To lose belly fat very quickly, you need to change your diet. Full stop. It's not all about the exercises and ab crunches you make or which miracle weight loss product you are taking. The food is the answer of getting rid of stubborn belly fat. But there are a few facts about food which you need to know before you start. Today is your lucky day, because I will share the most powerful top secrets to battle that fat and keep it off for good.

Firstly I will give you a quick overview. If you think that fad diet is the best method to lose belly fat, you are wrong. It will slow your metabolism down. It might work in the first couple of weeks and you will lose a couple of pounds, but then the results will decrease after that and your weight will stay the same. So think again … Food is the key of changing. Your body will not like it and it will show some side effects as well if you do the fad diet.

So pay close attention here, because you will get the tips you'll need to get started.

1. Eat to get rid of hunger. It is important that you understand that eating is not for comfort or joy, it is to stay alive and to get rid of the hunger. You should not stop eating to lose belly fat. Control your eating habits and the portions. If you eat once a day but that meal is a big portion, your stomach will not like it. You start getting bloated and will have indigestion. That would be too much for your stomach to take. Or if you eat through all day and still have big portions, you'll put on weight. It will really affect your health. The right amount of food is, when you do not feel too full but you're not hungry either.

2. Every now and then you can have a treat. Why? There's two reasons for that. First if you treat yourself and eat a little bit more than recommended to, your metabolism will receive a shock and starts to speed up. The second reason is that you will have no more cravings. But you still need to choose which treat you should eat and how. A well planned diet will help you to keep track of your eating habits and you can have a treat every now and then.

3. Eat less as the day goes. Breakfast is really important. Make sure you eat a nutritious breakfast, then eat something a bit lighter at lunch and have something easy to digest at the end of the day. Do not eat before you go to bed. Your stomach will be grateful for this kind of eating manner.You'll have more energy than ever and you will not even struggle to lose belly fat. Your metabolism did the job for you.

4. Make sure you eat small portion often. DO NOT and I mean it, do not eat too much at once. This will take you a step back in your progress. What you need to do is to have about 4 to 6 meals a day but make sure they are small portions. You will not feel hungry, the cravings will calm down, metabolism will be increasing, your digestion will be a lot better and you will have a lot more energy.

5. You can lose belly fat with fat burning hormones. You can boost your fat burning hormones up by eating certain foods.I tried it myself and I was astonished of the results. Because of this I lost 40 pounds in a matter of eight weeks. My stomach started to look more flatter and toned. And as I said before, without any hassle. With the right diet you will lose belly fat in no time.