrus fruits, pineapple or mangoes. It also goes well with a fruit like a banana. Using one cup of chopped parsley in your green smoothie is enough to give it one booster shot of iron!

Top choices in greens

The other green that is a good choice for increasing iron content in smoothies are dandelion greens. One cup of this type of green contains 1.2 mg of iron. However, do bear in mind that dandelion greens are slightly bitter to taste, so blend them in with sweet fruits. Kale is another popular choice in green smoothies per se. Kale is an excellent ingredient to use in a green smoothie recipe, not just because it is high in iron but also contains the goodness of calcium.

Another wonderful choice for increasing the iron in your drink is by adding spinach to it! Yes, we are going the Popeye way indeed. Two cups of fresh spinach contains 1.6 mg of iron. It is also a great addition to a green smoothie because it has a mild flavor and lends a wonderful taste to any smoothie recipe you have in mind. In order to boost the iron content of your smoothies further you can try adding two categories of greens in one smoothie.

There is no such thing as the perfect smoothie recipe, you can take various tips from the numerous recipes that you will find on the internet, but extremely you will have to trust your taste buds to come up with a verdict on what works for you. Try these greens in various combinations and come up with an iron rich green smoothie recipe of your own!