I often hear from people who are trying to gauge what is going to be realistic expectations for them on the NutriSystem. They are often trying to figure out the least amount of time that they can be on the diet and still get results. I recently heard from someone who said, in part: “I do not want to be on a diet for any longer than I have to and I want to spend the least amount of money possible. so that I would only have to buy one package, would I still get decent or good results? ”

The answer to these questions depends on many variables, such as what you consider to be true results, how much weight you have to lose, and how much effort you plan to put into the diet.

For example, the diet guidelines indicate that 2 -3 pounds per week are reasonable. I believe that plenty of people do better than this, but also that some do not reach this level because they tweak the plan (or out and out cheat) a bit much. However, if you take a conservative average of 2.5 pounds per week, you're looking at around 10 pounds over the course of a month. As I alluded to, it's certainly possible to do better than this. And it's also probably possible to do a little worse.

But, if you were somewhere near the middle, whether you consider 10 pounds to be “good results” or not probably depends on many personal variables. If you only need to lose 10 pounds, you'd probably be ecstatic with these results. If you only needed to lose 20, you'd be half way home and off to a good start. But if you needed to lose 100 pounds, this would only be a start.

No matter how much weight you have to lose, ten pounds usually means a change in the way that your clothes fit because of a loss of inches. And it can certainly mean a memorable change in your appearance. My view is that the smaller you are when you start, the shorter amount of time that it takes to change clothes sizes. So, a person who starts out with a lot of weight to lose will generally have to wait a little bit longer to see any hugely obvious or dramatic changes.

For example, a person who starts out weighing 135 will typically have a more noticeable weight loss at 125 than someone who starts out at 250 pounds and goes down to 240 pounds. With that said though, it's also my observation that people who have more weight to lose can have more dramatic results in the beginning. So in that way, things tend to balance out.

I believe that you can give yourself the best chance with optimal results by being very careful with your side items that you add in with each meal. While skipping them is never a good idea, making sure that they are low on the glycemic scale is advisable. This helps to make sure that you're in fat burning mode as quickly as possible and stay there. Really though, the only real way to see what your results are going to be after only a month on NutriSystem is to try it. Since there's not a commitment since you only pay for your food, you can simply reevaluate after that month so see if you got to where you wanted to go.