You have probably heard the rave about the new magnetic pill with Garcinia extract in it. Marketing in health and fitness is done based on self-esteem . It's easiest to notice this as almost any advertising in the fitness industry focus on “looks” alone. The fact of the matter is that anyone you've seen in a fitness commercial who are ripped with big or lean muscle has achieved it either by years of hard work, the use of steroids, or both . And not only that, but usually these ads promise you a “sexy stomach” in 30 days.

Sorry to burst the bubble – but it will not happen . To get ripped abs (ripped meaning well defined / low fat) you have to build the abdominal muscles and trim the fat around the stomach and it can take a while . It's not impossible but it takes time and effort.

Instant fat loss like liposuction is bad for the body and does not solve the problem – it treats the symptom just like all other forms of medication. And of course we have to mention here that it's costly. A person who gets the fat loss operation can very well add on the pounds again because they never changed the way they think and the way they have.

But what about gastric bypass surgery?

The only reason why gastric bypass operations seem to work is because the person is then forced to change the way they eat because a change was forced upon their body. The easy way out always costs a pretty lump sum amount with added side effects.

Another thing to think about is this: have you ever given it thought to what it would actually look like if a person achieved ripped abs in thirty days but the rest of their body still remained over weight and lacked muscle? Think about it; ripped abs with chunky legs and arms and the loose skin that droops down because it previously expanded to the fat cells that consumed space in the body. That would be a slight bit weird and your body does not work that way.

The best approach for getting ripped requires a balance of thinking in the right way, dieting, assorted exercise methods and getting proper rest.

The only thing that most of these ads say is, “buy this product” and do not guarantee results. You may say, “But they have a 60 day guarantee on the ad!” The reply to that is: read the fine print . If you want real long lasting results I suggest you steer away from where everyone else is heading to.