Losing weight is such a challenge to most people. Numerous techniques have been tried but none has been well embroidered like Joel Marion's Xtreme Fat Loss Diet 2.0, which is set to be released soon. With the success of his first release being broadly accepted with astounding results, the second release has been speculated to be even better.

The basic principle behind these techniques is to cheat the body into consuming the stored fats. However, starving the body or working out for long hours do not have the same effect. In fact the body tries to conserve the remaining fat reserves to maintain itself. Understand that your body does not care either you want a flat stomach or a six-pack; it only cares for its well-being meaning ample food reserves.

Joel Marion came up with a concept wheree every five days or so a person on diet can indulge in his / her favorite junk foods. This is because every five days or so the body's produces a hormone called leptin which slows the body's metabolism down. By eating the junk, you are replenishing the body with lots of starch since cheating it that there is still plenty of energy and it ends up using the reserve fats. The cheat meal helps to increase insulin levels in order to raise leptin release and in so doing it increases metabolism.

The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet 2.0 release warnings that for the cheat meal to work effectively, it must be planned as the last meal of the day. This means that if you start your day by taking the cheat meal chances are that you will start to have cravings throughout the day. This will have a negative effect in your daily diet routine. It is advisable to eat the cheat meal after taking the last meat for the day, only then do you indulge yourself to the fullest. Many people have been using this technique while dieting and the results are impressive.

Joel Marion's Xtreme Fat Loss Diet 2.0 will certainly give hope to many people struggling with weight loss problems. The myth about weight loss is uncoovered in this edition. Furthermore, the effectrought about this weight loss technique is admirable. It helps people to stick to their diets during the week anticipating the cheat meal as the trophy for their week's efforts. However, do not forget to stick to your diet and work-out for this technique to be very effective.