The main ingredient in the Hollywood Diet Plan is in fact, grapefruit. All that is required is for you to drink a glass of grapefruit juice at each and every meal throughout the day. The juice works well when it is unsweetened. Additionally, grapefruit juice is very versatile. It can be safely mixed into everything from cocktails to salads. The reason why this diet plan works so well is that this fruit has tremendous fat-free properties and low caloric content. One grape fruit contains about 70 calories so if you are a person looking to shed some pounds, you are not restricted to the amount of grape fruits to eat.

The Hollywood Diet offers you the opportunity to stick with your current diet without making any changes. Although your eating habits do not have to change it is preferred that you reduce your consumption of fats and sweets. This will accelerate the process of losing weight.

The Hollywood diet is usually followed in a rotation of twelve days. There is a two-day break in between each rotation. After the break, you can resume the diet. The diet is for a very short duration to help you actually adhere to it. Studies show that it is very difficult to follow a diet plan for an extended period of time so this plan is ideal.

The diet plan recommends that you drink a glass of grape juice before eating any meal and drink another glass after you eat. A bedtime snack like milk is permitted. The amount of meat and salad you can eat is also not limited so you can feed up to your fill.

Grape juice is believed to contain certain compounds that aid in reducing insulin levels. High insulin levels are an indication that the sugar within the body is not being fully utilized to produce energy so it ends up being stored as fat. Also, such high levels increase food cravings. Therefore, grape juice not only helps you stay healthy but it also is a great food to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Here are some additional health benefits of grapefruits. They are low in sodium and calories. Grapefruits reduce cholesterol levels and the possibility of developing diabetes is diminished as well. Grapefruits help to minimizeize insulin resistance. The Hollywood Diet help you burn fat within your body. Remember you do not need to do exercises in order to see results. I hope you can see how the Hollywood Diet Plan indeed does cater to your needs without any inconveniences at all.