Arthritis Diet – Prevent Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Arthritis can be of two types: Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the condition that occurs due to aging and it results in pain in the joints. People who are overweight are at a higher risk of suffering from joints disorders. Another condition called Rheumatoid arthritis can result in swelling in the joints and it can cause pain.

It may happen that after taking up a meal you feel pain in the joints and it has been found in various studies that proteins attacks certain foreign bodies present in the body but sometimes protein particles attack friendly bodies due to miscommunication. It is found that the intestine of people suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis have higher amount of antibodies that comes from the food products such as cow's milk, egg, pork, codfish and cereals.

To prevent arthritis one should monitor the diet and try to find out which particular diet is aggravating the condition. The various diets prescribed for arthritis by doctors has been contradictory. Some people were favored by shifting from non vegetarian to vegetarian food and there are certain food products which can cause allergies and intolerance. Sometimes the effect is visible immediately on taking such diet. One should try to eliminate it from the diet.

There are certain food products which can be eliminated or included in the diet such as:

Sunflower oil and corn oils can be replaced by olive and canola for cooking.

Cod liver oil supplements can be taken. It is assumed that omega 6 fatty acids can cause inflammation but omega 3 fatty acid reduces inflammation and therefore, it can be taken.

Reduce intake of milk and dairy products and observe the changes.

Eliminate beef and pork from diet as it can aggravate the condition.

Include anti inflammatory herbs such as turmeric and ginger.

Increase intake of unsalted nuts which contain a good amount of vitamin E.

Certain vegetables can cause the problem such as potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes and capsicum.

Baked food and food containing a good amount of saturated fat should be eliminated from diet.

Food product low in carbohydrates and starch should be taken. One can eliminate wheat and cereals from diet and observe the changes.

Although there are no studies to support the claims but it is assumed that alkaline diet should be taken to prevent both Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. It is assumed that the condition is caused by excess intake of certain acids and one should eliminate food products such as coffee, sugar and citrus fruits from diet.

It is advised to reduce weight if one is overweight to ease pressure on the joints and research has been done to prove that vegetarian diet showed improvement in condition of people in four weeks. The follow ups indicated that the effect was visible even after one and two years.

Green tea is effective in the condition. It can be taken three to four times in a day. Even raisins and grapes have a good amount of anti inflammatory properties. It can be taken in regulated quantities.

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Raw Food Diet – Getting Started

The raw food diet has been getting quite a surge in popularity recently, and with good reason considering this diet-lifestyle can help with a large number of issues. From weight-loss to chronic illness, eating primarily raw is proving more and more to be veryly beneficial. However, even with this good reputation, few people are comfortable actually starting this diet for a variety of reasons. The method I use to help people get started is explained below; maybe you can use it to help you get started on your healthy raw journey too.

The first step is to start adding more raw foods into your diet. This can be very easy if you start with something simple like fresh fruit or smoothies. I like to start off with smoothies because you can add green leafy vegetables to them easily without changing their taste much. Greens are the number one missing item in our diet these days and can work wonders on our health if we just find ways to consistently get them in our bodies. One of my favorite smoothies is quite simple: 2 bananas and 2 talenteds of baby spinach, add enough water to blend it all up and enjoy!

The next thing I like to work on is familiarizing yourself with a couple of really delicious raw food recipes that you love. Get to where you can make them quickly and easily, that way when a craving strikes you have something to combat it with. One thing that got me through my first raw trial was knowing how to make some delicious raw desserts. It is hard to feel like you are being restricted by your diet choices if you are eating dessert every day!

One last thing that I feel is very important in the beginning of this change in your diet is finding some support. Whether it is friends, family, or a trained coach, it helps to have someone to talk to about all the changes you may experience and to give you support if things get a little rough for you.

Adding more raw foods in your life can be simple and fun. Just keep experimenting with your favorite fresh foods and new raw recipes. You will start to see improvements pretty quickly and that will give you the motivation you need to keep adding more raw foods every day. Before you know it, you will be eating almost all raw diet and feeling great!

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Here’s a Quick Way To Get Fit With This Diet Plan To Build Muscle

In order to build muscle you must consume more calories in a day than your body will use. Although you will be consuming more calories than your body needs, you will be building protein rather than fat.

Your diet should be 20% to 30% protein. It is suggested that you eat every 2-3 hours or 6 times per day. Some high protein foods include:

  • Chicken breast
  • Venison
  • Round steak
  • Scallops
  • Sirloin steak
  • Lean ham
  • Pork tenderloin
  • Low fat milk
  • Lean turkey
  • Low fat cottage cheese
  • Turkey breasts
  • Low fat cheddar cheese
  • Whey
  • Egg whites

You must also provide the fuel your body needs to build muscle. This comes in the form of carbohydrates. Your muscle building diet should consist of 55% to 65% carbs.

  • Here is a partial list of quality carbohydrates:
  • Whole wheat breads
  • Oatmeal
  • Whole wheat bagels
  • Cream of wheat
  • English muffin
  • Mushrooms
  • Whole wheat pitas
  • Cucumber
  • Rye bread
  • Granola
  • Baked potatoes
  • Whole grain cereals
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Spinach
  • Rice
  • Zucchini

While you need to keep fat at 15% to 25% of your diet, you do not want to cut fat from your diet completely.The fat provides fuel, insulation, essential fatty acids and building blocks for cell membranes.

Always consume natural fats and avoid unnatural fats such as trans fats.

An example of a good muscle building menu is:

  • Breakfast – 3/4 cup bowl of oatmeal cooked with two cups of milk, mixed with 7 egg whites and two tablespoons of raisins. two pieces of toast with a little light butter and one cup of orange juice and one multi-vitamin.
  • Snack – Protein drink
  • Lunch – 1 medium sized chicken breast with 1 cup of mixed veggies and 3/4 cup of brown rice
  • Snack – 1 banana with 1 one cup of milk. 1 half cup of Brazilian nuts
  • Dinner – 5-ounce steak with 1 potato and 1 cup of steamed broccoli
  • Snack – Weight gain shake
  • Before bed – Fruit salad with 1 cup of milk and some nuts

In order for a diet like this to work for you, you must have the discipline to give up a lot of things such as alcohol; colas and junk food. At least limit these to no more than once a week. You must stick to this diet and continue you daily exercise regimen. This diet might need a little tweaking to get it to fit your needs as no two people are alike in their nutritional needs. This is however a basis for anyone desiring to build muscle through diet and exercise.

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Here’s a Quick Way to Burn Fat and Build Muscle With This Diet

Perhaps just as important as what is ateen, meal timing is essential for a burn fat build muscle diet. While the proper foods are important, eating at the wrong times can be detrimental to achieving the aesthetic goals of body composition. Following a few simple rules can mean all the difference between reaching perfection and just reaching.

Fueling up the body first thing in the morning is absolutely crucial. The fast body experiences during sleep must be ended as quickly as possible upon rising. This ensures nutrients are replenished and the brain, muscles, and blood gain a fresh supply of energy to begin daily activity proficiently. After the first meal, eating on a pre-set schedule can reap major rewards for both building muscle and shedding unwanted fat.

Many experts recommend eating lighter more often for increasing metabolism and including the body is properly fueled at all times. Provided it is feasible, an ideal diet of this kind will entail eating every three hours for optimum results. This keeps the body energized, forces the digestive system to work more frequently, and eliminates the starvation factor. All of these things mean an efficient fat-burning metabolism, while also providing the essential nutrients muscles need to maximize strength and size.

Another fantastic advantage of timing food intake is the planning it requires. It does not have to mean hours upon hours of preparation, but knowing the needs of the schedule means taking enough food to work, school, or anywhere else, to not miss important mealtimes. Planning ahead takes away the peaks and valleys of hunger, allowing for maximum energy at all times of the day.

For muscle building emphasis, it is essential to eat soon after exercise. Regardless of the duration or type of exercise, this snack or meal is too critical to miss. Likewise, creating a furnace that blasts away fat deposits, it is important to eat the last meal of the day 2-3 hours before retiring. This helps with making sure digestion is complete and no excess will be stored while sleeping.

The timing of dietary intake is just as important as eating nutritiously. Proper scheduling can make a good diet great. Improper timing can make even eating good foods less than beneficial. For a perfect burn fat build muscle diet, it is imperative to understand what huge impact timing has on reaching the ultimate goal of a lean muscular body.

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Here’s a Quick Way To Build Muscle and Burn Fat With This Awesome Diet!

Summertime is here and it's time to get that body of yours into shape. With a high volume of flab inducing fad diets out there it becomes imperative to find a good nutritional plan to follow.

The build muscle burn fat diet is simple. The only way to lose weight is to burn more calories in a day then you take in. The build muscle burn fat diet is centered around a healthy lifestyle and eating enough protein to build and protect your muscles and hard earned gains.

Protein in Greek means of prime importance. If you really want to get ripped it is imperative to eat at least 0.25 grams of protein per lb of bodyweight. If you are working out at high intensity then you can increase that up to 1 gram of protein a day per lb of bodyweight. Top level athletes and bodybuilders in some cases consume up to 2 grams a day per lb. This basis is the foundation of your build muscle burn fat diet. Remember how hard you are working out. Without adequate protein intake and consent protein take you are wasting a big chunk of effort. If you are not getting enough protein but are working out as hard as you can, you are making your life extremely tough.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor with protein supplements taken immediately after each workout. To achieve the ultimate body you must drink adequate amounts of water. 100 ounces a day minimum is a great place to start. The build muscle burn fat diet after that is mostly common sense. Think of it as an overall lifestyle change and start to consistently make better choices. For the most part we humans know what we are doing wrong. We know about the chips, ice-cream, beer, and fried foods dilemma. Incorporating healthy habits in your physical world and nutritional world will help fortify your future. It's OK to eat a little junk food here and there as long as you are phasing it out and extremely moving towards a healthy balanced way of living

The great thing about the build muscle burn fat diet is how much you are able to eat once you are active. Once your body is passively burning calories all day to keep your muscles alive and recoup you will notice a larger freedom in what you can get away with eating. Stay committed and experience results.

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Getting Started With a Prasouda Diet

The Prasouda Diet is among the finest eating plans out there since it is based on the ways of eating of many individuals that retreat in Mediterranean towns in the area. There is less stress when sticking with this specific diet plan because it is significantly less about reducing certain foods and much more with regards to adjusting your lifestyle. These suggestions will assist you to get started with the Prasouda Diet.

The very first thing you need to do is look for a certain meal plan which is developed around the Prasouda diet. You can take a look in your bookstore for a lot of superb diet publications in regards to this diet. The favorable ways of eating which are encouraged in this meal plan help to replace the bad behavior which made you gain excess weight in the first place. Within the meal plan, check out which kinds of foods you like more along with which you like least. Some individuals may want fish more than chicken, and then for other folks, the exact opposite is true. Make sure to select a variety of breakfast cereals, veggies and also yoghurt, which will make up most of this diet plan. When you include a large amount of variety, you make sure that you do not get fed up of what you are ingesting.

Have a look at the Mediterranean Diet Chart as it provides you with a very good analysis of precisely what types of food items you are able to take in and exactly how often you may eat them inside your Prasouda Diet. This diet plan features a large amount of essential olive oil, nut products, cheese, fresh fruits, yoghurt, veggies, pasta, whole grains and brown rice which are taken every day. Furthermore, ensure that you consume no less than 6-8 servings of water each day to remain replenished with water and give your system the water it needs to detoxify. Wine beverages, meats and eggs may be consumed sparingly, which help to alleviate the stress associated with various other dietary fads that prevent a major of these items.

Once you decide your meal plan in one to two week periods, it will make your shopping list much easier, because you will not be over-purchasing items which you do not typically consume (including eggs and also meats) and may make sure you have adequate of the regular products for the diet program (like nut products, bread, rice, grains and yoghurt). Since you will end up consuming more fish and chicken, you may also spend less on your food items by buying in large quantities, effectively lowering your expenses across the several weeks.

The Prasouda Diet, also referred to as basically Mediterranean Cuisine since it is more a way of life, shows that you keep to eating 3 meals a day, and eat 2 snack food items each day, among your meals. This will keep your bloodstream sugar ranges up and lower your meal cravings that make you gorge when it comes to dinner time.

The reason why this diet is effective is mainly because it is generally reduced in fat, does not contain much undesirable fatty acids, is full of healthy food items that are rich in anti-oxidants, consuming plenty of water, utilizes honey as an alternative to sugar along with allows for wine beverages that is beneficial to your heart. Every one of these things are verified to help people lose weight and help you stay healthy because all your foods are fresh and full of vitamins and minerals.

Finally, ensure that you have some fun cooking for the Prasouda Diet and make innovative dishes often. At times you will not really know what you want to eat until finally you've tried out many items. This is really a delightful way to alter the way you look and make sure you're eating healthy. Combine these meals with average daily workout and this diet plan will encourage you to get slimmer and get into fantastic shape.

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How To Target Belly Fat – Proven Plan Loses 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks

If you are dieting to lose belly fat and have experienced less than spectacular results do not feel too bad. You may have lost a few pounds dieting but no luck losing the belly fat that dove you to diet in the first place.If you really want to know how to target belly fat and lose it long this article will show you how to burn at least 10 pounds of pure fat in 14 days.

If you follow the advice in this article your body will re program itself to burn “fat” not just lose weight (water, lean muscle or waste), and you'll automatically be targeting “fat” in the belly area first. Great news is this system does not rely on gut wrenching “will power”, in other words, this fat burn process is not painful.

That being said … first a little about why standard diets are bad for fat loss …

Dieting and Fat Loss

A typical “diet” is a poor way to really burn fat for several reasons. Dieting means in the major cases, restricting calories, eating less. Fat burning requires your metabolism to be in high gear, which means you will have to be eating more … lots of food! Obviously there is way more to it than that because it's the specific “quality 'of the food you consume more so than” quantity “of calories that leads to effective fat burning.

Starvation Diets Keep You Fat

When you restrict calories your metabolism slows way, way down, you are starving yourself and keeping “fat”. This is a natural physiological survival reaction. Like an animal hibernating storing up fat for a long winter sleep, your body not knowing when it will get enough food stores fat as a future energy source.

So if you are restricting calories you may be feeling tired and in a daze, and to add insult to injury your waistline has not shrunk a bit. You also may not feel as strong as your muscle mass is slowly diminishing; Obviously not the “look” you are going for …

How to Target Belly Fat

You want to target the fat around your belly, right?

Well … first you need to control blood sugar! This may seem odd but it's the root cause of gaining and losing fat around your waist or anywhere else. Spiking blood sugar causes you to produce the hormone insulin. While insulin is present your system you absolutely will not burn stubborn fat cells from your belly or anywhere else.

Like most of us who randomly and routinely eat the wrong foods we eat way too much sugar, high fructose corn syrup and simple carbs which keep blood sugar spiking and insulin surging. Think about all the sugar and hidden sugar you consume daily. How about all the white flour products? Try totally eliminating them for 2 weeks.

Yes, eliminate all sugar, hidden sugar and white flour for two weeks and see what good things happen. First your blood sugar will totally stabilize, and appetite will be much more under control. No cravings or mind fog.

Your body will start burning “fat” cells for energy instead of relying on the surplus of glucose from all the sugar and useless fat producing carbs you have been steadily eating.

So What Do You Eat To Burn Fat?

Learning about all the amazing foods that keep your blood sugar stable is critical. It's an important piece in the puzzle in learning how to target belly fat.

The problem is this is where you may need the MOST help. Keeping variety takes a little planning but is well worth the effort. If you plan correctly you will completely eliminate all the old dieting roadblocks you have had in the past. The video below shows you step by step how to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks by choosing the fat burning foods you need.

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The Dukan Diet Fast Weight Loss Program – Read This If You’re On The Fence

The Dukan diet is hot news, there are many people proclaiming the diet as their weight loss savior and there are others panning the diet regimen as a fad and flash in the pan. Well, as far as flash in the pan goes, I do not care about the 10 year history of the fast weight loss plan, nor do I give a fig about the tens of thousands evangelizing the Dukan. I have a year of experience myself and I have the combined testimony of 1000s of people on our Dukan diet dairy forum all standing by the diet and providing evidence that yes, this rule does work. All I care about is genuine people, honestly sharing their Dukan dieting experiences.

And in this spirit, I'd like to share some experiences myself. There has been some criticism that people who lose weight on the Dukan diet put weight back on. Well, hello, welcome to the real world. There are people who go on diets, who successfully lose weight and then go back to their old ways and, inevitably, the weight comes back. What's wrong with this?

I'll tell you what's wrong with this … nothing!

It makes me wonder what planet these critics of the Dukan diet are on when they lay into people who lost weight on the Dukan diet but then put some weight back on. This can happen to anyone. Sometimes, for some people, events and circumstances take precedence and you know what? The diet sometimes does not seem so important. And Amen to that.

I've always, from the first post on this Dukan diet dairy to this post, maintained that if your diet solution is making you miserable, or if your weight suddenly is not the most important thing in your life, then make a change. I've met enough wonderful and beautiful people who are, what our society calls, overweight, which I've respected and valued that I know for sure that size and shape matters little when it comes to assessing a person's worth. I've also met people for whatever their weight and shape makes them miserable and they want to change.

For the people who want to change … and only to them and for the sole reason that they want to change, I recommend the Dukan diet. Why? Because, it is the quickest, easiest and most life-changing weight loss solution I have ever experienced.

If you want to lose weight – like I wanted to lose weight when I was 30lbs heavier than I felt happy with – then the Dukan diet must be a candidate for consideration.

Critics of the diet claim that it is not balanced. My answer to that? If you're overweight, if you're living off fast food, snacks, chocolate and sweets – how balanced is your diet right now? The Dukan diet introduces vegetables and then fruits, whole wheat exports and oat bran in a way than makes these ingredients warmly anticipated and looked forward to. Before I went on the Dukan diet, I hated and avoided all fruit and vegetables. Now these foods are a cherished part of my weekly menu.

Being overweight most of my adult life, I flitted from diet to diet either never losing any significant weight or losing 30 lbs and then putting it all back on again within weeks of ending the diet.

The Dukan Diet is not like this. Why? Well I believe that the reason that this diet is different is because the Dukan diet, unlike other diets, teachings you to appreciate, enjoy and look forward to healthy fruits and vegetables.

I thought I was a hopeless case. In my thirties and set in my ways. I knew what foods I liked and wanted and nothing was going to change this. In fact, I felt hopeless. I thought that this was the way I was and increasing weight gain was going to be an inevitable aspect of my life.

Well I was wrong!

And I thank goodness I discovered the Dukan diet.

The Dukan diet changed the way I think about food – for the better – and it was this change that enabled me to lose weight, and keep the weight off, so easily. I bought the official book, for less than I previously spent on one meal at McDonalds, KFC, or Burger King, and followed the plan. Within the first few days I was visibly losing weight without feeling hunger. This was the easiest and quickest diet I had ever been on!

But the biggest surprise for me was my anticipation – the way I looked forward to – healthy and nutritious vegetables. And this was not because I was hungry! Far from it. Before starting this diet, I used to wake not feeling hungry only to feel starving a hour or so later. For the rest of the day, all I could think about was food. By the end of the day I'd eat so much I felt stuffed and bloated. I was plagued with the symptoms of over-indulgence – heartburn, indigestion and bloatedness.

Within a day or so of beginning the diet I'd not only said goodbye to these incomplete symptoms but I've lost those powerful food-cravings that made my life so miserable.

I learned to appreciate what I was putting into my mouth and my taste-buds started over. Within a couple of weeks eating healthy and nutritious food was not some far-off hope but a daily reality.

I believe that the success of the Dukan diet is purely down to results. The way this regime works is simple, although some seem to believe it is some kind of diet 'magic'. The high protein content and low carbohydrates make the body feel full and satisfied quicker. The typical Western diet, it seems to me, is full of fat and carbs, two things that increase appetite rather than satisfy it – why do you think restaurants offer fatty snacks like peanuts to encourage the appetite?

With the appetite naturally suppressed, I believe we have a chance to stop and think about what we're eating without constantly craving those delicious but deadly sweet and fatty snacks.

The Dukan diet is a fast weight loss diet. This means that people should notice that you've lost weight within days of beginning the time. What better motivation to keep on going than the thought of what you've already accomplished?

I used to easily give up diets after a few weeks simply because I was craving food and could not see that I actually actually accomplished anything by starving myself! In fact you gain nothing by starving yourself. Any weight you initially lose will always be put back on. This diet is not a starvation diet – you can eat as much as you want while following the Dukan rule! Even while eating until you feel like stopping, if you follow this diet, you'll be losing weight. And the weight loss should be quick! Imagine being 3 weeks into a new diet, with friends and acquaintances already complimenting you on your obvious weight loss! How easily would you give that achievement up?

The Dukan diet is not a miracle diet. Nor is it some magical weight loss program that guarantees you'll shed with pounds with no effort. But in my opinion, and the opinion of hundreds of people using our forum alone, the Dukan diet is the easiest, quickest and most satisfying weight loss program currently out there.

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Is The Lemon Detox Diet Really Worth It?

One of the latest crazes is the lemon detox diet, and often times when anyone hears about a new diet they will rush out and give it a go without even checking the basics or the undering theory of the diet itself. Neverheless the fact that you may be looking to detox is surely a good thing in itself.

The popularity of detox diets has increased from late, based upon the fact that many believe the food and drinks that we consume in modern day times is not really comparable with foodstuffs and consumable products of the past. This includes the addition of chemically enhanced flavorants, colorants and the like, which is held within the reported negative effects of dyes contained within foods and drinks such as that of Sudan Red, which created something of a stir a couple of years back when millions of products were recalled and rolled off retailers' shelves. Although this was an isolated example there are a number of issues that come into play motivating people to consider detoxification with the lemon detox diet, among others.

The foundation of the lemon detox diet lies within a number of traits of the undering ingredients found within the specific diet. However there are two key focus areas with this specific diet being that of detox and weight loss, allowing for a dual approach in healthy living. Personal research reveals that the lemon detox diet primarily consist of freshly squeezed lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper and palm tree syrup; which in turn reveals the truly natural make up of the diet. Lemons are a well-known constituent of anyone's intake of specifically vitamin C, among other value added vitamins; whilst water has certainly always had a great reputation in hydrating the body and flushing out the build up of unwanted free radicals and other potentially damaging items within our bodies. The cayenne pepper is also rich in a number of vitamins, especially vitamin A as well as potassium and manganese and therefore a value-added ingredient of the lemon detox diet. The specific diet is largely focused upon the intake of the mentioned liquids and ingredients and aims to increase metabolism and cleanse the body from within.

As with many other diets the lemon detox diet has become immensely popular with many folks expecting miracle results overnight. This may not necessarily be the case, however a little common sense and analysis of the above described ingredients suggests that the intake of these ingredients would in all likelihood provide excellent benefits, based upon the fact that there are natural ingredients and not chemically formulated or manufactured . However when one is uncertain about a specific diet or dietary product it may well be worth your while to consult with your physician or nutritionist, especially if you have any possible existing conditions or concerns regarding such a diet. Many claims are made on a day-to-day basis regarding the latest crazes and fads, however if you feel that the lemon detox diet may be right for you then sometimes give it a try from an informed perspective.

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Losing Weight But Not Belly Fat? Learn The First Rule Of Fat Burning!

It's crazy and hard to believe, but you can go on a diet and actually gain fat in all the wrong places, especially your belly.

This seems sooooo unfair after all your struggle, willpower and effort to truly lose fat. This problem may have even caused you to give up dieting and trying to lose fat equivalent … it's very common so do not feel alone.

The good news is this article will help you if you are Losing Weight but Not Belly Fat by understanding why this is happening and what to about it.

Losing Weight Vs Losing Fat

Most diets are based on restricting calories.

The theory is the “less you consume” the more weight you will lose. This is misguided thinking and only defeats your efforts to truly burn fat. In reality any time you restrict calories for an extended period of time you will actually hold onto fat .. Not burn it off.

If your body senses a large decrease in caloric intake it will go into survival mode which instinctively screams out to your system … “Hey, slow down, conserve energy and hold onto every fat cell you can”.

So instead of eating less and losing fat your body starts consuming lean muscle tissue as an energy source. Yikes!

So if you have been starving yourself and have not noticed a lack of muscle definition and no decrease in fat loss this is why, even if you have been dumping weights.

The Secret of Burning Off Belly Fat

Forget restricting calories! You are in this for the long haul right?

The real long term secret to burn off belly fat lies in … “Controlling your blood sugar” …. not counting calories. You see, as long as your blood sugar is spiking up and down through the day you will not lose an ounce of fat. Got to keep blood sugar stable … here's why.

The First Rule of Burning Belly Fat – Control Blood Sugar

Why is controlling blood sugar the long term key to staying slim and burning fat?

When you eat sugar and / or simple carbs like bread, pastries or even white rice your blood sugar spikes, because you're flooding your system with glucose. As it spikes upward, your body releases insulin to “bring the sugar level down”. The problem is you can not burn fat cells while insulin is present in your blood, and that's what we want to target steadily through the day … burning fat cells. Think about how much sugar you consume daily!

Our diets are so heavy loaded with sugar and simple junk carbs that we NEVER get a chance to naturally burn fat cells … were too busy flooding our system with insulin and trying to suppress blood sugar spikes. So fat cells get stored and we burn glucose for fuel … we need to reverse that process!

How Do We Stabilize Blood Sugar and Burn Fat?

Simple. Eat a solid mix of lean proteins, complex carbs and plenty of good fats. Next make a solid effort to cut or eliminate sugar, and cut back or eliminate simple carbs like white flour products, white rice and pasta.

Do You Want to Burn Fat 24 hours a day?

This sounds easy but in actuality you will need to fine tune your eating strategy or you will fail miserable. The beauty of this eating plan is that if you did “correctly” you will need ZERO willpower to maintain a steady fat burn up to 7 -10 pounds per week.


Because you will not feel hungry.

When your blood sugar is stable your appetite is under control, no cravings, no misery.

So if you are losing weight but not belly fat lose fat why not LEARN about the hundreds of foods you can start including in your meals that actually will burn fat … The video below will give you a new start!

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What Are Your Favorite Bars On Medifast? I’ll Tell You

There's no denying that the medifast bars are one of the most popular items on the menu. And, there are many different flavors to choose from, as well as two different types. People often ask me which are my favorites which are the best tasting and which have the best texture. I definitely have an opinion on this which I will share below.

But before I get started, I have to explain that the medifast bars fall into two categories – the crunch bars and the maintenance bars. The crunch bars are unlimited which means that you could theoretically eat these for all five meals, although this would probably become boring after a while. The same is not true for the maintenance bars. Because they contain more calories and carbohydrates, you're limited to just one of these per day. And as you may suspect, these are the best tasting. However, both types of bars have flavors that are very good. So below, I'll tell you my opinion on which are the very best in each category.

Quickly though, I just want to answer a question that I suspect that you might have. Most of the crunch and maintenance bars are similar to one another in nutrition and calories, carb, fat, and protein content. This makes it very easy for you to eat any flavor that you want while having the same results. Specifically, most of the crunch bars have around 100 – 110 calories, around 11 grams of protein, 2 grams of sugar, 12 grams of carbs, and 4 grams of fiber.

Now, let's look at the maintenance (the limited variety.) They have around 170 calories, 22 grams of carbs, 11 grams of sugars, 11 of protein, and 4 of fiber. (You can see how these are different and why they only want you to eat one of these.) Now that I've gone over the nutrition, let's talk about which taste best and which are my favorites.

My Favorite Medifast Crunch Bars : I have to say that there is not any flavor here that I do not like. I tend to like the chocolate bars better than the fruit bars because that's just my preference in general. I guess I want this item to taste more like dessert than a protein or health bar. Here are my favorites in order of my preference.

Peanut Butter Crunch Bar: It's probably not a coincidence that I also love peanut butter cup candy and this bar reminds me of those. The entire bottom of the bar is covered in chocolate and then the top contains a little more. You can taste some peanut butter in every bite. And although this is a crunch bar, the texture is more chewy than some of the others.

Chocolate Mint Crunch Bar: The company has several varieties of chocolate bars. But of all of them, the one that contains mint is my favorite. It reminds me of the flavor of chocolate mint ice cream and the amount and flavor of chocolate is not too over powering.

Caramel Crunch Bar: Many caramel bars only have a tiny amount of caramel taste, but that's not the case here. You can see a shiny coating of caramel all over the top of this bar. There's no chocolate flavoring with this one, which to me is a good thing because it gives you some variety since there are so many chocolate options available.

Lemon Meringue Crunch Bar: I know that I said that I preferred the chocolate or candy tasting bars over the fruit flavors, but this one would be an exception. It really does not have a taste similar to lemon meringue pie. The lemon taste is both sweet and tart but quite pleasant.

I'm going to stop my list for the crunch bars here to keep this article from becoming too long, but that does not mean that I do not like the remaining bars. In the crunch category, I did not mention the chocolate crunch, the cinnamon roll, the fruit and nut, the oatmeal raisin, the s'more, and the strawberry, which are all good, but just did not make the cut as my favorites.

My Favorite Medifast Maintenance Bars : I'm going to admit it right up front that there are only three of these and I'm listing them all because they're all so good.

Chocolate Mint Maintenance Bar: You might notice that this is a similar flavor to the crunch variety. And although I love the chocolate mint crunch bar, the maintenance bar (as you might expect) is a bit better. In fact, many probably agree with me when I say that the maintenance bars are the best there is. Unfortunately, you have to limit yourself to one.

Caramel Nut Maintenance Bar: To me, this bar takes a bit like a candy bar. Most people agree that caramel and chocolate are a winning combination and I've read that this is the most popular medifast bar and certainly a fan favorite. I can certainly believe that. It's pretty wonderful.

Oatmeal Raisin Maintenance Bar: This bar reminds me of an oatmeal raisin cookie. This bar has a very nice and a very chewy texture. Although it's my least favorite of all three, I still like it very much and eat it quite a bit. It's a nice change of pace.

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Is Eat Stop Eat Really A Diet Plan?

The diet plan that was set up by Brad Pilon is called Eat Stop Eat and it is just what the name indicates. It really is a simple plan to help you lose weight by eating and fasting and then eating again. This plan is more of a course on how to eat well than it is a diet plan.

Instead of giving you a bunch of rules to follow about what you can and can not eat this plan will pretty much let you eat the foods you want and then twice a week you will be fasting. You will be restricting the number of calories you take in every week and that usually works very well to take the weight off. Every third day you'll have a fast day which will really kick that fat burning into high gear. This plan will also help to keep you from losing muscle mass while you are taking off the pounds.

You may well be surprised to learn fast and exercise are both very similar in their abilities to take off the extra pounds and burn off the stubborn fat. They both share a very similar metabolism. When you are fast or when you are exercising the level of insulin in you body goes down. At the same time HGH (human growth hormone) will increase and that will start your body burning fat to get the energy it needs to keep your body running.

I know this all looks a little unusual but Brad Pilon received an honors degree while studying nutrition and this plan is a result of his graduate studies. This plan is based on scientific research and study and most of the results are discussed at the end of his book.

Brad has been a body builder for a long time and he pays particular attention to keeping your muscle mass and decreasing the fat. You'll find this easy to handle program and you will not be spending countless hours planning special meals or counting calories and carbohydrates. This may be the type of plan that will keep you from becoming bored because you will be eating the foods you really like. You'll be expected to keep up an exercise program which is always good for your body and as long as its simple enough you'll be able to stick with it for a long time.

This product is offered with a 60 day money back guarantee so if you can not get the results you were expecting you will be able to get your money refunded.

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Transitioning to Raw Food Diet Is Rewarding – Top Benefits of Starting a Healthy Raw Food Lifestyle

Moving to a raw food diet is definitely a great strategy to boost your overall well-being and health. But like anything worthwhile, changing to this new lifestyle takes time, power and commitment. However, the benefits that this healthy way of life may offer you will be more than rewarding.

Some of the greatest positive aspects related to raw foods are improved skin appearance, increased energy levels, far better digestion, weight-loss and lowered risk of significant illnesses like heart illness, diabetes and cancer.

This healthy diet includes less and non saturated fats, is low in sodium, high magnesium, in potassium, and fiber. Raw food eating plans are also superb detox diets. Distinct combinations of raw, living foods and juices can be used for liver cleansing, kidney cleansing, colon cleansing, and skin cleansing.

Combined with normal physical exercise, this type of eating program is also an excellent weight reduction method. If you have been feeling a little off slowly, or just require a pick-me-up and some additional power, then a raw food diet is certainly a great method to get new life energy.

Some basic foods that are ideal for starting the raw lifestyle and will make your transition as easy as possible are fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, beans, nuts, legumes, and young coconut milk. Sprouts can be added salads and soups, or can be juiced.

Your selection of foods may depend on your actual reasons why you choose to transition to raw foods. For example cage supports healthy cellular function, sprouted brown rice slows glucose absorption and improves the metabolism, and radical leaves act as an anti-oxidant, as does the shiitake mushroom. Carrots are an incredible source of vitamin A in addition to encouraging an improved and healthy eyesight.

Fresh juices are an excellent quick energy supplier. A fantastic juicing recipe to complement a raw food diet plan is carrot juice with potato, fennel and apple. Simply juice four medium carrots, two apples, and one small stalk of fennel.

Fennel has been shown to minimize and manage inflammation of arthritis, it helps you reduce mood fluctuations and depressive states and contains the uncommon nutrient called manganese, as well as zinc and vitamin B.

Also, the nutritional worth of grains and seeds is impressive. They contain loads of vitamins, specifically A, B, and E. They're also amazing organic sources of unsaturated fatty acids and lecithin, and an outstanding source of proteins.

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Understanding the Atkins Diet

As with any weight loss or health plan, you have to cooperate with a low carbohydrate diet or you will not achieve thinking results. Cooperation is the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeating healthy foods and exercising. One without the other equals limited results. I found I get the most from this plan by making it the lifestyle I choose to live. It's not enough to choose the right foods for one meal and then throw it all away for the next several meals. Following the Atkins Diet Food List helps me to stay on track and focused.

Knowing what you can eat and what you should not eat is very important. The creator of this eating plan believes that overweight people eat too many foods that are high in carbohydrates. Therefore, when the carbs are reduced, the body is able to lay off excess weight because it's burning its own storage of fat for fuel. Rather than burning off what I am currently eating, I follow the Atkins Diet Food List and burn off what I wish had never been stored in the first place.

The first thing anyone should notice about the food list is the restrictions. Most importantly, no refined sugar, milk, white rice, or white flour. You can and eat: meat, eggs, cheese, and more “rich” foods. Your appetite will reduce as your eating habits change. Red meat, all kinds of fish, fowl, and cheese (not reduced fat cheese, spreads, or whey cheeses) are encouraged. This means you can eat your heart out in small portions. Cooking with butter is okay, using mayo in your tuna is acceptable, and even olive oil on your salad is fine. The Atkins Diet Food List is extensive, but you do have to know what you are eating.

By this we mean, you are counting your carb intake. You do not want to consumer more than 20 grams a day when you are starting out. Cheese will take 3 to 4 grams and any meat that is cured with sugar will add to your running total. Your focus is never on calories with this meal plan. As you progress, you will increase your carb intake and incorporate fruits and vegetables. Following the Atkins Diet Food List alone is a huge step to losing weight and being healthy, but exercise is also needed for your to achieve the maximum benefit of the changes you have made to your way of living.

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Exercising When Starting Medifast

I often hear from people who are very excited about beginning the Medifast diet and who want to lose weight as quickly as possible. Many are anxiously to aggressively get started right away. To that end, many ask me about exercising when they first start the diet. They want to know if you're restricted as to how much exercise you can do or if only certain types of activity are encouraged, at least in the beginning. I'll share some of the Medifast exercise guidelines (as well as my own experiences and observations) in the following article.

Of course, you should address any questions about your health to your own doctor, but the Medifast guidelines on exercise suggest waiting a week or two before you start a rigorous exercise program if you are not currently exercising. The reason for this is to let your body adjust to it's new calorie and carbohydrates level. If you are already on an exercise program, they suggest cutting down the intensity by half for a few weeks and drinking plenty of water when you work out. They also suggest (and this is just common sense) that you let your body set its own pace. In other words, if you feel tired, light headed or winded, you should rest or slow down before continuing on. You should not push yourself or your body beyond what is healthy or beneficial.

In a real world example, this would mean if you already bike two miles, you might cut that down to one mile and perhaps go at a slower pace until your body adjusts. Or if you currently push your body or muscles to failure, you do not push nearly as hard during the first couple of weeks of dieting. And, if you have not yet started your exercise program, you may want to delay anything rigorous.

With that said, it's been my experience and observation that gentle exercise like moderately walking or riding a bike is well tolerated by most. There's no need to do tons of aerobic exercise when your body already has adjustments to make and is potentially working hard to get into ketosis (fat burning mode.) Also, from a psychological stand point, you do not want to make the program too difficult right away. This truly is a long term process so there is no need to burn yourself out. I've found it's best (especially initially) to try to incorporate exercise into your normal routine. Perhaps you try to work a little harder when playing or biking with your kids. But, there's no need to hit the gym like a professional athlete when you're adjusting to a new program, a new way of eating, and a new life style. It's my opinion that changes are more likely to stick when they are graduated and feel easy and intuitive.

There will be plenty of time to gradually increase your exercise intensity or duration as your body adjusts to Medifast, as you begin to see results, and as you begin to gain strength and confidence. There is no need to be in any hurry. Sure, there are no exercise police lurking around the corner waiting to confront you if you over do it, but there's really no reason to do that. Many see results without vigilorous exercise just because of the decrease in calories and ketosis.

I am a firm believer in exercise and, over time (much to my own surprise) I have grown to something enjoy my work out time. It has transformed my body and energy levels in ways I never would have predicted or imagined. But I'm not an athlete and never will be. There's no need to go far outside of your comfort level (especially at first) when it's just not necessary.

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