What is the paleo diet?
Does it work?
Is it good for me?
Will I lose weight?

Questions! Questions! Questions!

Everyone has questions about something, but here we are looking at a particular diet. Well not so much a diet but more a change of the way you live.

For every person who recommends a program there will be someone who will tell you it will not or does not work. Most of these people have not even given it a fair trial before they rubbish it.

The paleo or to give it its full name the paleolithic diet is said to be living or at least eating the way our distant ancestors did. You will see lots of figures bandied about and those figures will depend on whether the person supplying them supports the diet or not.

I call it a diet because it means eating the food that was available millions of years ago. It is not necessarily a diet just to lose weight, although you will do that if you follow it rigidly, but it is a diet because you are going to be changing the foods you eat to also help you feel healthier.

Does the paleo diet work? Well it did for me and thousands of others. At least with this diet you can choose the level of meat you eat. Some people say it means eating nothing other than meat but they are completely wrong. You could have a vegan and still stick to the paleo diet. It is certainly not the same as Atkins although it does recommend a low calorie intake.

As with all diets there is no one fix for all, but the paleo diet does give you the opportunity to eat to your metabolic body typing, unlike some diets which are insist on high carb low protein or low carb high protein. There are a good range of foods that are available for you to eat and stay paleo.

The diet appears to be good for everyone and to date I have not heard of any ill effects from using the paleo diet. I certainly felt better after changing to the paleo lifestyle and inevitably I would recommend it to everyone.

With paleo you will lose weight. If you are already at your premium body weight losing more could be dangerous.

Paleo is not primarily a weight loss diet, but because you will be eating foods that your body can digest properly weight loss is natural if you are above a healthy weight. All those I have contacted or stolen to like the paleo diet because they feel fitter and enjoy their new way of life.

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