Isabel De Los Rios, The Author Of The Diet Solution Program

Nowadays, anyone can create a weight loss eBook because of all the information in the form of print and online material but not everyone has the right education, training, and experience to create weight loss material. With confident it is easy to state that Isabel De Los Rios has the background and knowledge to write such an eBook.

De Los Rios has the right combination of education, training, and experience to create a bestselling eBook on easy weight loss and coach people how to develop a healthy lifestyle. First of all, she has a degree in exercise physiology from Rutgers University, the largest institution of higher education in New Jersey.

Her degree program emphasized exercise physiology dealing with the scientific studies in physical and physiological methods. Isabel De Los Rios has the knowledge to talk about the topic of exercise as it relates to weight loss, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle.

De Los Rios also holds the distinction of being a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). This is recognized as the most advanced certification granted by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

The CSCS recognizes Isabel as a professional who use her scientific knowledge in training athletes specifically in the aspects of strength and conditioning. Therefore, De Los Rios possesses the required knowledge in areas of nutrition, biomechanics and injury prevention to help others with losing weight and developing an excellent exercise program to burn fat.

In addition to Isabel's CSCS certification, her passion to help others drve her to become Holistic Nutrition Lifestyle Coach, a certification issued by the Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology Institute located in San Diego California. Basically, De Los Rios has developed her knowledge and skills to the point she is able to increase others physical vitality, lessen their mental stress, and helping them to attain a lean body – all the ingredients for a healthy and happy life.

With her education, training, and experience in all of these areas she created the bestselling The Diet Solution Program. The program has sold over 70,000 downloadable eBook copies. She is also owns in her home state of New Jersey the New Body Center for Fitness and Nutrition.

The Diet Solution Program Description

With this impressive list of professional credentials, it is no surprise that Isabel De Los Rios has outlined a wide variety of topics related to easy weight loss and burning fat in her eBook, The Diet Solution Program. In the eBook, readers will learn about these benefits in their weight loss program:

– A customized list of foods based on an individual's height, weight, and other physical attributes that will lead to weight loss.

– A workout routine that will make you sweat and, then, shed those excess pounds, melt the fat away, and sculpt the body all in a way to prevent injuries. Remember that De Los Rios is an expert on fitness and exercise.

If you are looking for a professional well-equipped on the subject of exercise, nutrition and weight loss, then look no further than Isabel De Los Rios.

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Can I Eat All Medifast Meals? What Will Happen If I Do?

I sometimes hear from people who love that the Medifast meals are already prepared for them and are mostly grab and go. And there are some people who, although they understand why the lean and green meal is part of this diet, they would rather skip it altogether and opt for one more Medifast meal. I recently had someone ask me “what happens if I do not include the lean and green meal and eat all Medifast meals? Is this allowed? Will I lose more weight? Would it be of any benefit to me other than convenience?” I'll try to answer these questions below.

As you may suspect, this is not an uncommon question. One big draw to this diet is its convenience. It can be a hassle to cook healthy diet meals for yourself which is why prepackaged diets are so popular. When you're trying to diet, work, take care of your family and maybe exercise a little bit, you want to keep things as simple as possible, which is why it's so tempting to just substitute one little prepackaged meal for that lean and green and call it a day.

But while this is a common idea, I personally do not think it's a good one. Sure, no one is going to come knocking on your door demanding to know why you are skipping your lean and green, but you probably will not lose any more weight and you may even slow your results. Here's why. There are a couple of reasons why the lean and green exists. Yes, they want you to have fresh and healthy foods. And yes, they want you to learn to cook the right foods for yourself so that you will be successful off the diet. But, more than that, they are trying to get your calorie level at around 1000 – 1200. This is enough for your to lose weight AND support to ketosis (fat burning mode)

5 prepackaged meals only gets your calorie levels up to around 500 – 550 calories. The rest lies with your lean and green meal. But if you skipped it and instead went for say a Medifast bar or shake, you'd only be at around 600 – 650 calories for the day. Now, some people might look at that and think that it is a good thing because they would have saved them at least 300 calories. But, being on a strictly restrictive or low calorie diet does not support ketosis (where you burn fat and calories more quickly) and it's just frankly not the most healthy idea. Do not you want to do this diet in the right way so that your results are lasting and your experience is sustainable?

Tips For Making The Lean And Green Easier: I know that cooking for yourself can seem like a hassle. But keep in mind that you can take this main meal at any time during the day. You can have it at breakfast if you want. Or, you could have it for lunch (and could even use restaurant food if you like so long as you chose carefully.) You can use bagged salads and pre made grilled meats. You can make them ahead of time if you like. I've even had people tell me they freeze them or use commercially frozen dinners that are carefully chosen to fit within the guidelines.

The point is, make it easy on yourself. And to answer the question, it's probable that no one is going to demand an explanation if you eat all Medifast meals. But you may be affecting your results and your ability to get into ketosis as well as cheating yourself out of fresh foods.

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Healthy Cookbooks

Are you interested in learning more about healthy cookbooks? If so, in this article allow me to give you some necessary information on how to create a family heirloom healthy cookbook and tell you some details on how Fannie Merritt Farmer became the Mother of American Cookbook. This would mean that after you finished reading this article, you will learn the factors that can help you in creating your own family heirloom healthy cookbook and appreciate it even more after knowing how Fannie Merritt Farmer popularized the usage of this important book.

For a start, it has been a common scenario for every family and home to have some treasured and cherished recipes; these are usually handed down from one generation to the next. These cookbooks are normally loved and appreciated not only because of the delicious meals but more so because of the memories that were produced out of the family gatherings that became products of these healthy cookbooks. According to a graphic design instructor and performance artist, Cheryl Wolf, a family recipe is indeed also a family history, and this can there be considered a work of true folk art. And if your question is how to this exactly, take into account the following considerations in creating your own family heirloom healthy cookbooks:

• You can start asking those family members to send you recipes that they had done in the past; it's like you are going to start a collection of all the recipes first. Especially the specialties of each one.

• It is possible that you have a relative who never experienced writing down a recipe-since some best recipes are never really actually written down-you can try asking a member of the family to serve as a helper when your non-writing member cooks by doing “a little bit of this and a simple dash of that”. This helper will be the one to take down the measurements and all the steps that should be done; in short she will be keeping track of the cooking itself and write things down.

• Since you are starting for this task, you have to give out samples or forms on how it should be done. This is so that the heirloom you will do will be synchronized and standardized.

• After you had collected everything, it is now time to make a specific look for your cookbook. It has something that will reflect your family's personality. This is when you will have to include pictures, especially the old and vintage ones, along with your recipes. This is indeed going to be a memorabilia already.

• Make sure that your cookbook will be clean and easy to read. It can be put into ring-binds and add the colors that will help make it look even more attractive and pleasant. And if you want to have ideas on how you are going to organize the content, look at this:

a. You can do it by category. For instance, start with the appetizers first, then soups, then, salads, followed by entrees and then the desserts.
b. Or have it by family. Like you can start with the recipes of your grandmother first, then your aunts, cousins, and the others.
c. Or even by holiday or occasion. Like start with the favorite menus for the birthdays of family members, the 4th of July meals, Thanksgiving or even Labor Day.

Then, let me tell you how these healthy cookbooks came into existence and how it becomes popular as it is today. It is said that when someone who is interested in cooking up great tasting meals, or even just someone who loves to eat, think of something innovative and delicious, the name of Fannie Merritt Farmer always comes into their minds. She has given the cookbook history the teachings of determination and dedication and the truth that you do not have to be a professional chef in order that you might live a kitchen life so ideal and inspiring. And if nothing else about what she did matters to other people, she was reflected by millions of people for her manner which shows innovativeness especially when writing recipes. She was the one who standardized the measurement sizes so that when you say a cup, it would mean nothing but a cup, regardless of what you will measure. In short, she was the one who introduced the concept and theory of accuracy as one of the keys in cooking perfectly. She also showed hoe a certain recipe can be duplicated anytime but without the guesswork that everyone is expecting, this is something called “an element of surprise.” And her total success made the public call her the “Pioneer of The Modern Recipe” and also the “Mother of Level Measurements.”

In conclusion, this article has told you how creating a healthy cookbook can become a precious family heirloom and how you can make all the efforts in creating a beautiful and extra memorable one; something that can be passed on to the following generations; then you were also introduced to the Mother of American Cookbooks and how her essential contribution made a difference in the way cookbooks are now considered. But take note, however, that you will not really become immediately a master of cooking just by checking this article out. And if you really want to learn more about it, please read and check out my other articles, too.

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An Interview On How To Come Up With The Best Healthy Cookbooks

Question: What are the things one should consider searching for the best healthy cookbooks?

Answer: This is a great question that needs a concise answer, especially if you are decided to make your own healthy cookbooks in the near future. Those who are not really adept at cooking, or those who love cooking but just do not find the time to create their own recipes, should be on the look-out for the best healthy cookbooks that they could use anytime. In searching for the best one, consider the following tips and suggestions:
• The cookbook should be able to reach the level that you have now in cooking
• If you are a newbie or just learning to cook, it should be able to assist you
• A good cookbook should be easy to understand
• It should be handy and user-friendly, something that will not force you to approach the dictionary of meaning anymore
• Lastly, it should be one that can give you a stable information

Question: Why is it important for a home to have a healthy cookbook lying around?

Answer: In this time and age that fast and junk foods are dominating the places outside our homes, it is best that we have a healthy cookbook inside so that we can always prepare the right foods for our family. This way we will also save the money that we are expected to pay the restaurants or the fast food chains; it is a fact that homemade orders are less expensive since you will not have to pay for a service tax or what. The presence of a healthy cookbook at home will also prevent the family from getting diseases that sometimes unhygienic dine-out places typically spread.

Question: What are the factors that make up a good healthy cookbook then?

Answer: A good healthy cookbook should definitely be made up of clear instructions; it should not be too short or too long. It has to be easy to understand and follow, even if it is your first reading. A glossary should also be provided when there are technical words given; some people would also like to see the personality of the author in the cookbooks that they are using. These personal styles should be something engaging and unique; a good healthy cookbook should also be something that will take your imagination to a soar, especially if there are photos of the sumptuous ways that a meal could possibly be served. Although some people, on the other hand, would just want to have purely recipes, some of them do not want suggestions or helpful tips and just think of them on their own instead.

Question: If I am to make my own cookbook, something that I can pass on the next generation in family, an heirloom even, what are the things and guidelines you can give me in doing something like this?

Answer: This is really one interesting question. Cheryl Wolf, a graphic design instructor as well as a performance artist, once said the one family recipe that has been shared through time is also one family history that should be preserved through time, too. This is why, when you plan to have a healthy cookbook that will be passed on from one generation to the next, it has to be a total work of art, too. So when you start in this venture, take into account the following considerations:

• Ask other relatives who had cooked for the entire family sometimes for their specialty, one that had been enjoyed upon by all members of the clan. A simple format that you can make can be the format that you can give to them so it would be easier on your part to compile them later on. If there is a relative who never experienced taking down notes when cooking, you can ask someone to do the writing when this person cooks again.

• The design and look of your healthy cookbook will also reflect the personality and the characteristics of your family, so you should be careful in coming with this one. You can add pictures of the members of your family, old and new copies. This can also be your memorabilia in the long run.

• Make sure that your heirloom cookbook will also be easy to understand. And it would be best if you will have a theme that you will follow when you start putting all the recipes together. You can opt for category theme, family members theme, or even by occasion theme.

Question: I am also interested in how healthy cookbooks came into existence. Who was the pioneer of this helpful thing? What were made before the first cookbook ever came into the public's eyes?

Answer: This is one interesting topic that I always love to share. According to food lovers and experts, when one has eaten something delicious and innovative at the same time, one would always think of the name Fannie Merritt Farmer. She is known as Mother of American Cookbooks, and then later on, because of her unique ability to measure any kind of ingredient in the exact manner, she was dubbed as “Mother of Level Measurements.” She was the one responsible for the teachings of dedication and determination in the history of cookbooks. She also provided that no one has to be a professional cook or chef just so you can make your kitchen a lively one. She has shown innovativeness when it comes to writing down recipes. And the exact measurements, like what I've mentioned; plus she also introduced the “element of surprise” when it comes to cooking. This means that without her much revered presence in the history of cookbooks, we would not know healthy cookbooks the way we know them now.

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All About the Glycemic Index Diet

Obesity has become a prominent health concern in today's society, placing a challenge to the many food lovers out there. As people became increasingly to gain weight, so did weight loss strategies, becoming more refined and diverse, catering to different weight loss needs and conditions. Several diets have popped in the market, each centering on a different mechanism for losing the extra fat. One such diet is the GI, or glycemic index diet.

The glycemic index is a measure of the impact of carbohydrates intake on blood sugar levels. Foods rich in easily digestible carbohydrates cause the rapid release of sugar into the blood circulation. These foods have high glycemic indices. In the same manner, foods which are harder to break down cause sugar to be released much slowly, giving them low glycemic indices.

The GI or glycemic index diet bases food intake on a person's blood sugar levels. Foods are classified according to their glycemic index, encouraging one to avoid certain types of carbohydrates such as potatoes, refined rice or bread, and pasta. In this manner, it does not require smaller portions of food or low-carbohydrate foods, but instead focuses on the quality of food you eat. The diet works because foods with high GI cause a sudden increase in available energy in the blood stream, making the body utilize this blood sugar first before using body fat stores. This energy rush is also temporary, leading to starvation soon after and urging one to eat. By avoiding high GI foods, one can prevent these problems from occurring. In the same manner, food cravings are lessened because the energy is released gradually from the food. The glycemic index diet is also believed to help prevent certain health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension, from occurring by stabilizing blood sugar levels and preventing insulin resistance.

In the glycemic index diet, carbohydrate-containing foods are rated on a scale of 0 to 100. There is a wide array of rankings of common foods in online and published references. The scoring system is as follows:

  • High GI (70 and above) – include refined rice, white bread, and potatoes
  • Medium GI (56 to 69) – include corn, bananas, pineapple
  • Low GI (55 and below) – include raw fruits such as apple and grapefruit, beans

Following this diet claims that a person will lose weight without having to restrict his / her carbohydrates or calorie intake. However, results from studies are mixed, with some claiming that it is more effective in weight loss than traditional diets while some claim that there is no difference between the two. Neverheless, GI diet remains as one of the most popular and easet dieting strategies which can very easily be integrated into the long-term.

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The Not-So-Unwanted Diet to Lower Cholesterol

“This low-cholesterol cooking oil is just the right thing for you”, “You will be surprised to see how your health improves with these medications”, “Seeing is believing, reduce cholesterol right away” and many other ads like such that make you roll your eyes on the TV in front of you and switch the channel. Why? Because all those exercises and low-fat oils are not doing the job you're looking for. Let me try helping you a bit here.

Cholesterol, with the much hated word, is actually a fat. Yes, a fat that is very important for your body that you walk around with in this busy world. The said fat is quite necessary for us to build our cell membranes and hormones and other biological stuff inside us. It is produced in the liver and even though having to eat a big cheese burger just to give our body some necessary cholesterol may sound a tasty idea, tough luck that you've got to cut it down from your list. The reason for that would be the risks of having high cholesterol. You would not want your heart having difficulty in pumping up your machine with blood as your arteries thicken because of that.

Time to Let Go of the Cholesterol Fear

Ever heard the saying 'Prevention is better than cure'? Well I have and I'll be sticking to that to help you deears who have a cholesterol fear. The preventions that I have come up for you do not include you cutting down those hot mustard filled hot dogs on the regular but will be just adding spice to it.

Spice Up Your Diet

Adding taste makers, sauces, mustard or mayonnaise to add taste to the cooking you love, try using spices for a change, the perfect choice for your diet to lower cholesterol. Like rosemary, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon. Did you know that daily use of cinnamon as less as half table spoon a day cuts down cholesterol to 25 percent!

Oily Much?

How to start cooking without that big fat filled butter on the fry pan? Fear not, I have a solution to your buttery desires as well. There have been many cooking oils introduced that you can use as an alternation of the butter. Vegetable oils, sunflower oils and such do the job. Still scared? The best solution is to use white wine vinegar instead. It's the best alternative which does not affect the taste of your cooking at all. Try it today!

Reach the Fruit

Time to go for those abandoned fruits in your refrigerator because nothing can prove to be a better diet to lower cholesterol than that. Fruits that are naturally rich in all the ingredients your body needs to stay healthy, also hold a soluble fiber in them named 'Pectin' that lowers a significant amount of LDL, providing healthy for your cholesterol level. Try strawberries for a change.

Go for the given options for a week and you'll definitely feel healthier than before. Depending on your yogurt and chocolates to liven up your mood when you're feeling down, eat a banana instead. Bananas contain Serotonin, for us live people, also known as 'The Happy Hormone' that will certainly bring that frown upside down. Stay healthy!

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Avoid Stress Eating With These Dieters Tips

Wondering how stress affects your resolve to lose weight? A new survey finds that if you're a frequent dieter, you're more likely to indulge in stress eating. What's more, those who indulge during stressful times tend to pig out on calorie filled, fat laden junk foods.

Researchers suggested some dieters, including indulging in the occasional slice of cake might just make you less likely to binge on cake during a stressful time.

The thing is, if you're always dieting, you might just give up when you're feeling stressed – eating what you want, when you want it. It's human nature, after all, to want to feel good, or avoid feeling bad. Food does this for many of us, and over time the association of food with love and good feelings grows so strong that it fuels cravings for years to come. Soon it feels unnatural not to eat as a response to stress.

Chronic stress keeps the body's natural systems on high alert, ramping up the production of stress hormone cortisol, and one of the responses to long term stress is to search out very pleasant foods … high energy choices with lots of fat and sugar. These foods help your body maintain its reserves and cope, and historically dampen down the output of the stress system.

Early research has found that stress does cause biological as well as psychological changes that affect the kind of foods we crave and what we eat.

To understand more about food consumption and stress, the research team recorded 158 adult subjects to complete a question survey that unexpected some interesting things about stress eating.

Everyone in the survey who ate under stress also reported that they chose foods that were more calorific and were higher in fat, salt, carbs and sugar during these times.

Other findings of the survey include …

– Just 20% of respondents said they followed the same eating pattern regardless of stressed or not, about 40% ate less when stressed, 40% ate more.

– Stress overeaters had a much higher chance of being on a diet lasting at least 2 weeks, and yet they had greater waistlines, bigger hips and were heavier, on average, compared with those who did not eat under stress.

– Stress overeaters eat even unhealthier foods than those who do not eat when stressed … the oveaters under stress preferred chocolate, candy or another sweets when stressed.

– On the opposite end of the spectrum, 40% of people who eat less under stress craved fruits, veggies and cheese during a stressful time.

In the long run, when it comes to stress eating and your weight loss goals, one of the best dieters tips is to figure how to manage the inevitable upheaval and tension with things other than food … exercise, deep breathing, a walk outside , time with a pet … whatever works for you.

It also helps to make the effort to learn about your feelings and what might be triggering them. Negative emotions, regardless what you've been told, or told yourself, are not bad. They're simply giving you a message that something is not right … what's stressing you out or what needs to change. Ignoring the problem only makes things worse.

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The All Natural Caveman Diet Plan

Cavemen were extremely athletic individuals who traveled long distances to find food. Anthropologists call cave people hunters and gatherers since they hunted their prey and collected fruit and berries. Cave dwellers were very fit and got plenty of exercise, especially when they traveled to new locations. When it became hard for cave dwellers to find food they would relocate to a different area that offered better resources for their people.

The Paleolithic diet is based on the types of foods that men ate many centuries ago during Paleolithic times. The diet of cave people consistent of basic, natural foods and did not include grains or dairy. Some experts believe that the human body is not designed to digest cow's milk or processed foods and that modern day individuals should have the same diet as their ancient adults. Experts are quick to point out that many people who eat wheat and dairy products experience a variety of digestive problems.

The Paleo Diet Plan

The caveman diet first became popular in the 1970s and since then many books have been written on the topic. People that are on the caveman diet do not eat any processed foods such as cereal, cookies, bread or crackers. They avoid any food products that contain wheat, flour or grain. The diet also excludes all dairy products including milk, cheese, yogurt and butter. People who are on the diet do not have to feel deprived because cave people ate plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and lean cuts of meat.

It is crucial for doctors to understand that cave dwellers only ate the lean parts of the animals that they hunted and that the animals they ate were free of growth hormones. People who are on the Paleolithic diet should only eat lean cuts of organic meat. Top sirloin steak, lean pork, turkey, chicken and fish can all be eaten on the caveman diet.

Organ meat such as liver and pork can also be eaten on the Paleo diet. People are often surprised to find out that eggs are included in the diet, but egg consumption should be limited to six eggs each week.

Since the diet does not include processed foods, it is easy for the body to absorb essential vitamins and nutrients. When people stop eating foods that are high in sugar, they will be able to maintain a stable blood sugar level through the day, which will curb food cravings.

While many experts believe the Paleolithic diet is a healthy choice for most people, others believe that the diet is purely a fad and that it is too difficult for people to sustain such stringent eating habits for very long. Although the caveman diet may not be suitable for everyone, many people enjoy eating fresh organic foods each day.

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The Raw Food Diet: Is It Really Worth It?

Can going natural really cure diabetes? The role of natural foods and supplements continue to be debated among the diabetic community. For some, a raw food diet or green tea supplement plan can mean increased energy and stable glucose levels. However, critics believe the natural cure fad sends the wrong message to diabetics, encouraging them to forfeit their medication. Like most things in this world, the raw food diet and green tea possess pros and cons.

Now, you might be wondering what qualifies as a raw diet. Well, a raw diet means that 75% of your food can not be cooked. The motive behind this is that cooking destroys valuable nutrients. Obviously, processed and junk foods possess less nutritional benefits than uncooked vegetables and fruits. A raw food diet is known to reduce the risk of many diseases and conditions. Diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are just a few. In addition to reducing serious health concerns, a raw food diet can improve your energy dramatically. This diet is made up mostly fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Raw food enthusiasts encourage eating strictly organic. In order to be certified organic, your fruits and vegetables must be grown in soil without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides. Unfortunately, organic is substantially more expensive than natural fruits and vegetables. Regardless of organic or not, fruits and vegetables are vital to the raw food diet. Nuts also play a large role. On the other hand, dairy does not play a role in the diet because it comes from a processed source. Almond milk is a good substitute for milk. When preparing meals, most raw foodies use a blender and dehydrator.

Although living on a raw food diet offers several benefits, there are drawbacks. First, a raw food diet can lack enough protein and calcium. For this reason, it is important to eat the vegetables, fruits, and nuts that are packaged with protein and calcium. What's another downside? The diet is a tad inconvenient because it contravenes the consumption of any processed food; however, the benefits appear to outweigh the negatives. It is important to realize that going raw is not simply a diet, but it is a drastic change in lifestyle. It is best to slowly integrate raw food principles in your current diet before deciding to go completely raw. So, is the raw food diet really worth? Yes and no. Just like so many other diet plans, the raw food diet has an upside and downside. You can best decide whether or not the diet is for you because only you know your commitment to partaking in a healthier lifestyle.

Green tea is another natural food that has been linked to successfully controlling diabetes by reducing blood glucose. Green tea is full of antioxidants that fight free radicals. Although inexpensive to purchase, in order to gain the full benefits of green tea one must drink 5 cups per day.

Consulting your doctor before starting a new diet plan is especially important for those with diabetes. Your physician will be the best person to discuss the benefits and risks when beginning a new rule. Regardless of how amazing you may feel, it is important to keep taking your diabetes medication and ordering your free diabetic test strips so that you can continue to check your levels on a daily basis.

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Does Nutrisystem Make You Eat Certain Foods At Certain Times?

I recently heard from someone who felt like she might want to try the Nutrisystem diet but she was worried that the diet was too rigid and not flexible enough. She asked in part: “Does Nutrisystem tell you what to eat and when to eat it? Because that is just not going to work for me. in school, I take classes right through lunch so there are certain times when I could not eat even if I wanted to. So if this has to eat lunch at a certain time, this is not going to be the Also, I like a lot of variety in what I eat and I want to make my own choices. I want to wake up in the morning and decide for myself what I'm going to eat for breakfast without someone deciding this for me. Is this how it works? Am I going to be told what to eat and when? Because if so, then I doubted that this diet would be the best bet for me. ”

I understand why some people have this perception about this diet. Because many prepackaged and convenience diets go so far as to plan out the content of your meals and your meal times for you. Part of the reason for this is that they want for you to eat at regular increments. But these stringent guidelines can get frustrating and old very quickly. The good news is that there are not any such requirements for Nutrisystem. You can eat when you want and what you want as long as you are eating the plan's meals and adding in appropriate sides. I'll explain.

You Decide What To Eat And When: You can order any number of Nutrisystem packages or combination of foods. They allow you to order the foods individually if you like. You can customize your order so that you hand pick your foods. Once you receive your foods, you can chose to eat them at any time that you desire. They ask you to eat five meals each day – a breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert. In addition, they ask you to add in fresh foods with your meals. (They give you instructions as to how to plan and chose these sides and they offer good suggestions.) But, they never specify when or what time you take their meals and you do not choose your meals for you.

You are always allowed and encouraged to make your own choices because it's important that you learn to do so as you will not be on the diet forever. You might get less hungry if you eat at regular increments but the frequency and time of your meals really is up to you. I've heard of people eating breakfast for dinner, their dessert for lunch, and many other combinations. Whatever works for you is fine in my book as long as you eat all five of your meals and add in your fresh additions.

So to answer the question, no, Nutrisystem does not dictate to you what you eat and when. There's actually a lot of flexibility as to the day to day experience and the choices you make on the diet.

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Is The Acai Berry Diet Right For You?

Because we're constantly encouraged at every turn to lose weight and eat healthy, we often drop everything except the weight, to get on the band wagon and follow the latest health and diet trends. Let's face it; Americans have an obesity problem and human nature is basically lazy. We want a quick fix and a miracle cure to our problems especially when it comes to weight loss so we're easily sold when we hear a lot of hype about a new trend and many times just hop on the band wagon without doing our due diligence . But, just like we do when we buy a car or a home, we need to take some time to find out as much as we can about these products before investing our hard earned money into them, not to mention possibly risking our health.

Get the Skinny First

The best plan of action is to learn as much as you can about the different products and plans that are out there and then, armed with that information, make an informed decision as to what you want to gain and what you could possibly lose when deciding which one is right for you. Let's do that with the Acai Berry Diet.

What Exactly Is The Acai Berry Diet?

The acai berry is the black-purple fruit of the Amazonian Palm Tree that's round in shape, small in size, similar to grapes but has less pulp and is more perishable. If not processed and frozen, it can perish in 24 hours or less. Its main attraction is its antioxidant properties. What's the 'acai berry diet'? The whole concept is that there is no actual diet, but rather doctors are encouraged to incorporate the acai berry into and in conjunction with, the weight loss plan of their choice and the people who do so claim they have lost weight.

Where's The Beef?

Let's take a look at the available data that back up the claims of the acai berry. The literature available pairs the acai berry with colon cleaning products. Because of its antioxidant effects the literature claims that the acai berry effects general well-being and vitality, supports weight loss, improves digestion, detoxifies the body, boosts the immune system, supports cardiovascular health, increases mental clarity, reduces insomnia, improvements vision and slows down the aging process.

What's interesting is that none of the literature points to any scientific research or studies about any of these claims. Promoters of this 'non-diet' claim that because the berry has a combination of essential fatty acids, amino acids and phytosterols, that it improves metabolism, digestion and reduces ones appetite. There is no supporting documentation about any weight loss attained from eating the acai berry, but people who are on a calorie restricted diet and who have also incorporated acai berries into their diet, have shared their success stories about losing weight, however, they caution that they can not attribute the actual weight loss to the berries.

Things to Consider

After getting the scoop on any product which is easy to do with the multitude of information available today on the internet, you'll want to consider the costs involved, the quality of the products and the time it will take to reach your goal when investing in the product (s) or plan.

The acai berry is available in supplemental form, capsule form, powder, puree or juice and the cost can range anywhere from $ 40 – $ 80 per month, depending on the dosage taken. More important is considering the source of where to buy it and in the internet world, buyer beware! Remember there's no one company that sells and oversees the acai berry products and there are many online offers available. That means there's always the chance of buying from a website who is selling imitation andor inferior acai berry products – and remember as the literature says, if the berry is not processed or frozen in 24 hours it's useless, so know your source.

Use the Information Wisely

So is the acai berry right for you? Well, if your goal is weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle I offer you this advice; the claims made for the weight loss effects of the berries are unsubstantiated. Since there's no actual 'diet' and those who have incorporated the berries into their diets have clearly indicated that they can not attribute any weight loss to the actual berry, but rather to their low caloric diet plan, it seems costly to spend up to $ 80 per month for an antioxidant. The whole concept simply supports the idea of ​​a quick fix approach with no proof that it works and there's nothing about using the acai berry that encures the dieter to make lifestyle changes, which we all know is the key in attaining our weight loss goals. When there's more speculation on a product or trend than there is concrete information, I tend to move on and find products who have tried, trusted and true products, historical data and testimonials available, but everyone is different and certainly I found no literature that says that there are any dangers in incorporating the acai berry into your daily diet. If you're simply looking for the antioxidant benefits, the acai berry certainly has them and maybe this would be the best source for you. However, there are many other foods sources, supplements and total diet plans that claim to have antioxidant benefits as well, but now that you are informed as to what to look for in your research, in the end, you will definitely choose the best product or plan that's right for you.

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The Weeks Of Free Food Promotion On Medifast: How Does It Work?

Many people realize the Medifast often runs promotions that allow you to get one, two, or three weeks free on the Medifast diet. But what is less clear is what comes in these free week packages. In other words, what type of food do you get and when, exactly do you get it. Many people are worried that the free food consists of undesirable or near expiration foods that sometimes you would not want anyway. This is not the case. I will try to clear up these questions in the following article.

The Type Of Freebie You Are Getting May Dictate When And How You Get Your Free Meals And Food: Depending on which special you are getting, you might be getting one, two, or three weeks free. Typically, the 2 – 3 weeks worth of free food come when you sign up for VIP membership. In this case, the free meals typically come in two shipments. Usually, you will get the first week free (which is 35 meals) with your first shipment. And typically the next batch of weeks free comes with the second month. Again, you will get the next 35 meals on your monthly month. The same would be true if your freebie consists of three weeks of freebies. So you may have to wait a few weeks to get all shipments of meals (although you should get the initial free week right away with your first package), you will actually get them in 35 meal increments.

What Types Of Food Do You Get In The Free Medifast Meals ?: Sometimes, people admit to me that they suspect that you're going to get nasty, unpopular food or food close to the expiration date or discontinued items which are not being sold Egypt offered any longer. I understand these suspicions (because really, what good will this type of food do you) but it just is not the case. Although they reserve the right to send any food, I find that you usually are sent food compatible with your first package. In other words, if you buy a vegetarian package, my experience is that you're not going to get meat filled free food. If you buy a gluten free package, they are not going to give you food with gluten. And if you went with the 55 shakes originally, you should not be getting 70 shakes for your free meals. Basically, I find that you are going to get more of what you have already ordered. So you do not have worry that you're going to get food that is completely different from what you have already chosen.

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Juicing Diet Basics

Juicing diets are diet plans wherein one will be changing his or her usual good with fresh juice. Even though it might sound somewhat rigorous, it really does work and might also help in purifying the body from all those damaging toxins that the body has contained.

However, juicing diets are not really what one could do in the long run. A substantial number of enthusiasts usually finishes this diet from 30 to 56 days and this is because juices can only do so much to the body.

A great thing about juicing diets is that creating certain juices can and will be a very simple thing to do and all you need is a good juicer, some fresh fruits and vegetables and a few juice recipes. The recipes are not limited to what you see in newspapers, magazines and on the Web since you can always use your imagination in crafting recipes of your own. However, do not forget to not add any sugar or any sweeteners for that matter as these could already be sweet enough as they are.

The importance of the recipes you'll be having when you start with juicing diets is of the essence since the juices you'll be making could dictate how your diet exactly goes. So being creative as well as resourceful in creating your own blends can go a long way in your diet.

Aside from those, you should keep in mind that these diets should not just be limited to apples, oranges, carrots or tomatoes since each and every fruit and vegetable provides essential nourishment for the body.

You can juice just about any type of fruit or vegetable. You can go for a variety of fruits such as melons as well as berries. Additionally, you could go for various vegetables like beets and spinach, just to name a few.

Before you begin your plans for juicing diets, it is recommended that you first consult your physician before proceeding. Even though such a diet plan is helpful, it is definitely not for everyone, such as the ones who are expecting as well as those who are nursing.

You need not worry because because if you do not feel like these diets are for you, you could always opt for other very good options, such as having a fruit detox diet.

The main factor about the whole juicing diets thing is that although it is a diet plan, being prepared as well as being determined can and will pave the way for your diet to be successful.

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Quick And Fast Diets – Discover Why Your Last Diet May Have Failed

Perhaps you've wasted days, or even weeks sticking with what you imagined was an easy diet to follow. The first week you shed a few pounds, the next week as well, you really focused yourself, but you could not reach your ideal weight goal.

As a consequence of your unsuccessful diet plan, you chose to give up. Maybe you thought it would be a quick way to lose weight fast. But it did not work. Here, are 6 good reasons why your diet plan may have failed.

Have your own personalized diet program

Everyone has different conditions; maybe for medical problems, body structure, physical activity, age and gender. You need to have your own personalized diet program, designed exclusively for you.

What is best for me does not necessarily mean it will be right for you, therefore, be very carefully which weight loss program you choose to use, and set yourself realistic weight loss goals.

Make sure your diet plan is properly explained as well as designed in a user-friendly way. Do not pretend to understand all the nutritional talk if you have not studied nutrition.

For those who have purchased a weight loss program or book, exam the contents to find a direction back to the nutrition who created it, so you can get a quick response to your questions or doubts.

Why is it so hard to stick to a diet?

Let's state one very important thing. When you are dieting, you should not feel hungry.

The ideal diet plan for weight loss is not about starving, or depriving yourself of essential foods you need. Consider eating a larger portion should you feel hungry.

You may undergo a type of withdrawal symptom once you start eating healthfully. However, even if you do not reduce your intake of food, you may have an adjustment process as you start to shed unwanted belly fat, especially if you've been accustomed to eating large amounts of the wrong types of food.

How to stop hunger pangs

Make sure you are well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. It is recommended you drink you 6-8 glasses per day. Water will help flush your body from toxins and prevent water retention.

Your body may easily misunderstood being thirsty with regard to being hungry, therefore, before you actually reach out for anything to nibble on, have a glass of water.

It is definitely vital to eat 4 times a day. Make sure you wait at least 3 hours between meals and snacks.

Be sure that the diet program you've selected is an easy diet to follow and filled with delicious meals. It's essential you like what you're eating in order to stick to your diet.

What happens if you cheat?

Lots of people throw the towel in simply because they cheat a couple of times. Do not be so hard on your self, it really is a challenge to shed weight.

Maybe you crave for some food product without really understanding the reason why, and there is absolutely no need to analysis either, just avoid using it as an excuse to quit your weight loss diet plan.

You will have good days and bad days, but if you are feel healthy, strong and motivated, give it another go.

How can I stay motivated

Its simple to feel motivated when you begin your diet, however, when your weight loss decreases, your motivation will probably drop.

Give yourself a break and eat a meal that you've been craving for.

In case you have actually kicked a diet record of your progress, then get it out and pay attention to how far you have come.

Perhaps you can find an online forum or comments page on your diet website where you can easily interact with other people who have been able to get through these difficult moments.

Keep yourself active

Keeping yourself active will make your metabolism more effective, permitting you to use-up more calories. So try to move more and incorporate some physical exercise into your daily routine.

It's possible to reach your ideal weight loss goal, with time, dedication, motivation, keeping active, as well as an easy diet plan that has been personalized for you and your lifestyle, without depriving yourself of food.

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The Most Practical Diet Plan To Deal With Candida

Candida can be defined as a cluster of yeast-like fungi that live in the body's moist areas. As a rule, Candida is controlled by different bacteria that live in the human body. Still, at times Candida grows well over the natural tolerance level. Within the stomach / intestines, heavy Candida infections cause various kinds of health disorders and complications.

Anyone willing to combat this problem has to change the current food plan. You can do this in a matter of 3 to 6 weeks. There are some crucial steps to follow when it comes to combating yeast. Changing the current diet is the largest of all. The changes have to be in such a way so that the yeast are denied the food they need. There are some certain items that will have to be avoided and eliminated from the current diet plan.

For instance, you should stay away from processed and sugary foods as they are notorious for promoting yeast growth. At the same time, you should especially keep yourself away from food items rich in yeast and / or molds. Some of the most common ones are cheeses and other fermented items. Foods which are pretty rich in starch or alcoholic substances break into sugars. So you should avoid them as well.

It may seem that the balanced diet recommended for yeast affected people are full of restrictions. And many people fear that these restrictions are hard. Ironically, a lot of people fail to understand the fact that by introducing their body to such balanced diets, they are actually supplying the body with nourishment provided by normal unprocessed food that the body is particularly in need of. To illustrate, there are various healthy and enjoyable items that you could eat to prevent yeast infections. You got to build a habit of eating more veggies and beans. Then again, it could also help if you consume sufficient amounts of meats, eggs and whole grains.

Eating health supplements makes good sense too. They are widely available in food stores. The most helpful, though, are “Probiotics” (pills rich in live helpful bacteria). They should help you control the yeast infections and symptoms related to it. Similarly, this could also help you to restore the essential balance amid Candida and helpful bacteria. On top of all, you could improve the whole thing if you just incorporated some exercise programs into your daily routine. Actually, you better find time to do some exercising. It takes 15-20 minutes a day at most.

You have to understand that a lot of people these days follow this diet and they manage to recover the energy levels quite nicely. Many people manage to lose weight too. You will also realize that the unwanted yeast symptoms have vanished!

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