What You Need To Know About The Nutrisystem Weight Loss System Before You Sign Up

Nutrisystem is a weight-loss program built around teaching individuals how to eat smaller portions by providing those smaller portions through pre-packed frozen food. You will select the plan from the Nutrisystem website and create your own individualized 28 day menu which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and a dessert for each day. Or you may start with a preselected favorite foods package. Once this is completed you order a 28 day program or can select an auto delivery for recurring monthly deliveries at a significant discount.

The keystone to Nutrisystem is that it is a supposedly “no-brainer” meal plan which does not teach the individual to count calories, carbs or points but instead uses a predetermined, pre-portions meal delivered directly to your door. The plan also comes with a grocery list for produce and fruits to augment the frozen meal. Nutrisystem has an online community and weight-loss tracking system for support and motivation.

In essence the entire program is about convenience and, in this incredibly fast-paced world, convenience may not be all that bad. For the prize of approximately $ 10 a day with free food every four weeks, the final cost is around eight dollars per day. Up against Jenny Craig, also a prepackaged and portion control weight loss program, Nutrisystem has no membership or contract fee.

However, as with any pre-booked and prepackaged weight-loss program it is very useful for getting back on track but is not a permanent answer to either weight loss or weight maintenance. After finishing a number of weeks eating the Nutrisystem diet you must go back to preparing your own meals, learning portion control and figuring out how to deal with snacks and food cravings.

The program itself is designed around the glycemic index. This index measures the amount of insulin a particular food will require in order to be digested. Those foods which require a higher amount of insulin also set the body up for insulin resistance and increased amount of fat cell growth. This is due with an increased amount of insulin floating around in the body, the body's cells are not able to absorb as much energy as efficiently as before. This energy is then stored in the fat cells of the body which guarantees weight gain as opposed to weight-loss.

The Nutrisystem diet has options for men, women, diabetics and vegetarians, which is typical of most prepackaged meal programs. Their typical daily calorie allowance will vary between 1200 and 1500 calories and most days consist of three meals and two snacks. Doctors recommend that you should never bring your calorie intake lower than 1200 calories per day because you take your body into a starvation mode that then slows metabolism and decrees the rate of success for any weight loss.

Strictly following a low calorie weight-loss diet, such as Nutrisystem, most individuals will lose weight. Weight loss has always been a negative calorie balance affair. This means that you will lose weight when eating less than you are burning. How long the weight will remain off can only be answered on an individual basis since the challenge of reestablishing normal eating habits after the program is finalized remains difficult for most individuals.

Individuals have the choice of up to 120 different entrées and desserts that are made up of 55% carbohydrates, 25% protein and 20% fat. Most meals are lower in saturated and trans fats and rich in whole grains. The meals which are supplied are meant to be supplemented with six servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

However, even though the program offers 120 different diet choices, consumer affairs.com continues to receive complaints about the Nutrisystem program. The complaints are not about the lack of results but rather a complaint about the taste of the food and the lack of variety in the diet. Many of the complainants said that the food was salty and unpalatable.

Nutrisystem does not have a program that allows individuals to choose the foods that they would like to eat. Although this adds price to the program many individuals choose to go this route so they are able to pick the foods they will find mostible. Unfortunately the consumer affairs.com site has received complaints as far back as November 2005.

Most of those who will to follow at 1200 to 1500 calorie diet will lose weight, whether that food is prepackaged and frozen shipped from Nutrisystem or purchased from the grocery store in the frozen food section. For those individuals who require a bit more structure in their lives in order to achieve their goals, Nutrisystem is definitely a better cost advantage than Jenny Craig. However, there is no substitute for understanding the value in each a regular healthy food and learning portion control.

For this reason Nutrisystem may be an excellent option for the first eight to 10 weeks of a long-term lifestyle choice in order to jumpstart a diet program but should be evaluated further if an individual wishes to maintain their weight loss while still learning to eat appropriate portions off the program.

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What Happens If I Stop Losing Weight On Nutrisystem? How Do I Handle A Plateau?

It's normal to worry about having struggles with your diet before you have even begin that diet. Many of us are in the habit of almost sabotaging ourselves by worrying about issues that we are sure are going to hamper us. We're sure that we will be hungry. We are sure that we will cheat. We are sure that we will do something wrong. And we are sure that we will hit a plateau. And we wonder how we are going to over it when these things happen.

Someone may say: “I have a good friend who has had fabulous results with Nutrisystem. She was losing a good deal of weight every week and she looks wonderful. But I'm afraid of what might happen to me in the same situation. I am easily discouraged. So what will happen when I hit a plateau? ”

Well, I think that you are selling yourself short by worrying about it before you've even started. But plateaus are a normal part of dieting. And they do not last forever. Have you known anyone who hit a plateau and stayed the course and never came out of it or never kept to lose weight? Probably not, because they are temporary by nature. They are annoying and discouraging. But if you stay the course and follow some tips, they end. Here are a few things to remember when you hit them.

Be Sure This Is Actually A Plateau: It is normal for weight loss to slow after a little while. Many people have quick and dramatic results for the first couple of weeks and then they find that they have a week of low weight loss that they were not expecting because they had become so used to seeing such great numbers. This is not necessarily a plateau. It may be the normal leveling off. The more weight you lose, the lower your body weight percentage is going to be. So a five percent weight loss when you weight 300 pounds is 15 pounds. But if you only weigh 150 pounds, then the same five percent weight loss is only seven and a half pounds. So you can see how weekly, as your weight lowers, that percentage is going to smaller which means that the pounds are going to gradually be less.

If You've Stopped Recording Your Meals And Tracking Your Progress, Go Right Back To It: It's probably no coincidence that we hit plateaus as we become comfortable on our diets. And when we become comfortable, we can inadvertently eat more than we thought. If you're not tracking your meals, water intake, weight and exercise, start back. You may be adding more food than you think.

And, one of the best ways to troubleshoot this is to get in touch with a Nutrisystem counselor. The counselor is going to ask for information that will be very easy to retrieve if you have been tracking everything. So make sure that you do not skip this step. It will give your counselor and yourself valuable information.

Back To Basics: When you look at your tracker, make sure that you are still covering the basics. Are you eating all of your meals. (Believe it or not, it's common to hit a plateau when you're eating too little.) Are you drinking all of your water? Are you doing your daily movement? Are you adding all of your grocery additions and not skipping that?

Sometimes people begin to think that they do not need the fresh sides or the additional water. Do not fool yourself. These are there for a reason. To keep up the weight loss and the increased metabolism, your body needs a means to fuel itself. It does this with water and food. If you do not give it these resources, it can not do it's job of losing weight.

Change It Up : Sometimes, a plateau comes because our body quickly gets used to what we are doing. If you're doing the same exercise routine, try switching it up. If you've developed a favorite Nutrisystem meals and snacks that you're eating very regularly, try something new. But do not mistake this to mean that you need to take away food or add more exercise. You should not and that could make things worse. Just do what you're doing but in different ways. Different exercise. Different foods. Perhaps in a different order.

Do Not Get Discouraged: Plateaus are normal. And in a sense, they are reassuring. Because if you had not gotten used to impressive and steady weight loss, you would not have been disappointed to see one. But remember that they are temporary. Do not allow this to derail you. Stay the course. Know that this is normal. Reach out to your counselor. And this should soon be a thing of the past.

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Diet Soft Drinks – Do They Help You Lose Weight Or Has The Wool Been Pulled Over Your Eyes?

As we all become more aware of the marketing machine the food & beverage industries worldwide use to convey its message, we remain unaware of the true nature of many products we raise to our lips and allow to enter our bodies.

Soft drinks and energy drinks are one of the worst possible things we can put into our bodies … Think about this, do you know what nasty chemicals they contain?

Do you find it surprising that most people who are fighting health problems including all forms of being overweight seem to consume products like these?

You may or may not be aware that the gut, thigh and bum fattening substances such as sugar and artificial sweeteners like Aspartame (Code: 951) are among some of the biggest reasons people suffer from a myriad of health problems.

If you took the time to investigate further, rather than worry about taste would you still be as naive? Would you allow your developing children to consume the carbonated cocktail that is worshiped by the masses that do not care about their health or their body?

My guess is I think not … and since you are reading this article I know that you do actually care about the health and appearance of not only yourself but all of your loved ones.

It is alarming to think that so many people have had the “Wool Pulled Over Their Eyes” into falsely believing that the word “DIET” or “ZERO” on carbonated drinks makes it good and even to the extent that if you drink it you may even lose weight !!!

You may say this yourself or have heard someone say that they only drink “DIET” and “ZERO” because they are watching their weight or think that's its great for losing body fat or even state proudly that they eat healthy and only drink diet varieties of carbonated drinks.

Its sad that we have to justify telling ourselves these things with a story that we think makes it OK, so lets set the record straight and put things into perspective …


There are even numerous studies out there that display the effects of these drinks on the human body and how they actually made the subjects fatter than those that consumed the non diet variety.

Heck you may know someone who has done this or even have been the victim yourself.

Check out this information that included nearly 60,000 post-menopausal women who were followed for about 10 years. It found that drinking just two diet drinks a day can dramatically increase your risk of an early death from heart disease. The findings were presented at the American College of Cardiology's 63rd Annual Scientific Session in Washington, DC. As reported by the University of Iowa:

“… Compare to women who never or only rarely consume diet drinks, those who consume two or more a day are 30 percent more likely to have a cardiovascular event [heart attack or stroke] and 50 percent more likely to die from related disease . ”

And also this from Terri LaPoint, who wrote in her Inquisitr article:

“Ironically, the manufacturer of aspartame, Searle, started working on finding a drug to combat memory loss shortly after FDA approval for aspartame to be used in carbonated drinks.

Aspartame is a neurotoxin. Even ants have sense enough to avoid it. Yet, diet drinks add this neurotoxic chemical as its sweetener, and they promote it as a heath food to a public that naively puts its trust in the experts.

Then the manufacturers stand ready to offer you drugs to help you with your symptoms that they do not tell you are directly related to your diet sodas. It's a win-win situation for them, with the consumer as the loser. You do not lose weight. You lose health. Drink water. Drink tea. Drink regular soda – anything but the diet sodas. You just might live longer. ”

So you can see from the study and Terri LaPoint that we can actually be in worse shape thinking we are doing our bodies a good deed and taking the “DIET” or “ZERO” option.

Soft drinks are already so detrimental to your health and then we go add an even larger chemical shit storm to the mix We just slip further down the unhealthy rabbit hole !!

What others me the most is that we already know how bad the normal varieties of these drinks are yet we allow ourselves to be duped by the powerful marketing machine techniques these companies use.

Think about it for a moment they are clever people, imagine the meeting in their boardroom where an advertising firm is bidding for the contract and partnerships in this new exciting angle about how the company and increase they bottom line astronomically by adding the word “DIET” and “ZERO” with a little design to the original product and slight recipe change that keeps all the great flavor and lowers the calories.

It sounds brilliant to the board of directors right, the population is becoming aware that their product is causing harm and moving away from it and an opportunity has been presented to them that allows that drift market to come knocking again.

The bad news is the new revenue stream is focused on the bottom line and not on consumer health and there are many arguments that can go to or fro here but you can determine your standpoint on your own moral terms.

So let's get back to the complicated facts as to why this fattening occurs.

The first reason is that artificial sweeteners create a negative hormonal response in the body that in essence is tricking your body into thinking you have consumed something sweet and this increases your fat storing hormone production.

It also increases your cravings for more sweets and highly refined high GI carbohydrates within minutes of polishing off that can or glass. Plus makes you thirsty this is why many people can down a whole 1.25l bottle in a very short period of time.

What is now becoming clear in many studies is that by tricking your body into thinking it has consumed something sweet but actually has not given it a hard time to work out what is happening and this confusion causes stress to your body and as a result we go into survival mode and our bodies release hormones to counter the stress resulting in unwanted weight gain.

This makes it obvious that tricking our bodies is not a good idea, we must allow nature to take it course and remember that our bodies have been finely tuned over 100,000's of thousands of years!

Its like having a conversation with a friend except they are speaking backwards, you know its English but have no idea what point they are trying to make right?

In other words your taste buds recognize and sense that you have ingested something very sweet (this is the artificial sweeteners at work) and even though it was not sugar our bodies begins its natural response of releasing the amount of insulin needed for the sweetness for the digestion process.

Now more and more people are becoming aware that increasing insulin levels in the body increase cravings which in turn increase body fat and a multitude of various health issues including diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity just to name a few …

However remember that drinking the standard variety in essence is not any better as it has its own host of problems, it's just that today we are covering the effects of certain artificial sweeteners and their devastating effects on the human body.

Another sad fact is that many people think that by drinking the “DIET” or “ZERO” version means that they can have more of it than the standard variety. This in turn is allowing you to consume more calories and effectively puts one foot in the grave, if you are one of these people please stop this nonsense RIGHT NOW!

Also a lot of people because of their large daily or weekly intake suffer from sugar withdrawals and get the shakes like a junkie. The need for consumption at this point drives some people emotionally batty and will lose their marbles and go to the extreme just to get another mouthful, if you fall into this category you think out help before it takes a major health scare to pull you into line.

It's always better to prepare for the storm than try to weather it right?

I do realize that we are all human and I would like to let you know that I'm not against having the occasional soft drink say that once or twice a month, I just feel that you should not be consuming them on a regular basis when there are far better options out there and I definitely think that you should avoid “DIET” and “ZERO” varieties like the plague.

However if you are serious about your body and your health soft drinks of any kind being the full flavor, “DIET” or “ZERO” varieties (including artificial sweeteners in any foods you consume also) should be avoided at all times.

There will always be the situations where you are at a social encounter where it may not be avoidable and that is life we ​​can not wrap ourselves in cotton wool and stay locked indoors, its just a matter of being prepared about what is about to come and seeing if there is an alternative you could have if possible.

Just think about what you are putting up to your lips and what the outcome could be. When you could be having excellent substitutes like water or herbal, green, white, black, red, oolong and lemon teas either hot or as iced as an example. Plus you get loads of antioxidants into your body which are like hunter destroyer packs that roam around your body cleansing it of unwanted nasties.

If you need to add a sweetener to you tea try the natural versions like stevia and your body will be much more happier with the choice.

Also for those of you reading this with children, eliminating these drinks from their diet will see an improvement their behavior, concentration and attributions, but that is a whole other story for another day.

As Joe Cross once told me:

“If you consume a lot of foods made by people wearing white coats you may end up spending a lot of time around people wearing white coats …”

If you want to find out more please check us out. And share this article with the people you love and care about in your life so they can can kick this nasty habit and be around a little longer in our lives.

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Yacon Syrup – What You Need to Know When Buying for Resale

Yacon syrup has become one of the most popular weight loss solutions available on the market. If you're wondering if this is the right product to stock on your shelves or sell on your eCommerce site, then you will want to know that this very sweet molasses type syrup offers a host of health benefits, which has increased its popularity with adults around the world.

Yacon syrup is made using the root of the Yacon plant, a plant only found in the Andes Mountains in Southern America. This product has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries of years, but has only been introduced to the world in the last few years.

What makes this product unique is that it is rich in fructooligosaccharides (FOS), this is a sugar that is completely unrecognized by the digestive system, making it a low calorie alternative to sugar. The good news is that those who take one teaspoon before meals have found the product has helped them lose weight, others use it in hot drinks as an alternative to sugar.

This product offers customers a wealth of health benefits ranging from the ability to improve the digestive system, helping alleviate the symptoms of constipation. It is also believed to lower blood sugar and is brimming with antioxidants.

Before you start shopping around to fill your shelves with Yacon syrup, you will want to ensure you find a good supplier who will provide you with the highest quality product at the best possible prices.

It's always advisable to find a number of suppliers that you are interested in working with to start, through a process of elimination you can narrow down your search, leaving you with the best manufacturer and supplier you can deal with on a regular basis. This is an exercise you only have to complete once, when you feel you have found a good supplier, you can use them for all your supplement requirements without having to go through the research stage.

Go through each of the company's websites. You need to determine what products they have on offer, while you may only be interested in bulk Yacon syrup now, you may want to expand your line later on and choosing a supplier now that can provide you with a host of supplements to sell on to your customers can be advantageous. This means one supplier, one bill to pay and one package to arrive, rather than buying from a number of different suppliers. This also makes it easier should you have to return any items that are damaged during shipping.

Price should not be your deciding factor, though when buying bulk Yacon syrup, you can expect a better price per item than if you were only buying a hand of products at a time. This is why so many companies choose to buy in bulk, because they get to enjoy increased profit margins.

In addition to the cheaper per item price that buying bulk provides, you also save on packaging and shipping. The supplier will ship one box to you containing all your products that you purchased, rather than sending smaller boxes for each order as and when you need it. As you can imagine this also brings your carbon footprint, helping you enjoy a Green status.

Take your time deciding which supplier to go with. While price is not everything, delivery times, quality and service are all very important factors which have to be taken into consideration. Drop the company an email or give them a call and see how they handle your inquiry to get a level of service you can expect once you become a regular customer. This can help you with your final decision.

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Important Considerations When Choosing a Testosterone Manufacturer

Whether you're starting a new online supplement company or you're just looking for a new testosterone manufacturer, there are certain criteria you need to take into consideration. You rely on your supplier to provide you with great service, enabling you to offer your own customers outstanding service.

Any business owners knows these days when working in such a competitive environment, you have to stand out from your competition in terms of the quality of product you provide and the service that you offer. Without the best testosterone manufacturer by your side, you are going to find it very difficult to accomplish this.

Remember there are going to be times when your supplier will encounter problems, such as production issues or elementary shortages, you need to discuss with them how they manage these situations to ensure your customer's or your business does not ' t lose any business due to their problems.

When searching for a testosterone manufacturer you are looking for a company with an outstanding reputation, high quality products and a number of pricing structures based on the number of items you need. If you are buying in bulk, you expect to achieve better prices per unit and you can save on shipping costs, this is a huge advantage for any company that is trying to make a good profit in today's economic climate.

In addition to their high quality products and good pricing structures, you also want to ensure any supplier you choose compliance with the regulations in their specific area. This usually requires that they are FDA approved and GMP certified, offering you peace of mind that you are dealing with a company that ensures they offer the best service and products to you, the customer.

Find out if the testosterone manufacturer offers any other services, such as private labeling. Private labeling can be a huge benefit to your business, helping you increase brand visibility and improve your repeat business results. Private labeling is when the supplier puts your name, logo and information onto each bottle, enabling you to hand them to your customers with confidence.

Turnaround and delivery times are exceptionally important when choosing your testosterone manufacturer. From time of order to when it arrives at your door should be quick and effortless. The supplier should only take a day or two to fulfill the order and get it shipped out. This is so important to any business, delayed deliveries can result in you losing customers.

That means that you need to double check that any company you choose keeps good stock levels of the products they supply, this way there will never be unwelcome delays in delivery. Ask them how much stock they keep at any given time, should you be placing a bulk order, will they be able to fulfill it?

Always check to see what other products they supply. While you may be looking primarily for a testosterone manufacturer, it's useful if they sell a host of supplements, enabling you to keep the same supplier and have all your attachments shipped together, helping you save on delivery fees. This is also useful when you decide to expand your business into other supplement avenues.

The final step in choosing the best supplier for your business is to determine if they have a minimum order quantity. Some suppliers will only ship for larger orders, while others will allow you to order a small quantity. While you will pay more for smaller orders than bulk orders, it enables you to get in some items to sell and see if they are worth carrying on a regular basis.

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Does Diet Food Really Need to Taste Like Cardboard? Three Reasons People Quit Their Diets

Why do not people stick to their diets? Well, it's pretty simple. Let's see, they got hungry, the taste of diet food usually sucks, or they're missing their old comfort foods like pizza, pasta and chocolate. Of course if you ask them, their answer would be “I just can not afford it.”

How about if we identify “diet foods” that do not taste like cardboard, fill you up and you will not have to break the bank to pay for it? For starters, give yourself a variety. Crunchy, chewy, salty and sweet are how most people would describe their meals when not on a diet. Make your diet meals more like this with the wide variety and you will not feel like you're on a diet.

What about going au naturel? At least as far as your food is concerned. Instead of buying frozen “diet” meals or the prepared ones, try shopping for a change. Get fresh produce, lean meats, and mix together some spices that you've never heard of and voila you have a great meal that's low in carbs and calories but still tastes like REAL food. How awesome is that ?!

Want variety? Great! There are tons of recipes online, read them, try them and make them your own. No one ever said you have to stick to a recipe word for word, flavor for flavor. You want more crunch, add it! You want chewy? Add it! Can not find anything you like at one site, then check another. There are tons of sites that offer recipes on line, so enjoy them. Make sure to check out calorie and carb counts online to figure out what substitutes you can use. Lean meats are good like chicken, turkey and fish. For the rest, do your research.

Keep an eye on the grocery store ads and coupons. When your lean meats are on sale, buy them! Split them up and freeze them. Produce and veges are a bit trickier. You really can not stock up on too many unless you're great at blanching veges. Do not forget the buy one get one free! They can save you a lot in the pocket!

If your fridge is bare, you can get great deals from the “discount meat” section. Just do not go overboard because it will not last long; same thing with the veges and fruit. Another thing is to get freezer bags. Do not expect plastic wrap to protect your purchases.

Do your research, test your recipes and enjoy life!

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Are There Any Diets That Work Fast and Are Healthy?

Can you eat healthy and still lose weight fast? Yes, but remember you did not gain the weight in one day so do not expect to lose it in a day. In this article we'll discuss a few diet options that are healthy and have been proven the most effective consistently.

I'm sure you've read many diet plans and supplements that say you'll lose about 3 to 4 pounds per month. That's it. Do you think maybe they're telling you this so you keep buying their advice, recipes and pills?

The truth is that when you start feeding yourself the right foods and quit forcing your body to store fat, it will aim to reach its optimum weight and vitality levels EXTREMELY fast! How cool is that?

There are so many diet plans out there, which one should you choose? Many factors need to be put into play: how much weight do you want to lose? How fast do you want to lose it? Are you willing to sacrifice you're favorite foods and for how long?

Here are four diets for you to consider. They have been proven to be fast and effective. They are listed with # 1 being the most extreme and # 4 being the “easiest.” Please use your common sense and see a doctor if you're planning to lose a large amount of weight.

1. The Raw Food Diet – This healthy diet plan is exactly as the name implies. Raw fruits, veggies, and herbs along with their fresh squeezed juices. Raw nuts and seeds. Organic sprouts. Superfoods such as bee pollen, goji, and spirulina. You can undoably enjoy ultra fast weight loss and despite even sustain a healthy body weight long-term, provided you're willing to adhere to an “off the beaten path” type of lifestyle.

2. Veganism – Love animals, but never on your dinner plate! Veganism, as most of us know, is a 100% animal-free diet. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily suggest that your diet is healthy, as you could theoretically eat Skittles all day and still be going vegan. Read up on healthy veganism and follow a proven plan.

3. The Mediterranean Diet – Do you love crisp, green veggies? How about extra virgin olive oil? Fresh fish? If you follow this extremely healthy diet plan, not only can you lose weight very quickly, but you can expect to enjoy clear and radiant skin, bright eyes, nice hair, and a longer life!

4. The Paleo Diet – Eat like a caveman! That's their motto. This is a very flexible diet that allows you to eat fresh lean meat, fruits and veggies, certain whole grains, and basically anything that can be hunted or harvested in Nature.
Check out these diets, determine which one is for you, and then go for it. Good luck!

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Do Diet Pills Really Work? Are They Safe?

What is the first image that pops into your mind when you think of diet pills? I'm sure it varies for all of us, but for me, it's all the actors and actresses that have died from overdosing on them. I think another thought might be teenagers and young adults running around the house, sweating profusely, breathing heavy, and talking way too fast and too much.

Not all the diet pills out there today are like the pills of our parents. Not all contain massive caffeine or Ephedrine which are reminiscent of the old style. Now there are many formulas and if you're lucky enough to find one that helps you achieve the results you want without a bunch of freaky side effects, then good for you. The problem is, these can be kind of hard to find if you do not know where to look.

And while the chemicals found in some of the industry's hardcore formulas can cause heart palpitations, incredible anxiety, extreme nausea, and a whole host of other unpleasant symptoms, other pills have truly proven themselves to work wonders for some of their users.

The majority (if not all) of diet pills that can be deemed both safe and effective will be all natural formulations with strong antioxidant properties. These are great because they may help you lose weight the right way. Instead of trying to fuel up your metabolism with a bunch of chemicals, antioxidants actually remove toxins from your body.

And guess what your body's greatest defense against toxins is … storing fat! Extra fat blocks toxins from damaging your organs, tissues, and blood vessels. Essentially, your body holds onto more and more fat in order to save your life! So if you get rid of the toxins, your body no longer has a reason to store extra fat, and off it comes. That's pretty cool, right? These antioxidant-rich diet pills will usually contain large amounts of green tea, resveratrol, acai, maqui, and goji extracts.

Another category of “natural” diet pills would fall into the category of “detoxification pills,” and would include such things as colon cleansers, liver cleansers, blood cleansers, and total body cleansers. Often, these types of diet pills will create a sense of healthy renewal and well-being within the individual who takes them … quite the opposite of the effects experienced by people who go the chemical route.

Unfortunately, diet pills by themselves are simply not enough to give you the results you're after. There's not a single diet pill on the planet that I would recommend over a healthy way of eating and an activity plan that works your body and puts a smile on your face at the same time.

Diet pills are supplements, and as such are intended to be used to supplement a responsible, healthy lifestyle. Lifestyle always comes first. Remember that and live by it, and you will be much more effective in reaching your health and weight loss goals.

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Is A Detox Diet Plan An Effective Tool For Weight Loss?

But whether or not a detox diet is to be implemented for the purposes of weight loss is a different story … sort of.

The truth is, any time you decide to give your body the gift of cleanliness, purity, and renewal, anyone who would try to talk to you out of it would be an absolute fool. And here's the kicker. I have actually heard people suggest that this is a great way to get healthier and more energized, but should not be used as a primary means of weight loss. I could not disagree more.

Body fat is a defense mechanism. It protects your vital organs, blood vessels, sensitive tissues, cells, and even nerves from acids and pollution within the bloodstream. The fat cells grab onto these dangerous chemicals, essentially trapping them and blocking them from doing damage to the body's critical players. In football terms, fat cells are your body's offensive linemen!

But if you've got weight to lose, then a detox diet can help the body start getting rid of these toxins, while preventing new toxins from entering. As a result, your body will no longer have any need to hold onto excess fat, and alas, fat loss becomes entirely effortless, healthy, and substantive. On certain detox diet plans, you can SAFELY lose up to two pounds a day!

Of course, you do not want to remain on a detox diet permanently, generally keeping 30 days as your absolute maximum. However, you can implement them several times within a given year. Many nutritionist recommend a 14 day detox once per quarter (4 times per year).

There are many detox diets to choose from, each with varying degrees of intensity and effectiveness. Perhaps the most extreme is a fast, where you will only drink purified water for the duration of your cleanse. There are other variations of a fast, such as a green drink cleanse and the Master Cleanse (aka the Lemonade Diet).

Another popular and well-respected detox diet is the Raw Food Diet, which can actually end up becoming a permanent lifestyle plan if followed correctly.

Naturally, you will want to consult with your trusted health care practitioner, who will ideally be someone who is well versed in preventive, natural medicine as opposed to being a gung-ho pharmaceutical pusher who's only interested in treating symptoms and ignoring causes.

A doctor with a good balance of prevention and treatment focus is a great choice. Talk to him or her about your desire to lose weight with a detox diet and see if they have any recommendations that will meet your specific needs.

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If I Commit To Exercising Regularly On Medifast, Will I Actually Gain A Little Weight?

When people are on Medifast or any other diet, they often think that everything that they eat and every lifestyle decision that they make may contribute to what they see on the scale at the end of the week. This can even extend to lifestyle choices that are healthy – like exercise.

Someone may say: “I have just begun Medifast. I am on this diet because I have a friend who has had good results. week that she started exercise, she actually gained weight. Before I decided to go on Medifast, I decided to try exercise to lose weight. exercise plan in place. If I continue with my exercise, will it make me gain weight while I'm on Medifast? ”

I can not tell you that this is impossible because I too know people who have noticed a slowing of weight loss or even gaining a little weight when they started exercising. But I would not let that discourage you. And here is why. Sometimes when you begin an exercise program, you retain water. And this is why you might see the scale inch up a little bit initially. But often, this is short lived. And in return, you begin to gain muscle mass so that you look lean. Sometimes, when people begin working out, they notice that although they are not losing pounds, they are losing inches and their clothing fits much more loosely. This is just as important.

And frankly, I would rather lose inches than pounds because the over all effect is much more dramatic. And there are real health benefits to removing inches – especially to your mid section.

Medifast does encourage gentle exercise for the health benefits. They do encourage you to take it easy the first couple of weeks as your body adjusts to its new regimen and they never want you to overdo it or over exercise.But a sensible work out regimen is beneficial in so many ways. It works with the diet to transform your body and it improves your physical and mental health.

I can not tell you that it's impossible for you to gain a little water weight or to see the scale change because of increased muscle mass. But both of these things rarely last. And even better, you will often find that when you exercise, you lose inches in addition to pounds.

We all want to get good news on the scale at the end of the week. But you do not want to be so invested in the numbers that you do something silly like stop exercising just because you think that is effecting the scale. In the long term, exercising is going to enhance your Medifast diet and not harm it.

To me, I always tried to give more importance to monthly weight loss rather than weekly. Because the weekly weight loss can fluctuate due to many factors but the monthly average tend to not fluctuate quite as much and can be more reassuring.

If you already have an exercise regimen, I'll encourage you to listen to the company's direction and take a few weeks off at the beginning but then incorporated it into your routine. They would not tell you to do something that was going to hurt your results in the long run. And really, the end goal is a new and healthy lifestyle. This includes exercise. In the long term, exercise always helps you to maintain a healthy body and a healthy weight.

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Is The Jenny Craig Diet Plan The Right Plan For You?

Jenny Craig is a weight loss program which started in 1983. It began in Australia and moved to US operations in 1985. The core idea behind the Jenny Craig method is a three-level food-mind-body plan to help people lose weight and keep it off. The first level focuses on how to eat the foods, the second level on how to increase energy levels and in the third level the program teachers how to build balance into an individual's life.

You can participate in a Jenny Craig program either center based or using an at-home direct program by through phone and mail. The keystone to the diet is the prepackaged meals. For the most part they follow the USDA food pyramid and clients are encouraged to supplement this with fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and reduced fat dairy products.

The program focuses on teaching individuals how to eat a balanced diet in moderation while getting enough exercise. And, built into the program is permission for an individual to occasionally indulge themselves in foods they really enjoy. The Jenny Craig diet plan is basically a calorie based program that gives the individual a greater amount of structure by sending the food prepackaged and frozen.

One of their programs is called volumetrics. Volumetrics is advertised as the principle behind eating more while still taking in less calories. The company teachers that individuals are “able to eat more healthy food”, feel full and achieve all of this with less calories.

However, what they are describing is teaching individuals to eat more fruits and vegetables which contain complex carbohydrates and help the individual to feel full for longer periods of time. This takes advantage of the lower calorie dose foods in the fruits and vegetable category.

The program also publishes that counseling is available for individuals who join their program. However, counselors are given very short 2-5 day training program during which many of them role-play with other new counselors. These counselors are really there to help the individual double check wherever they drink enough water or ate enough of their food for the day. They are not trained to answer any individualized questions or offer motivation to the clients.

In side-by-side cost comparisons, Jenny Craig comes out well ahead of other diet plan programs which provide prepackaged foods. In other words, Jenny Craig charges to not only join their program, but they also charge a higher cost than other programs for the prepackaged frozen foods delivered directly to the home. And, another caveat, is that individuals who are paying a higher cost for food than they would normally, are also being asked to supplement these foods with fresh fruits and vegetables from their produce department in large enough quantities to keep themselves full.

The person considering using Jenny Craig has read any diet or nutrition book or articles and has lived for more than 20 years they are definitely well aware of the concepts needed to achieve the negative calorie balance and lose weight. The keystone behind a program that delivers prepackaged frozen foods should be the convenience and cost savings of using a program and not delivering classes and counselors at a higher cost.

Research has shown that individuals who achieve a greater rate of success for weight loss will have bought the assistance of a mentor, coach or accounting partner. Nowhere in their program does Jenny Craig offer these options. And, inherent in the program is the question of whether individuals are able to learn portion control by using prepackaged foods. Once going off the packaged meals it is difficult to translate the portions of food received in the mail to real meals prepared at home. Another problem with the program is that it does not assist the individual with the re-integrating back to normal eating habits.

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What If I Did Two Larger Meals And One Shake On Medifast? Would It Work?

I sometimes hear from people who want to try their own modified version of Medifast. Perhaps they'd like to eat their own foods for at least part of the time. Perhaps they'd like to eat the prepackaged meals less than what is typically called for. Whatever hybrid type of plan they're considering, they want to make sure that they might still lose weight.

So I may hear a comment like: “I still want the ability to enjoy meals with my family. I think that I could handle this pretty comfortably. But would I lose weight this way? The way I figure it, I have about twenty five pounds to lose. lose a reasonable amount of weight in the process.

Well, in order to answer that question, let's try to figure out an approx calorie content for this plan. Folks who are on the traditional Medifast five plus one plan (meaning five prepackaged Medifast meals and one lean and green meal) takes in about 1,000 or so calories per day. Since most of the prepackaged meals contain around 90 – 110 calories, this leaves you with about five hundred calories to play with for your lean and green meal. Let's assume that you were very careful with the guidelines and was able to stay within them. This means that you'd be taking in around 1,000 calories per day with those two lean and green meals and about 110 additional calories with the shake. This is only a very slight difference than the amount of calories that you'd be taking in on the traditional five plus one plan. So, if you were only looking at calories, it may be reasonable to think that you would have something similar weight loss, which is really promising.

But there are a couple of other things to consider. You'll also want to make sure that when you are planning these lean and green meals, you are careful with carbohydrates. This means that you need to choose low glycemic vegetables. Because in my opinion, one reason that Medifast is so effective is because it forces your body to burn fat since this is a low carbohydrate diet. If you're taking in too many carbs in those lean and green meals, then you jeopardize this process and I suspect that this means mean slower or less aggressive weight loss.

Finally, the five plus one plan is very liberal about your eating small meals very regularly. You're actually eating five small meals and one larger meal. And the reason for this is that this keeps your metabolism running very strong. You are not going to have this advantage if you're only eating three times per day, which may be a concern.

But to answer the question posed, there's really no way to know how much weight you would lose until you actually tried it. But, with this method you would be taking in a similar amount of calories. And, if you were careful with your carbohydrates intake, then the only major difference would be that you would be eating the same amount of calories but during less meal times. And it's hard to guess if this would make a difference. (Although I do have to admit that this is similar to how people transition off of the diet when they are only trying to maintain their weight loss.)

Still, I do not think it would hurt to give it a try if you are really set on this method. Here's one more thing to consider. Medifast does have some very good breakfast options like the pancakes, the south eggs, and the blueberry oatmeal. So frankly, if you liked those options, you could still eat breakfast with your family and get to eat four more times plus the lunch that you had originally planned on. You'd be on the five plus one plan, but your experience would not be much difference if you like pancakes and some of the other breakfast items. This would be more in line with how the diet was designed to work.

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Who Else Wants To Know Which Are The Best Foods To Help You Feel Fuller?

Most of us know that both fiber and water fills you up and keeps you fuller longer between meals, but here are 9 foods you might not expect to fill-the-bill (and you up):

Homemade Broth-Based Soups

Forget the canned or pre-made versions. Most of these have way too much salt in them. Instead make your own out of satisfying healthy ingredients, such as vegetables, chicken or turkey, beans, barley and a low-salt soup stock or broth. The liquid and fiber will keep you full between meals.

Whole Wheat Pasta

When paired with a protein, such as grilled chicken, this whole grain keeps you full of one meal due to the fact that it takes complex carbohydrates and protein longer to digest.


When ate before a meal, the fiber and liquid keeps you full so you eat less during your meal. Plus because apples are low on the glycemic index scale, they are a great food to keep your blood sugar in balance.


Not on most radar screens as a filling food, salmon is a good source of both protein and the fatty acid Omega 3 – both known to slowly digest.


Unsalted and natural, almonds make a great go-to snack. Because they are rich in monounsaturated fat and fiber, it does not take but a useful to fill you up and keep you full until the next meal.


Like most cruciferous vegetables, kale is full of fiber. Beside keeping you full, it also has cholesterol lower capabilities along with being an anti-oxidant and lower your risk of certain types of cancer.


Most berries are good for you, but raspberries are the best. At 8 grams of fiber per cup, they'll stave off hunger for a long time. And they are high in antioxidants and vitamin C.


Turkey works differently to stave off hunger longer than the other foods on this list. Once ate the amino acid in turkey called tryptophan is converted into serotonin, the feel-good neuro-transmitter that turns off your appetite and crushes cravings.

Greek Yogurt

Due to its high protein content – twice that of regular yogurt – it slows the digestion of other foods ateen with it. And it is low in sugar and a rich source of calcium so it helps keep your bones strong.

Keep eating foods rich in fiber and water to stay fuller longer between meals. These 9 foods will add some variety to the satisfying foods you are already eating.

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Do Couples Go On Medifast Together? Do They Find It Helpful?

I sometimes hear from folks who go on the Medifast diet with coworkers or close friends. I've had someone tell me that they've had success doing Medifast with their “work wife.” It works well because you're typically at work for long enough of a time that you can have breakfast, lunch and a couple of snacks with your partner in crime at work. This lessens the chance that you are going to cheat and it allows you to have a support system at a place where you spend most of your time. You can also swap foods, share results, swap recipes, have a friendly competition, and just be there for one another. I overwhelmingly hear positive feedback from people who use Medifast at work in conjunction with friends and coworkers. But what about when you do this diet at home? With your real wife or your real husband? Can this work too?

Someone might ask: “a couple of months ago, a magazine that I read every week had a feature story about weight loss. And there was one couple who, between them, lost close to two hundred pounds. There before and after photos were staggering. probably would not have had the success that they had without the support of the other. They would make meals together, exercise together, and even cheat together. Both my husband and I would like to lose weight. what I see so far. My husband honestly does not care which diet we pick. So can Medifast work for couples? ”

I do not see why it would not. And as mentioned above, I think that there could be some real advantages, the most important of which is the support you've got from someone you are very comfortable with. And if you see your spouse doing really well, you will just naturally bump up your efforts as well because you do not want to be left behind. Plus, it would be nice to have someone to experience this with. It could bring you and your spouse closer together. And it could spice up your relationship as you show appreciation for each other's bodies.

There could be some down sides though if people become too competitive or if one spouse is not in compliance or does not take it seriously. This could bring the other spouse down. You have to be careful of this. For example, both my brother and sister in law smoke. My brother in law visited us for several weeks to help my husband with a huge self improvement project. While here, he quit smoking. We were so proud of him. But when he went back home, he relapsed and started smoking again because being in the house with his wife, who smoked, was just too tempting.

That's why it can be important that your spouse or loved one is as committed to the diet and to your long term results. Sure, people are going to cheat and that's OK. But you want to have an agreement with your spouse that when one of your falter, the other is going to motivate them and remind them of your goals. You do not want your spouse to sabotage you. Instead, you want your spouse to pick you up, to help you, and to be your partner in this.

So yes, I think that Medifast can work very well for couples. Tons of studies have shown the importance of having support while dieting and what better person to support you than your spouse? You can choose your meals together, make your lean and green meals together, work out together, and create a whole new lifestyle together. I do not know what could bring you closer than that. What a wonderful support system to have.

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Anyone Else Want To Try A Cabbage Soup Diet?

A fad diet is a change in nutritional intake that does not account for adequate vitamins and minerals and often encourages the user to stop eating a particular food group altogether or eating only one or two particular foods.

The cabbage soup diet is one such diet that is advertised as suitable for short-term quick weight loss and not suitable for long-term. Most people find that they lose weight quickly while eating as much fruit and vegetables as well as cage soup that they want all day long. It is supposed to be used for only the first seven days of any diet and most recommend that it should never be used any longer.

Individuals who have tried the cage soup diet report that soup tastes very bland and the food for that week does not satisfy them. They may not feel hungry, but they do not feel satisfied. Many also report feeling lightheaded, weak and suffering from reduced concentration because of the significantly reduced caloric intake which negatively affects the ability of the body to function appropriately.

The cabbage soup diet is not underwritten by Mayo Clinic or the Sacred Heart Hospital diet and is not similar to either. Proponents of the cage soup diet believe that followers like this particular means of losing weight because they do not get discouraged in that first week and see results very quickly. However, these results are short lived and last only as long as the individual continues to eat a reduced calorie diet, or burns more than they eat.

Proponents also recommend that individuals take a good multivitamin tablet with the reduced calorie diet in order to help the body receive as many vitamins and minerals as it can. The diet should only last seven days and should never last more than that in the individuals are required to eat as much of the soup as they can.

Different versions of this very caloric restricted diet have been floating around for several decades. The diet was originally written by an anonymous author and has survived. The plan promises individuals will lose 10 pounds a week if they restrict themselves to the foods listed on the diet plan. And, while the individuals are encouraged to eat as much as they want to, the amount of food does not equal to enough calories to adequately feed the brain and muscles.

The science behind the cage soup diet is that individuals should find enough satisfaction in catering cage soup to sustain a very low calorie diet for about a week. Unfortunately, the weight that it has lost is mostly fluid and not fat.

One pound of body fat is equivalent to 3500 calories. In a ten day period of time, to lose 10 pounds, a person would have to have a negative calorie balance of 3500 calories per day. The basal metabolic rate, or number of calories a person needs without any exercise to survive, will range between 1200 and 2000 calories depending upon the age, sex and muscle mass. This said, in order to actually lose 10 pounds of fat, a person would have to eat 500 calories and burn off 2500 calories in exercise each day. That equation would quickly earn an individual a bed in the emergency room.

Dietitians and other nutritional experts believe that any diet under 1200 calories per day is unsafe unless you are under the care of a physician. It is impossible to get all the nutrients required by the body and to satisfy hunger with so few calories. By only providing a skeleton of the nourishment that the body needs each day people will begin to feel the effects and suffer side effects which can include nausea, vomiting, fatigue, decreased ability to concentrate and dizziness. Individuals who also have pre-existing under medical conditions can also significantly impact the way in which their body is functioning.

The American Dietetic Association called the cage food diet a monotonous, short-term fix that results in weight loss that is primarily water. It may also perpetuate feelings of failure for most individuals who are chronic dieters because although they experience a quick weight loss in the first week most individuals will regain that weight in the following week or two when they go back to eating normally.

Registered dietitians urged individuals who are interested in losing weight to find a well-balanced nutritionally sound plan that helps down to decrease calories and increased caloric burn, all of which leads to weight loss. By incorporating a program that has all the components of a healthy lifestyle and includes regular physical activity individuals are able to have achievable long-term weight loss and a healthy and satisfying lifestyle.

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