The most contentious and debatable issue about juicing would be on the benefits of juicing as opposed to eating whole fruits and vegetables. There is no condemning the nutritional value of eating whole anything because you would be getting all the fiber and nutrients intact and to be honest what could be better food than whole food.

But what is non-contentious and undebatable would be the fact that we now live an unhealthy lifestyle. And lifestyles are hard to shake off. It's hard to change something that has taken decades to develop and ingrain. It's hard to shake off a life that we were born into. It's hard to shake off burgers, fries, sodas, white sugar, cakes, cookies, red meat, oil, food additives, preservatives and coloring and so much more bad ingredients, bad eating habits and bad food processing. It's hard to shake off cravings for the sweet, the greasy and the salty. The only thing we can do is to find a means to introduce ourselves to change and regain good habits gradually until we manage to convince ourselves that things are getting too bad to allow it to go on infinitely and when finally we find that desire and commitment to make that crucible turning point and healthy eating becomes the lifestyle for the majority That might take as long as it took us to develop our present unhealthy eating habits if not longer.

How many of us consume the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables? How many of us eat sufficient variety of fruit and vegetables in order to get all the nutrients that our body needs? How many of us drink sweet soda, eat a donut or a cupcake to stop our sweet cravings? How many of us drink a processed, sugar-laden packaged fruit and vegetable juice wants to believe that it's healthy because we are too busy to include juicing as part of our daily routine? In short how many of us find it so hard to make the drastic changes that are, or worse still that we know are, necessary to improved health? The answer to the last would be a definite 'too many'.

Juicing does not require drastic changes in lifestyle but neither is it a diet. It's the beginning of that change. It's a natural beginning to good health and good eating habits. All it requires is a little time, in the morning especially, and a few dollars to get you and your family on your way to a long-lasting healthy life. Juicing is an introduction to a healthy lifestyle and once you're there it's hard to deny the benefits that it can bring or has brought or the changes it has inspired or will inspire. You'll be grateful. It's one of those things that need to be fully experienced to be fully appreciated.