I sometimes hear from people who are not sure about ordering a full month's worth of Medifast. They can wonder if this is going to be necessary or if it will just be wasteful. I heard from someone who said: “I want to lose about 25 pounds. I want to try Mediast. But I'm wondering if it's going to be worth it to me to order a whole month's worth or if I can get by with just a two week package or maybe just ordering some individual foods or meals. ” I'll address these concerns in the following article.

Look At Your Time Line To Determine How Much Food To Order: Although every one has individual results and this is somewhat dependent upon compliance and other factors, you can look at surprises and ranges to try to come up with a reasonable time line. The ranges typically given are around 2 – 5 pounds per week for the first couple of weeks and 1 – 2 pounds on average after that. So, even if the person who wrote to me was on the highest end of the range, she would probably still have a little more weight to lose at the end of the month. It was probably a pretty safe bet that she was looking at more time to meet her weight loss goals. So for her, a monthly package was going to be a good choice. Now that I've covered a time line, we can look at the monetary aspects of her question.

How Does A Monthly Package Compare With Ordering A La Carte Meals Or Going With A Two Week Package ?: As of this writing, the 2 week package is around $ 161 dollars for 70 meals. This is around $ 2.30 per meal. Now, let's look at ordering your foods a la carte. To keep things simple, we'll look at ordering 70 meals so that we can compare the 2 week plan with ordering individual items. Most of the foods come in boxes of 7 for $ 16.50. So, order 70 meals would consist of 10 boxes of food and it would cost $ 160.50. That is almost exactly the same amount of money as ordering the 2 week package.

Now, let's look at one of the monthly packages. The basic women's 4 week package includes 143 meals. As of right now, the cost for this package is about $ 315. This is around $ 2.20 per meal which already makes it a better deal. But, this is before you add in coupons. And most of the time, coupons are only offered for the monthly packages. They are not usually offered for two week packages or for the individual foods. Most of the time, you can save between over $ 50 off of your order if you're ordering by the month. In this example, using the coupons would get you down to around $ 1.70 per meal which is a good deal cheaper.

So to answer the question posed, my opinion is that unless you have a very small amount of weight to lose, it is worth it to order a months worth of food from Medifast. The reason for this is that you will often need that much food to get the results that you want. Plus, this almost always ends up being a much better or cheaper deal anyway.