What If I Can’t Eat All Of My Medifast Meals Each Day?

Most of the questions that I get about the volume of the Medifast food comes from people who are concerned that they are not going to have enough of it (or those who worry that they will be hungry.) Sometimes though, I hear from people who are concerned about eating all of the six daily meals (five prepackaged and provided meals and one “lean and green” meal that you provide yourself.)

I heard from someone who said: “I'm honestly on the go all day long. I eat my lunch on the way to work in the car. I am starving when I get home and I do eat my lean and green meal then but but from eating three additional meals at my lean and green dinner, I just don 't know how I'm going to fit three more meals within my day.

I'm not one hundred percent sure what would happen because I've never been in this position. I am sure that some suspect that you would lose more weight but I'm not sure that this is the case because your body needs regular fuel to get and stay in ketosis. I believe that there's a reason Medifast is designed to consume all of the smaller meals.

Admittedly, it's not as if anyone is going to scold you for missing meals, but I would suggest trying to choose meals that can be eaten on the run. For example, any of the bars do not need any preparation at all. You just remove the wrapper and then eat. I could see eating one in between classes. It truly would only take a few seconds. Another good example of something that can be eaten is quickly one of the ready to drink shakes. (In fact, on really busy days, if she drank a shake and ate a bar between classes, she would have consumed two meals which meant she only had one more to go.

Another suggestion would be to use one of the meals as a dessert at lunch or dinner. The soft serve or brownie works very well for this. One combination that I really like is mixing the Medifast latte with the cappuccino. This is a nice morning pick me up and you already have two meals down before you've eaten the mid morning.

So to answer the question posed, probably very little will happen if you do not eat all of the food. No one is going to demand that you be accountable, but you might not get or stay in ketosis as quickly. Or, you might find yourself hungry. I suspect you would not lose that much more weight either. Since you would have food left over, your monthly package would last a little longer, but this really is not the idea behind the diet so I think it's a good idea to try to squeeze in more meals if it's at all possible.

I know that some days are extra busy, but it can help to try to take an honest look at your schedule and see if there are any opportunities to squeeze in meals that require no preparation and need very little time to consume. Or, if this is not an option, you can always combine more than one meal when you do have the opportunity to eat.

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Cabbage Soup Diet – Weight Loss Using A 7 Day Plan

Are you wanting to lose weight? If you are, know that you've got plenty of choices when it comes to diets. You literally have hundreds of diets available that it can be overwhelming to pick the right one for you, and getting started makes it even harder. You're a lot more likely to achieve your weight loss goals, however, if you stick with a program rather than hop from one diet to the next before you can see any noticeable results.

One in particular that's been around for many years is the cabbage soup diet. You've probably heard of it or met someone who was on this. It will help you lose weight fast if that's what you're looking for in, all with a low carb and low-fat intake. In fact, many people who've been on this diet before swear by how effective it is.

Cabbage has cleansing properties and this is basically how you're going to get rid of this weight. You will not be exclusively eating cabbages if that's what you're worried about. When you're on this soup diet, some days you can eat vegetables, meat, rice and fruits likes bananas. It is not just cabbages.

One of the good things about the cage soup is that you can make it different ways. You can prepare the soup by combining half a cabbage head, chicken broth, celery, onions, bell peppers, and canned tomatoes. You do not need to stick to these ingredients, though. You can add other vegetables and remove any that you do not particularly like in your soup. For flavor, you can use your favorite spices.

If you stick to this, you could lose as much as 10 pounds in just 1 week. Unbelievable? Many people were skeptical of this claim, but they've reported that the cage soup system really does work and make you shed a lot of weight in a short time.

When you get on the cage soup diet, your main meal would be the cage soup you prepare yourself. In addition to the soup, you can eat vegetables and fruits. Occidentally, you can have some meat and rice.

It's important that when you're on this you drink no less than 4 full glasses of water every day. How exactly does the cage soup soup help you lose those pounds? It basically significantly reduces your caloric intake, while being a low-fat, high-fiber diet.

If you decide to go on this soup recipe reduced calorie plan, be aware that you should not be on it for more than a week at a time. The cabbage soup diet is not something you should be on for a long time. Just every day for one week is enough. Rather, it's a short-term diet option that's best used for jump starting your weight loss.

In order for you to have achieved success with this, you must stick to the rules as well as drink the recommended minimum amount of water every day. In addition, it's a good idea to take a multivitamin. This way, your body will not miss getting the essential nutrients and minerals while you're on this diet.

Again, it's well worth highlighting that you should not use the cage soup diet as a long-term solution. It's best used as a short-term method for weight loss, especially if you need to kick-start your body into losing fat. The recommended duration for this is just 7 days. Do not attempt to be on this for longer than that.

The great thing about the cage soup soup is that it makes it easy for people to really stick to such a simple eating plan. If you've always had trouble with diets that go on for weeks or months at a time, the cabbage soup diet may be the one eating plan that you can do from start to finish. At the end of 7 days, however, it's important that you start eating healthy. It's also best if you start exercising regularly, as doing so will ensure that you'll continue to lose weight beyond the 7 days of being on the cage soup diet.

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The Paleo Diet Meal Plan For Athletes

The paleo diet meal plan for athletes is a plan based on foods that make up the Paleolithic diet, with a few minor changes. But first, we should cover what the paleo diet is all about.

The Paleolithic diet, popularly referred to as the caveman diet, is a nutritional plan based on the presumed ancient diet of wild plants and animals that the human species consumed during the Paleolithic era – a period of about 2.5 million years duration that ended nearly 10,000 years ago with the introduction of agriculture. Based upon commonly available modern foods, the modern paleo diet consistants mainly of meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, roots, and nuts, and excludes grains, legumes, dairy products, salt, refined sugar, and processed oils.

The paleo diet was first popularized in the mid 1970's by gastroenterologist Walter L. Voegtlin, and has been promoted and adapted by numerous authors and researchers in several books and academic journals. Paleolithic nutrition comes from the promise that modern humans are genetically adapted to the diet of their ancestors, and that since human genetics has not really changed since the introduction of agriculture, that an ideal diet for human health and well-being is one that mirrors this ancestral diet.

The Paleolithic diet is a modern diet regimen that seeks to copy the diet of hunter-gatherers of the pre-agricultural era. The Paleo Diet consist of foods that can be hunted or fished, such as meat and seafood, and can be collected, such as eggs, fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables, just to name a few. Foods to be avoided include grains like wheat, corn and oats; vegetable oils and margarines; legumes like soy, peanuts, and lentils; sodas, sugar, and fruit juices; dairy products; and processed foods and preservatives.

For the most competitive athletes, however; they need to slightly bend the rules of the paleo diet. After all, they are placing demands on their bodies that our caveman ancestors never even dreamed of. High sustained energy output, followed by the need for quick recovery, requires some latitude. The latitude needed can be outlined while describing the athlete's 5 stages of eating as related to exercising.

Stage 1: Eating Before Exercising: We would like athletes to eat low to moderate “glycemic index carbohydrates” at the very least a couple of hours prior to a strenuous or long workout or race. Some fat and protein may be consumed in this meal. All foods should be low in fiber. Take in 200 to 300 calories for each hour remaining until exercise begins.

Stage 2: Eating During Exercising: If you are participating in long or hard workouts and races, taking in high “glycemic index carbohydrates” through fluids is what we recommend. Sports drinks are excellent for this. Anything that will last less than an hour you're better off just drinking water. When deciding how much to consume, 200 to 400 calories per hour is a good starting point.

Stage 3: Eating Immediately After: The first 30 minutes post workout and post race is the most critical for recovery. This should be your highest priority at the conclusion of your physical activity. As such, a recovery drink that contains both carbohydrate and protein in a 4-5: 1 ratio is recommended. 16 ounces of fruit juice with a banana, 3 to 5 tablespoons of glucose, about 3 tablespoons of protein powder, and 2 pinches of salt would be ideal.

Stage 4: Eating For Extended Recovery: For the next couple of hours continue to focus your diet on carbohydrates. This would be the time to eat non-optimal foods such as pasta, bread, bagels, rice, corn and other foods rich in glucose.This is necessary for the carbohydrate recovery process. Raisins, potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams would also be a good choice.

Stage 5: Eating For Long Term: You should return to eating a Paleo diet by focusing on optimal foods to recover for the reminder of the day.

The paleo diet is a natural, very simple way of eating that promotes dramatic health benefits and weight loss results you will never achieve from any other diet, weight loss program or fad diet you may or may not hear about. Following this diet you could have achieved the best health of your life, be in the best shape in your life, and experience more energy than ever before!

However; This diet approach is not without dispute. Some nutritionists and anthropologists suggest that this may be a fad diet. Some researchers dispute the underlying evolutionary logic. They have also disputed certain dietary recommendations and restrictions on the grounds that they provide no health benefits and may actually pose health risks.

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Good Diet Food

Good diet food is hard to come by especially with all the fake advertisements out there in today's world. Some people do not think what you eat has anything to do with losing weight or getting that nice body or the abs that you want. They think all you have to do is work hard in the gym and that is all there is to it. Those people are WRONG. The thing about dieting and eating the right foods to achieve that flat stomach for your bikini or those six pack abs for the guys is that 90% of it starts with what you eat. In fact, you could have the hardest working person in the gym, but if you do not watch what you eat, all that goes to waste.

It is not as hard as some people make it seem to choose good diet food to lose that belly fat. In fact here are some options that are not as bad as you might think.

– Taco Bell has fresco style items that have less than 180 calories.

– McDonald's Southwest salad with grilled chicken w / out dressing has only 290 calories.

– Frozen dinners. If you can find frozen dinners such as Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine with less than 550 milligrams of sodium, 5 grams of fat and no more than 400 calories than you just scored big time.

Some people have the misconception that you have to starve yourself or eat nothing but green vegetables to lose belly fat and get the flat belly for you women or if you want to reveal your six pack for you guys. Yes you can not just eat whatever and never eat any 'healthy' foods, because your body starts in the kitchen and that will never change. or “take 1 pill daily” and your belly fat will magical fall off is all a gimmick.

If you ever have seen Dr. Oz's show you know he is a very smart guy. He gave a list of 100 weight loss tips and the very first tip on there was:

– “Automate your eating by planning your meals ahead of time. That way you're less likely to make an unhealthy last-minute food choice.”

This is very important if you are trying to clean up and choose good diet food. You can not just go on a whim and go to the cabinet and get something to eat when you feel hungry, if you do that you are more likely to choose junk food instead of foods that you should be eating. I know this is extremely hard for some people, especially me, to plan out food ahead of time, but it will make it so much easier to stick to your goals for choosing to eat healthy in the first place.

Also on Dr. Oz's list was:

– “Skipping meals can cause your body to go into a fat-storing starvation mode, making it harder to burn calories.”

DO NOT skip meals, that is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. Many people think that by skipping a meal that is helping them because they do not eat the extra calories. They are wrong. You do not have to go all out and eat a buffet style lunch, but eat something whether it be just a salad or some almonds and a banana or whatever else you desire for your good diet food, just do not skip a meal entirely.

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Carb Withdrawal And How To Beat It

I've been on this diet for about a week and a half. On my diet I eat a lot of protein and a low amount of carbs. In fact, with the exception of Saturday the only carbs I eat are beans. Sugar and carbs are one of the most addictive things we eat and when you do not eat them you get withdrawal symptoms.

I'm having withdrawal symptoms. I have felt them coming on for a couple of days but today I'm very dizzy, light-headed, irritable, and antsy. It makes me just want to eat a piece of bread. I do have the desires but I'm fairly good at dealing with desires. I do not like feeling this way. If I can make it through this week and next then I'll probably be OK after that. In the past, once I got through week three I did really good.

I started researching researching way to reduce card withdrawal symptoms and what I found was fascinating.


Diet soda has been shown to increase the carb withdrawal symptoms. While diet sodas do not contain sugar, they still contain aspartame which makes our bodies crave carbs. They cause us to eat more which pretty much gives you no reason to drink these zero calorie beverages. Stick with water. Many diets will allow diet soda but in the end the cravings it causes will not be worth it.


When I was experiencing my car withdrawal symptoms it was suggested by my friend Aaron who is very knowledgeable in nutrition that cinnamon can help make the symptoms subside because it regulates insulin levels. I did some research and found that cinnamon can decrease sugar cravings by increasing insulin sensitivity. Not only that but it is shown to lower your blood levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. For this reason, cinnamon is a must for any diet.


The benefits of taking omega-3's are seemingly endless. They have been shown to increase energy levels and reduce anxiety which can help with your carb withdrawal symptoms. Omega-3's also increase brain function and help regulate your mood. Why would not you take them? I buy Fish Oil in an all natural liquid gel and take them with my meals. After you take them for a little while you will find you are more clear-headed and do not crave sugars as much.


As always, drinking plenty of water is also beneficial. When starting a new diet be sure to anticipate some level of cravings but know going in that these cravings will be gone in two to three weeks. Once you get past that point you will be on your way to a healthier happier life.

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Animal Rights Backlash and a Reason for Hope

As the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act came into law, it became clear for a lot of animal activists out there, that fighting to save animals had now become a dangerous issue. Will Potter, in his excellent book Green is the New Red: An Insider's Account of a Social Movement Under Siege , talks about how dangerous this new law is for the movement and the public at large as a Civil Liberty issue. However, the backlash that the movement has received in recent years is actually an excellent sign that things may change for the better.

As Melanie Joy explained, the “Humane Myth” is not so much bad news as it may be good news as it shows that the Vegan movement is garnishing more and more supporters and therefore the industry (with its sold out animal welfare cohorts aka the Humane Society of the United States, PETA and others) is feeling threatened.

It is there VITAL that we continue to educate, enlighten people about the Carnistic ideology which keeps everyone (animals and humans) enslaved. It has never been a better time for Veganism to spread more as the number of Vegans has doubled in the US since 2009. Vegans still make up a tiny percentage of the US population but the growth is unprecedented. The number of Vegan products found in supermarkets has never been higher. The number of Vegan restaurants has grown exponentially over the last 5 years only and the Farmer's markets are spreading all over the country as proofs that Americans are looking for a better alternative.

History shows that for every new movement to improve society, there is an equal and often stronger resistance to change and growth. You might say it is the universal law of good and evil, cause and effect, the opposite poles. However, to paraphrase Gandhi, injustice never returns and is always replaced by a human leap towards a more inclusive world. Human slavery used to be considered normal, women's submission and lack of rights also was considered normal. These inequalities still exist in parts of the world and have not disappeared but they are mostly considered unacceptable and mostly illegal by most of the world. One day, our treatment of animals will be considered as being backward as well.

We have to realize this: As more and more compassionate people adopt a Vegan diet, more and more disconnected people will perpetuate cruelty to animals because they feel threatened in their Carnistic beliefs . This is temporary but inevitable. Injustice always reaches a peak until it crumbles and makes way for higher values. We have seen it all through history. The animal rights movement follows the same pattern. Sufragettes went to prison, African Americans died to be free. Animals are still dying by the billions but their bright is getting more and more exposed and denounced.

In my school, we listen to over 100 so-called dietories theories from the worst (paleo) to the best (Barnard / veganism). I was almost nauseous from just listening to Sally Fallon (of the Weston Price Foundation) describing the so-called “traditional” diets of our ancestors and how they supposedly apply to our modern time. This rhetoric is being pushed more and more as the Carnists are feeling more and more heightened by common sense. They bring up so called proofs of our ancestor's dietary habits and ignore our biology as well as the fact that most of history has been written from one point of view (the male's) and wrongly ignores the role of women as the provider of their families. The role of “man the hunter” is mostly a myth that has been exaggerated to propagate the alleged superiority of men over women for centuries in order to silence them. The more recent research from women (and men) shows a very different picture as Jim Mason's book An Unnatural Order: Uncovering the Roots of Our Domination of Nature and Each Other and anthropologist Frank Marlowe's research demonstrate. Our ancestors were in fact at least 95% vegetarians like our closest relative the gorillas. The hair analysis that was done on the oldest man preserved in ice from millions of years ago reveals that his diet was vegan. Even Dr. John McDougall, in recent lectures and articles, has talked about the Vegan gladiators and the ancient Egyptians primary plant based diets (unlike the Egyptian royalty which ate like modern Americans and inevitably suffered from the same chronic diseases of affluence).

As I was listening to Sally Fallon describing all sorts of disgusting “foods” (fish eyes?), I was reminded that the Nazis had excused their experiments on the Jews with the same ideology which said the Jews were meant to be used and that it was normal. Considering that the Weston Price Foundation (I feel sorry for Doctor Price's good name) is heavily founded by the meat and dairy industry, it just uses myths about our ancestors to justify the meat and dairy industry book. There is nothing exceptional or remarquable about these mythologists. They just want to maintain the status quo, nothing else. John Robbins researched the longest lived populations on Earth for his book Healthy at 100: The Scientifically Proven Secrets of the World's Healthiest and Longest-Lived Peoples . He talked about the work of Dr. Price, which has been hijacked by the meat and dairy industry. What his wonderful book proves is that the people who currently live the longest are the ones who live on Vegan or near Vegan diets and have strong community and family connections.

I believe in reincarnation. I also believe that some very un-evolved souls are now back in our time to push their agendas of de-evolution. There are also more evolved souls fighting back against it with their more evolved understanding of nature and our place (and the place of the animals) in the world. What is more evolved unexpectedly will prevail because this is just the way evolution is. We have to move forward, not backward. These non-evolved souls are here to learn that they need to grow and they will not back down without imposing their brainwashing theories on the rest of us. They are currently the ones prevailing.

I see hope for the future because the more evolved souls are opening up to the truth and making the changes necessary for the human race and the animal kingdom to move on to the next level. There is no peace with war on our plates. There is no peace as long as we tolerate violence of any kind.

Let's start by eliminating violence and death from our meals. Let's keep planting seeds and educate the dark souls. They are unconsciously craving the truth and that truth scares them. Once we all get to the higher dimension, the world will release a deep breath and the Earth will stop protesting its human virus.

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The Nutrisystem Basic Plan Versus The Core Plan: What’s The Difference?

I sometimes hear from people who are confused as to what is the real difference between Nutrisystem's core and basic plans. Aside from the slight price difference, people are interested to know what might be the differences in terms of the foods offered. In the following article, I'll outline how these two plans differ. Keep in mind that the prices and offers do vary slowly depending on the promotions offered at the time. The prices stated are accurate as of this writing, but they can vary a bit depending on which plans that they are discounting at the time.

The Major Differences Between Nutrisystem's Core Plan and Basic Plan: The basic plan is this diet's most basic and cheapest plan. As of this writing, the cost is around $ 229.99 which is around $ 8.21 per day. Keep in mind that you eat five Nutrisystem meals each day over the course of a month. So this costs includes quite a bit of meals to cover that long time span. Now, with this package, you get the ready to eat meals that are not frozen. These are basically “soft canned” which means that most of the time you will prepare them with boiling water, an oven, or a microwave. Also many of the foods (like the breakfast cereal, bagels, or snacks) do not require any preparation. Right now, examples of foods on the favorites menu with this plan are things like apple cinnamon oatmeal, banana nut muffins, cheese tortellini, black beans and rice, sloppy joes, flat bread pizza, chocolate chip cookies and buttered popcorn. These are just a few examples of each meal category but hopefully you get the idea. Overall, I found the basic foods pretty decent. I do enjoy some of the frozen items, but I believe that most people are also happy with the basic line.

The core plan is slightly more expensive. As of this writing, it is $ 269.99 or about $ 9.60 per day. But you get slightly more. They include the free counseling. They also allow you to customize your order and hand pick your foods if you like. Additionally, you get expedited processing to get your order to you a little more quickly. However, probably the largest incentive to pay a little more for the core plan is that they also give you the new and popular protein shakes with this plan. You get one for each day of your monthly order, which is pretty substantial. Whatever this is worth the additional dollar per day more is going to have to be up to you. But many people feel that it is. If you go with the favorites menu, your choices are very similar to the basic plan, but with the core plan, you are able to customize your order if you wish, which can be nice especially if you have some strong favorites that you want more of.

Hopefully, this article has shown you the main differences between these two plans. As of this writing, the core plan is around $ 30 more than the basic but you do get an additional shake per day, plus the free counseling and the ability to customize your order if you wish.

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What Are The Best Dessert Options On The Medifast Diet?

I'm often asked about the sweets allowed on the Medifast diet. People are often particularly interested in which taste the best and which are the most filling or satisfying. Before I tell you my opinion, I also have to tell you that there are plenty of this diet's meals that I have eaten when I had a sweet craving or wanted a dessert. Examples of things I particularly like are the oatmeals, many of the bars, and even the pancakes. However, since most people want to know specifically about desserts, I will only be discussing items that were meant only to be desserts, with the understanding that you are not limited to only these. Many of the foods on this diet offer sweet tasting options.

My First Pick: The Chocolate Chip Soft Bake: This is a new item on the menu. It kind of has the softer and more chewy consistency of the brownie, but it tastes like a chocolate chip cookie and it is a little larger than a regular cookie and more like the size of a brownie. It's kind of hard to believe that it's only 110 calories with only 7 grams of sugar. It also contains 4 grams of fiber and 11 grams of protein. So not only does it satisfy your sweet tooth, it is also pretty filling. As of this writing, this is my favorite food that's considered a true dessert.

My Second Pick: The Soft Serve: Before Medifast introduced their soft serve ice cream, many of us used to actually freeze the shakes in order to have a sweet and cold dessert. I've even frozen them in those popsicle shaped molds with great success. However, as well as that process worked (and still does,) it's nice not to have to wait for the freezing process. Not only that, but this item has a very nice creamy texture that you just can not accomplish by freezing the shakes. It also offers some interesting flavors like coffee and peanut butter. (Combining the chocolate mint flavor with the peanut butter makes for a delightful combination.) The nutritional content for this is similar to the soft bake, which is 110 calories.

Next Up, The Brownie: I really like the brownie but I chose the chocolate chip soft bake over it because I like the fact that the soft back has a combination of a cookie and chocolate taste. The brownie is all chocolate. And while I love chocolate, I find that I usually chose this item if I am having a certain chocolate craving whereas the previous items work in most all situations. Not only is this item chocolate flavored, but it has chocolate chips too, so it's like getting a double dose.

Finally, The Puddings: The last dessert I will mention is the puddings. I actually really like them and am probably only listing them last because I have been eating them the longest. All of the above items are newer items on the menu where the pudding has been around for a while. Still, I find it an almost daily staple. It's also very flexible as I sometimes use the dry pudding mix to make other baked goods. I particularly like the banana flavor as many of the other desserts listed above do not have a banana option.

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Superfoods for a Super-Bod – Ever Wondered What Happened to Your Food’s Nutrients?

Spinach in the 1950's had 250 milligrams of Iron
Today Spinach has 2 milligrams of Iron

UGH !! Most illness comes from mineral deficiencies. So what can we do about this … no not supplements! Well for the most part most of the supplements do not digest and because they are removed from the natural fibers and other ingredients that make up their structure they really do basically … nothing.

So today we are going to talk about:

1.How to get all the nutrition you need
2.How to feel great look great and never get sick
3.How to lose weight and feel like a million bucks

All at the same time with one magic word … Superfoods!

By implementing Superfoods into your diet will also help you to more fully recognize your body's true natural healing potentials, you will have a lot less emotional highs and lows, you will fill your body with the nutrients and minerals you long for. So also, your emotional eating becomes much easier to deal with as well because your basic physiological cravings for nutrition are satisfied.

To be healthier we need to switch to a more nutritious diet. Many labels, diet products, and pills claim to be nutritious by declaring that they offer supplements the body needs to stay healthy or that they are fat free, sugar free, or low on the glycemic index. BUT no no no … we want real, organic, health foods that are born from the earth that have a more complex structure and provide more fuel for the bang!

YUP high nutrition and low calories … NATURALLY!

Fruits and vegetables are the most nutritious foods. Most people know this to some degree. However, due today's complex and over-productive farming issues, we have depleted many of our rich and nutritious soils. Some of the darker vegetables that were once rich in nutrients are now depleted of nutrition. Most people do not have the time or energy to plant their own food, so because of this, we must look further.

Usually cutting calories almost always leads to less nutrition. But this is awful, you lose your luster, your hair and skin quality, and extremely your health. We follow these low calorie diet with adding processed supplements that in large part are not compatible in our bodies. In layman's term, your body does not break down or use many of the vitamin and mineral capsules you spend a lot of money on.

You can get your nutrition from high-quality sources … through Superfoods!

“Within you is power which will astonish you. Within you are the seeds of greatness, of beauty, of discipline, of excellence, of destiny. to reach the absolutely highest possible state of health. ” ~ David Wolfe ~

So lets talk about the # 1 Superfood on the planet!

Cacao (raw chocolate) is the same ingredient in chocolate bars, but without the processing, sugar, milk, or other added ingredients. In its pure form, it's one of the most nutritious foods in the world! When you drink a cacao smoothie you:

Have less food cravings, lose weight, and live longer and more vital
Are free from lows like depression
Increase your glow and sensual pleasure
Double your energy
Nourish your brain
Increase your minerals and nutrition
Feel it as an aphrodisiac
Can make the most wonderful healthy desserts

Superfoods are a class of the most potent, super-concentrated, and highly nutrient foods. They also taste great and are easy to use. You can easily blend a batch in the morning and drink that same batch in between your meals, which you can easily do with a raw cacao smoothie.

So Super Secret # 1 start your day with a Superfood Smoothie!

Here is a simple and easy recipe:
One young coconut scoop out and fresh young coconut meat
Coconut water
scoop of your Divine Raw Cacao-Goji Mix
Blend and enjoy!

Raw Cacao and Raw Coconut water is like divine ambrosia !!!

So easy the hard part, is just opening the coconut. So go to Wholefoods and ask them to open it for you, and look for my upcoming video blog on how to do this at home!

Here are the top Superfoods you can also add to your morning Superfood Smoothie!

Goji berries
Cacao beans (cacao nibs, cacao powder, cacao butter)
Maca (regular maca, red maca)
Acai berries
Bee products: honey, bee pollen
Blue-green algae
Aloe vera
Yacon root (powder and syrup)
Hemp seed
Incan berries

Mix with coconut water and ENJOY!

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What Is Nutrisystem’s Cheapest Monthly Plan Right Now?

I often hear from people who are looking to get Nutrisystem for as cheaply as possible. Most people understand that ordering a monthly package is going to work out to be a lot cheaper than ordering the foods individually. But, when ordering one of those packages, which is the cheapest overall. To answer that question, I'll look at the current cost of several plans. But I have to make clear the cost of the plans depends on the time of year in which you are looking. Depending on the promotions running, the prices are going to change. They showcase and heavy promote different plans during different times during the year. Sometimes, the select or frozen plan will actually be near the cheapest when it is heavily discounted. Other times, the core or basic plan will be the best deal. It really just depends upon what is on special at the time.

So keep in mind the prices below are as of this writing. To keep things easy, I'll be looking at full time plans for women. Keep in mind that the men's plans are generally a bit more expensive

Right Now, The Basic Plan Costs The Least: As of this writing, the basic plan comes in as the cheapest, but only by just a little bit. The current price with auto ship is around $ 229 for the entire month. This gives you 28 days of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and desserts. This is a good place to start. Yes, you do not get the protein shakes or the frozen meals with this bare bones plan, but it does allow you some popular meals for the lowest price. In short, it's a cheap way to try out the plan and see which foods you like. However, for just a little bit more, you can upgrade the next plan which is the core plan.

The Cost Of The Core Plan Is About $ 20 More Than The Basic Plan: As of right now, the core plan is about $ 244, which is only around $ 14 more than the basic option. So why are paying extra? The premium is due to the fact that in addition to getting the 28 days worth of food, you are also getting 28 days worth of the new protein shakes. When you think about it, you're getting this for less than fifty cents per day which is pretty decent. So determining if this is going to be the best deal for you may require your asking yourself how important those shakes are to you. If you read the reviews on the Nutrisystem site, you'll see that the shakes are pretty popular and many life them very much. Some people dislike shakes and if you are one of these people, then this likely is not the plan for you. But if you think you'd make good use of the shakes, then I think that $ 14 is a nominal price to pay for access to them.

The Select Plan Is Typically The Most Expensive With Rare Exceptions: Typically, the select plan is going to cost the most because it gives you access to the frozen or gourmet foods. You also get access to the new “chef's table” entrĂ©es which have become quite popular. Plus, you get the same protein shakes that you would get on the core plan. As of this writing, the select plan costs about $ 309. So as you can see, there is a premium for this. It is about $ 70 more than the basic plan. Some people feel that it is worth it and some do not. I will say that some of the frozen items are just delicious. Examples are the French toast and the ice cream sundae. But some of my favorite meals come from the basic line as well like the pizza. Some people upgrade to the select line after they have started with the basic. And some chose the select line when it is heavily discounted. Sometimes, it is priced to where it really is not much more expensive than the regular plans.

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The Dangers of Weighing Yourself Each and Everyday

I have been working in the fitness industry for a long time and I have found that there are literally hundreds of people who weigh themselves every single morning.

Although this is a great habit to get into, there are 2 negative aspects associated with weighing yourself each morning and if you are aware of these you will be able to maintain your weight a lot easier.

The first problem many people have is yo-yo dieting. Many people wake up and weigh themselves first thing in the morning, if they are unusually light they tend to choose unhealthy foods all day as a reward for being light that morning. Then a few days later these people weigh themselves again and may be very heavy resulting in them either skipping a few meals or hopefully choosing healthy food options. If this continues to happen on a weekly basis then the person's weight will yo-yo up and down. This is simply due to the fact that the person's diet is all over the place and they are not eating a balanced diet.

Therefore, it is important to include healthy food options on an everyday basis opposed to a meal to meal basis.

The other problem with weighing yourself in the morning is the simple fact that you are dehydrated. The reading you are getting in the morning is a dehydrated reading because you probably have not had anything to drink all night. It is important to take this into consideration if you are recording your weight in a diary etc.

I believe the best thing to do is to get your skin fold checked by a qualified professional once every month. A skin fold reading is done using a set of calipers. The fitness professional will pinch a layer of fat at seven sites around the body. They then record the numbers and tell you how much body fat you have. Although results vary depending on who does your test over time you will be able to see an average result.

If you do not have access to someone who knows how to measure your skin folds then simply look at how your clothes fit. If you have gone down a few belt sizes or your work shirts are a bit looser than they usually are then you know you have lost (or put on) some weight.

In the end, a healthy lifestyle, good eating habits and consistent physical activity will help keep you fit and healthy forgiving life your best shot.

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Flexitarian: The New Vegetarian?

I love meat. I am a recovering carnivore in fact. T-bone Steak, leg of Lamb, Pork belly, you name it. I once had a clandestine relationship with Duck and I had a recurring fantasy about Bear burgers. Yes I'm a flexible, which means I do not see much of these old friends anymore. Perhaps you're not familiar with what a flexitarian is. A flexitarian lives in the middle ground between omnivore and vegetarian. Diet is a spectrum from carnivore on the far left, followed by omnivore, flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan on the far right. A flexitarian is the diet centrist in the world of culinary extremes; from fast-food obsession to so-called “cleanse” dieting, flexitarians are the moderate of the bunch.

Contrary to the claims of some vegetarian friends of mine, humans actually are designed to eat meat. We descend from apes (omnivores) and through history most societies have relied on meat and fish protein for at least a portion of their dietary needs. Meat is also a source of complete protein which is more difficult to get from vegetable sources. Nowadays though it's easy to lose sight of how much meat we were designed to eat versus how much meat we currently eat. We were designed to eat meat – even the red stuff – but not twice or thrice a day, every day. Up until the twenty century when industrial farming began to dominate our food chain, for most family's meat was served typically in smaller portions and considered something of an indulgence. Through much of human history meat has been a luxury for most.

As a former weight-lifter afflicted with protein-neurosis, turning flexitarian was no easy chore. I had been conditioned to picture a meal as a big piece of meat followed by carbs and then some veges on the side, but only if I had room. Realizing that I could make a perfectly satisfying and delicious meal without meat as the star took some time. I actually had to learn what “satisfied” felt like. Until a year ago my stomach knew only two states, starving and stuffed. What began to change my perspective was the brilliantly readable and concise book In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. “Eat Food, not much, and mostly plants” is his simple and elegant dictum which cuts through the confusion and sometimes deliberate obfuscation of nutritional science.

Eat food (as in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, fish, etc.) defined as anything that is actually a whole food from a farm. Not a “product” that comes from a factory. Not too much, because anything can be unhealthy in excess. And eat mostly plants, this is the one many people might find strange. The essence of it is that we in North America eat too many meats and seeds (grains in bread, pasta, etc.) and not enough leaves (non-starchy vegetables). Think of meat as a side dish.

Consuming smaller portions of meat means you can afford to put better quality meat on your plate. I've also found that being a flexitary has proven to be less expensive in general. It pretty much takes fast-food out of the equation, and meat is usually the most expensive part of a grocery bill.

Being a flexitarian has so far proved a surprising journey. As a rule I only eat red meat only once in a blue moon, but to my great surprise I do not miss it. Cooking with less meat has given me reason to pay more attention to the flavors I put on my plate and forced me to broaden my culinary horizons. I've discovered lots of great new vegetables like Bok Choy and Swiss Chard, and new flavors like Ginger and Chilies. So how much meat does a flexible eat? As it turns out about 4-5 servings per week, or a little less than once per day. A serving of meat these days is about 4-6oz of chicken or fish, a big change from my carnivore days.

I feel different being a flexible, I feel lighter and leaner most of the time. I'll admit that in addition to being a recovering carnivore I'm a serious eater. I truly loved the act of eating and was initially afraid that cutting way back on the amount of meat I ate would leave me feeling hungry and unsatisfied. So you can imagine how happy I was to discover that when I make a spicey Basmati rice pilaf with tons of veges, nuts and herbs (for example) I can really load up without feeling like a greasy spoon afterwards. I also find that steering clear of red meat allows me to use a lot more butter and olive oil without gaining any unwanted weight (something I'm good at).

Anybody who knew me two years ago would have laughed out loud at the thought of me giving up red meat, making vegetarian sandwiches or getting two meals out of a chicken breast. What can I say, I would have laughed myself. Yet here I am almost a year in and I've never felt better. I still love meat, but in moderation. Red meat is my fine wine, to be enjoyed on special occasions. It was easy to start, I just cut back a little one meal at a time, throwing in vegetarian days every time in a while, and sooner than I realized I started gathering momentum. Pretty soon I was looking forward to vegetarian stir-fry's and sandwiches.

I do not know how many fellow flexitarians there are out there, but the club is definitely growing. It's part of the modern urban package of running, yoga and green tea. Never in my wildest dreams did I see myself sit down willingly to a vegetarian stir-fry. Then again I never pictureed myself doing yoga either, until I tried it. I love meat, and I'm a flexitarian.

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3 Pillars of a True Idiot Proof Diet

The fitness industry continues to churn out miracle diets and all of them are crazy. People for whatever reason continue to subscribe to what will always get them injured, or back to over eating and gaining weight because it's just too hard to follow the script on some of the more restrictive diet plans that are gaining steam in the public eye. With so many options to choose from, it is important to at least have the following 3 pillars of a true idiot proof diet in your mind, so that you're not another victim of a lackluster plan that will have you starving instead of enjoying life and losing weight at the same time.

Exercise – The dreaded word is something that a lot of people are not going to want hear or read. But this is not a call for you to be the next Lance Armstrong or anything like that. If you think that you have to run a marathon in order to get this done, stop panicking right now. You do not have to be a pure bred athlete and you do not need to be a professional, but if you simply walk, you can start to move forward fast. The very least you can do is get up, walk around 15 to 30 minutes daily. This is an easy thing to do, and you can start with increments of 5 minutes, and then build up over time.

Food – This is not the enemy at all, and you need to remember that. Do not under any circumstances stipulate to the notification that you can not eat as you please. There are some foods that are not good for you, but these are going to be obvious. For example, consider the fact that deep fried butter or something that is larger than your head is probably not something that you should be eating on a regular basis. Keep that in mind, and do not allow yourself to eat a thimble full of water to survive. This is not to say that you can eat whatever you want; just do not take it to an extreme, which will be a mistake.

Drinking Calories – If you've given up eating a lot, and are on your way to weight loss, do not drink a lot of calories. That means you do not need to drink a gallon of soda. That's not to say that you can not drink soda, just do not over do it. Soda is not the enemy either, just be careful here, as it can be a lot easier to drink your daily allotment of calories and not feel like you have.

The above 3 pillars of an idiot proof plan of action is solid, and will keep you moving forward with relative ease. Do not go with extremes, always look for balance, and you'll succeed in your plan to lose weight and gain lean muscle.

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Juice Cleanses: Fad or Truth?

Is a juice cleanse the answer? With the number of celebrity endorsers stating that they maintain their stick thin figures by using a combination of juice cleanses and fasting, the average person may feel like this is the answer to those extra pounds that never seem to come off. But is it?

Juice cleanses involve replacing solid food with juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables for a period of time. This form of detoxification diet is rapidly becoming more and more popular and is often touted as an easy fix.

People have been fasting and cleansing for as long as there have been civilizations, usually for religious regions. Hatha Yoga recommends a few days of fasting per month, where the yogi only consumes very little water while meditating and resting. Juice cleanses have been touted as the health solution due to a large intake of fruit and vegetables and their vitamins and minerals. Keep in mind that the health benefits have not yet been proven.

The Pros

Juice cleanses can help kick start a weight loss plan and encourage healthy eating habits. It is a relatively easy diet because the recommended fruits and vegetables are easy to find, no matter where you live. They are available at the local supermarket.

Many cleanser advocate cutting down on food even before starting the diet and generally put an emphasis on healthy eating. They recommend cutting down on sugar, caffeine and animal products at least two weeks before the fast and gradually moving to a more vegetarian-style diet.

Combining fruits and vegetables ups your antioxidant intake. Since most cleanses recommend using organic fruit, this also reduces the amount of pesticides you consume. Juice cleanses also recommend drinking large amounts of water (6 glasses) per day. The combination of this can keep a person feeling full, which can prevent binging and craving.

The reduced caloric intake (cleanses recommend that you consume the juice gradually through the day in 2 to 4 ounce doses) will definitely help you shed pounds. If combined with colon cleanses, you may end up shedding 10 to 15 pounds a week.

The Cons

In some extreme cases, juice cleanses can be accompanied by enemas or colon cleanses to clear out the intestines. Extreme juice cleanses that last for long periods of time can lead to loss of muscle tone due to the lack of protein as well as a marked decrease in metabolic speed. Sudden weight loss can also lead to ketosis, a metabolic imbalance that can lead to fatigue and dizziness.

Individuals who may be trying a juice detox diet for the first time can experience dizziness and fatigue, headaches and sudden acid reflux, especially if too many citrus fruits are consumed during the course of the cleanse. Bad breath is surprisingly another common side effect. If you eat too much solid food too suddenly after a cleanse, the body may “rebound” and you will end up gaining back all those hard earned pounds.

People with health a condition like diabetes should avoid juice cleanses because of the large intake of fructose (simplified sugar). They may, however, reduce the amount of fruit and focus more on vegetables.


Before embarking on any diet, make sure to consult your physician about the type of action you want to take. Be wary of “fad” juice cleanses that tell you to invest your money in miracle juices. Done correctly, a juice fast may be beneficial but it is not for everyone.

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Three Types Of Cleanses And What They Can Do For Your Body

Today, cleansing and detox methods are popular due to their health benefits. Three of the most popular include nutritional cleansing, colon cleansing and the Master Cleanse.

Nutritional Cleansing

Among the cleansing methods, some people consider nutritional cleansing as the best natural cleansing method available. They claim that it makes them healthier, cleaner and more energetic. Advocates of nutritional cleaning also claim that it is a good method of reaching an ideal weight. But, what does colon cleansing do?

This cleaning method removes the impurities from your system and nourishes your body with essential nutrients for immediate recovery. It utilizes vitamins, minerals and natural herbs that enable your body to build resistance against diseases. Because it helps your body eliminate harmful substances that cause illness, it cleanses and revitalises you, gives you more energy and allows your body to be more efficient than it was prior to natural cleansing.

What Happens During Nutritional Cleansing?

Three things happen during nutritional cleansing:

  1. Toxins are flushed out of the body
  2. The good nutrients are absorbed by the body
  3. The body is nourished with the nutrients used during nutritional cleansing

Common Ingredients of Nutritional Cleansing

The nutritional cleanse method combines the following ingredients in balanced amounts to achieve the best results:

  • Alfalfa
  • Aloe
  • Burdock
  • Choice of minerals and trace elements
  • Ginger
  • Selected roots and plants

Colon Cleanse

A colon cleansse removes harmful substances from the body through a colon cleansing process which targets the colon, kidneys, liver and other organs. Because impurities and toxins are removed, the body can function effectively.

Colon cleansing is based on the belief that the body fails to digest meat or certain foods properly causing autointoxication which is believed to be caused when accumulations of faeces line the walls of the large intestine and promot parasites or pathogenic gut flora, causing negative symptoms general ill -health. Consequently, the body is poisoned due to the toxins that enter the blood. Symptoms of autointoxication include, fatigue, low-energy, gain gain, and headache.

Autointoxication is caused when toxins enter the body due to modern lifestyles that oftentimes involve high levels of stress and unhealthy food choices.

Beneficial Effects of Colon Cleansing

A colonic colon cleanse may result in the disappearance of problems in your digestive system such as bloating, candida, IBS and constipation. Most people report that they feel better after a colon cleanse and certainly have better functioning organs.

The Master Cleanse

This type of cleansing is also known as the “lemonade diet”. It was postulated by Stanley Burroughs in 1940s.

The Master Cleanse is known to relate the following:

  • Gout
  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Symptoms of arthritis

Many people report that the Master Cleanse is hard to follow due to its dietary restrictions. However, people who are determined to follow this diet use it for a minimum of 4 days and a maximum of 2 weeks. It should be noted that if you want to eliminate fat, this may not be the right detox diet for you as the Master Cleanse aims to cleanse the body and promote weight loss due to water and fluid retention.

As with any nutritional cleansing program or body detox diet, always consult with your health practitioner first to discuss which approach may be most beneficial for your particular health goals and needs.

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