Foods to Avoid for Preventing Inflammation

As the old saying goes, “the bigger they are the harder the fall.” Same goes with inflammation and other dietary problems. But all hope is never lost. Infection, acidity and other such problems are common today thanks to all the junk food that we eat and also due to the sedentary life style and lack of physical exercise. Moreover, the amount of mental you face in order to keep up in the rat race is also one of the major reasons. I simply can not stress enough on the virtues of having a balanced diet and avoiding all of the above problems but for now let us concentrate more on the cures and prevention measures for inflammation and even before that, the causes of inflammation.

The main ingredients causing inflammation are proteins called cytokines. And it is your diet that plays an important role in suppressing or activating these proteins. These proteins are also toxic to the body and pollute the internal passages of your body and in particular, the intestines and lead to inflammation.

You need to understand that whatever you consume is going to have some effect, good or bad on your body and based on that you decide what foods to consume and what are best avoided. Remember, there is no neutrality as far as food is concerned. They are either good for you or bad. But everything consumed in moderation is good. And here is a basic list of foods that are notorious for producing more of cytokines, the inflammatory protein.

i. Meats, especially Red Meat except fish that are oily
Only fish that are oily do not cause inflammation. Moreover, red meat is harmful in many other ways too if over-consumed. Many people who want to lose weight and opt for diets that are low on carbohydrates often tend to consume a lot of red meat as it I know to be low on fattening fats, carbohydrates and cholesterol. The ideal quantity of red meat for those who wish to prevent pollution should be around four ounces per week. In order to compensate for the protein intake, opt for foods that are rich on vegetarian proteins.

ii. Egg Yolks
Egg yolks known to be really high on an acid, viz .; arachidonic acid that causes inflammation. This is also the same substance that makes all forms of meat cause infection. It is ideally advised by doctors that one consumes only the white part of eggs.

iii. Dairy Products:
Dairy products including milk are also high on the same arachidonic acid and it is often observed that in countries like Sweden, United Kingdom and even Canada where dairy products are consumed in substantially high quantities are most susceptible to inflammation and even osteoporosis; a disease which leads to the weakening and even breaking of bones.
Milk often referred to as the complete food has also many vices such as aggravating asthma and it is known to even contain some addictive endorphins and even certain narcotic substances.

iv. Corn & Corn Oils and Syrups:
Corn is known to contain fructoseides cytokines. It is the combination of these two that is highly addictive and is known to be present even in cigarettes. Manufacturers of cigarettes have been using corn syrup since as early as World War I, not for the good taste that it has but for the fact that it is addictive.

v. Sugar:
Sugar in all its forms is known to cause inflammation on prolonged consumption and overdose. Moreover, it also causes obesity & weight gain. Studies and surveys show that an average America consumes as much as a hundred and fifty three pound of refined sugar that is known to be very difficult to digest and this prevails the body from absorbing the nutrients in it such as minerals and vitamins. Moreover, sugar is even dehydrating.

All in all, opting for a vegetarian diet that is moderate on every food item is ideal not only to prevent inflammation but also for a healthy lifestyle. For those who are still not convinced, try looking at the body structure and oral formation of your pets, it will not take long for you to realize that your teeth and body is not meant for consuming non-vegetarian food.

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Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review – What You Should Know

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is a brand new diet program created by Joel Marion, a well known weight loss expert. One thing that you might want to know, Joel Marion is one of America's Top 50 Personal Trainers.

In his new product, he uses advanced workout and nutrition techniques in order to make people get in awesome shape quickly. These techniques are completely safe and have been tested to many people with great success. According to the website, you can lose weight in 25 days. The weight that you can lose depends on many factors such as your body condition prior to performing the program. But usually you can lose several pounds at the end of the 25th day.

Let's take a look at the content inside the program. The program is made up of a five-day cycle which is repeated five times for a total of 25 days. Each of the five days is made up of a combination of specific techniques and workouts designed to boost your metabolism and fat burning hormones. When your metabolic rate high your body will naturally burn fat on itself and this is one secret of the system. You will burn a lot faster when you increase your metabolic rate is high.

The 5 days cycle consists of cheat days, protein depletion, shake day, moderate carb days, and fat day. The cheat day is where you can every food that you want such pizza or ice cream. You might find it weird but actually it is part of the strategy to boost your metabolic rate and fat burning hormones.

You need to combine these 5 days routines with workout techniques that you will learn from the program. You might find it difficult when performing the workout for the first time since there are few workouts that you might never do before. But you can always refer to the pictures and instruction inside the manual.

Each day is made up of a new workout routine and eating plan. So you will not be trapped into boring routines that will make you feel lazy. It is important that you stick with the plan for 25 days before you judge your result. It is easy to drop your effort when you do not see some results in your first 7 days. But you should at least see some results when you follow the instruction from the program until finish.

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10 Tips to Buy Organic Food

Wondering how to get started buying organic food? I've been buying and eating organic food since 2002 and have been growing organic food since 2004. Here are some tips to get you started eating and eating a healthy, organic diet.

# 10 Start Small
You do not have to go whole hog right away. If you're interested in going organic start out with just a few items every week and build on that. Start reading your labels. Start tuning into how you feel when you eat organic. You have to start somewhere. Just do it!

# 9 Find a local CSA
Community Supported Agriculture programs typically ask for the full fee up front, which can be a stretch for some. But if you average your shares out over the season, you end paying much less per week on organic produce. Some CSAs also offer payment plans. In some states (like Vermont), there are even subsidized shares available for families and seniors. Go to to find a CSA near you!

# 8 Do not overlook classic budget meals
… like a good old-fashioned peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Stick to no-sugar peanut butter and all-fruit spreads on whole grain, real sourdough or sprouted bread, throw in an organic apple, and you've got a nutritious lunch that will also cut your carbon footprint.

# 7 Comparison shop
Doing price checks for regularly purchased organic items pays off: Consumer Reports found the price for the same jar of organic baby food ranged from 69 cents to $ 1.29 among several grocery stores in the suburban New York City area. If you have more than one grocery store in your immediate area that sells organic food items, or multiple organic vendors at your farmers' market, comparison shopping can be easy and fairly fast.

# 6 Watch for sales
Organic products go on sale too! You can get some great deals. The idea here is to be flexible & stock up when something you like goes on sale. Full on health food stores are more likely to have sales than the regular grocery stores that carry some organic items.

# 5 Join or Create an Organic Food Buying Club
Buying in bulk almost always saves on costs. Gather some of your friends, pool your resources and buy directly from wholesalers. Then split up the goods when they arrive. Group buying is a great way to afford more pricey items such as organic produce, and it's also a fun way to make like-minded friends.

# 4 Commit to eating out less.
If you eat out just 1 day / week less, you'll put money back in the bank and find more room in your budget to buy quality foods that are tasty & nutritious. Both your budget & your waistline will thank you for putting an end to the drive-through habit. It takes just a few minutes to pack yourself (and your kids) a healthy picnic lunch.

# 3 Shop at your local farmers' market
Buying at farmers' markets is one of the best kept secrets to buying affordable, organic food. Top chefs in both Europe and America's have been doing it for years!
A USDA study in 2002 found that about 40 percent of farmers' market farmers do not charge a premium. Search to find a market near you.

# 2 Many manufacturers' coupons for conventional products work on the brand's organic line as well, even though that often is not indicated. Try this strategy with brands that carry separate organic lines, such as Bertolli pasta sauce. You can also go to your favorite organic brand websites like Organic Valley to download and print coupons. Also check out Stonyfield Farm's points program where you can accumulate points to get free organic food and other fun items.

# 1 Forage for wild food, even in the city. Everything from fresh herbs to tree-ripened fruit is on your doorstep.
Ramps and fiddleheads are available in early spring. You can also harvest dandelions and stinging nettle. Starting in June through the summer and fall you can harvest lambs quarter, wood sorrel and red clover to add to your salads. You can also make milkweed flower buds into delicious fritters!

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Diet Solution – Is It Really Worth It?

On the net there are thousands of diet products, from pills to machines. The question is which one is going to help me lose the unwanted weight? Also which one will keep me healthy and keep the weight off for year to come. Now the diet solution program has all the answers for us.

First and foremost we need to learn which foods are healthy. First thing that will come to our minds that vegetables and fruits are the only ones. This is where we going to get a big surprise. As a quick example everywhere that we read about diets fat is the main big NO. Well in diet solution fat is really well explained. To my surprise not only it is healthy it helps my metabolism to be faster. Of course there are good fats and bad ones like with almost everything else. The good part is that in a diet solution program everything is explained.

First thing that pops to my mind is am I going to be able to keep the weight off and what will I have to do? Well the answer to that is pretty simple. We really do not have to go through a starvation process and do crazy amounts of exercising. All we need to learn are the natural foods (by natural I mean: not processed and not added plenty of unhealthy additives). With that we are good for years to come and we really do not need to spend all the time at the gym. There are plenty of foods that do help with burning fat. The solution diet program not only will show it to but but also will try to personalize it. On the end we will lose weight, we'll have better mood and be healthy.

How can I be sure that this program is fit for me? The answer is that the diet solution program is actually made for everyone. It has a questionnaire to find out what kind of body we have and even metabolism. With those answers we get an answer that is only for us. Then we go through the whole plan that there is made for people with our troubles.

Losing weight it does not have to be hard work. Yes on the beginning there are different foods that we need to learn however this information will never leave us. At this point you need to ask yourself a question do I really want to learn how to live healthy and without a ll those unwanted pounds.

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The Importance of the Mediterranean Diet

A restaurant, family, or individual that serves and eats the “Mediterranean Diet” knows something that many of us do not. The Mediterranean Diet is much more than just a diet. It is a full and complete lifestyle. You have to adopt it, it must become second nature. For centuries it has been the accepted way of life of the people surrounding the Mediterranean Basin, especially in places like Spain, Italy and Greece. The Mediterranean Diet is a heart-healthy diet combining elements of Mediterranean-style cooking as well as the specific ingredients, herbs, and spices from this region of the world.

The Mediterranean Diet is also an accepted way to aid in the prevention of common diseases. The most significant are stroke (first cause of death in women and second in men) and heart attack (the main cause in men), but include many more. The importance of the Mediterranean Diet in the prevention of the metabolic syndrome has been proven time and time again (some health disorders of which the most important are: too much fat around the waist, high blood pressure and / or insulin levels and unbalanced levels of cholesterol). Other benefits include prevention of lung diseases, asthma, many allergies, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and also helping keep bone mass in the elderly. Recently, it has been reported that the Mediterranean Diet is consistent with low incidences of many types of cancer. People “living” the Mediterranean Diet plan have a 70% higher expectancy of life and an 80% higher quality of life (assuming they do not smoke, etc.).

The essential Mediterranean Diet characteristics consist of:

1. High consumption of virgin olive oil.

2. High intake of fresh vegetables, fruits, and legumes.

3. Use of non refined carbohydrates (portions to be adjusted to physical activity).

4. Consumption of fish, specifically oily fish, three to four times a week.

5. Consumption of milk and derivates, cheese (goat and feta are popular) and yogurt. Keep an eye on the scheduled fats of the dairy products and keep them low!

6. Eggs in moderation (3-4 weekly).

7. Moderate consumption of meat and saturated fats (special occasions, etc.).

8. One or two small glasses of wine a day, preferably a glass with your dinner. White wine and beer can be used as alternatives.

9. Nuts as the main snack.

When dining out at local restaurants, try to find healthy options or search your area for a restaurant specializing in Heart Healthy, Mediterranean cuisine. It is a simple way to keep yourself healthy and happy. Cheers!

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Things To Eat to Lose Weight – These 3 Foods Will Surprise You

Things to eat to lose weight are a plenty, both natural and synthetic, further complicating the whole process of choosing the most appropriate foods. To save you the headache, here are 3 magic foods that work wonders when it comes to shedding weight.

1. Homemade Fruit Smoothies

All you need for a great, healthy fruit smoothie is a blender and a variety of fresh fruits. The most recommended recipe combines unsweetened blueberries, half a banana, a quarter cup wheat germ and water. This smoothie is packed with antioxidants and fiber that help in weight loss and maintaining good health. You can use as many different combinations of fruit with the wheat germ as you desire, and always make sure to use fresh fruit so you will not need to add any sugar.

Compared with store bought or canned smoothies, a fresh, homemade smoothie contains 200 calories fewer for every 2-3 cup servings. Add this to your breakfast of whole grain bread, light scrambled egg whites and natural jam to give you the perfect start to your day.

2. Soy Chips

Soy chips are the perfect munchies in between meals snacks whenever you want something crunchy and tasty. They come in various flavors, such as cinnamon and onions. Other varieties include lightly salted or unsalted. Soy chips are prepared with substantially less fat and salt than regular potato chips while offering more nutritional value, such as vitamins, iron and calcium.

You can cut 150 calories and 15 grams of fat by eating these tasty soy chips compared to other similar products in the market. Find your favorite flavor and substitute regular potato chips with soy chips to help weight loss.

3. Dried Fruit

To this list of amazing things to eat to lose weight, dried fruit make the perfect substitution for candy, especially if you have a sweet tooth. The most popular dried fruit are raisins, but you can also try dried papaya, mangoes and dates for a more filling result. These alternative fruits offer vitamins A and C, and with the longer chewing time for dried papaya and dates, you will definitely feel full after eating a few pieces. In fact, compared to a handful of raisins, 4 to 6 pieces of the discharged alternatives can save you up to 150 calories!

So to put it all together, these 3 excellent things to eat to lose weight can be included into your diet for faster weight loss: a great healthy smoothie for breakfast, sweet dried fruit for your sugar cravings, and delicious chips for snacking.

Add these great food items to your chosen exercise program to reduce and burn as many calories as possible to keep you looking and feeling great!

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Things to Eat to Lose Weight: The Unexpected Food Group You Need

Health fats? Are you kidding? Yes, It is essential to include healthy fats in the things to eat to loss weight. Cutting all fat sources is harmful for your health since fat is required to protect your heart, support a healthy pregnancy, aid in memory and reduce depression symptoms and many other essential functions in the body.

With that in mind, Here are some important tips to help you make the right choices when it comes to healthy diet fats.

The first thing you should know is that there is a big difference between all the low-fat and non-fat products in the market today and the natural, healthy sources of fat for your diet. Do focus on getting your healthy fats directly from their natural sources as opposed to getting them from drug supplements, or processed and packaged food products.

Healthy fats are classified into 3 groups: Monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, and omega 3 fatty acids. Each of these groups is obtained from various foods.

Monounsaturated fats are found in olive oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, peanut and sesame oil, which are excellent for cooking, instead of using butter or stick margarine for your recipes. You can also find monounsaturated fats in avocados, olives, almonds, macadamia nuts, pecans and cashews, as well as peanut butter. The variety of these fats in these food items makes it much easier to incorporate these healthy fats in your diet.

Polyunsaturated fats are typically present in protein rich foods, giving you double the nutritional value. These can be found in fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and mackerel, soy milk, tofu, sesame and pumpkin seeds, corn oil and soybean oil. As you know, protein is a cruel nutrient for weight loss, so find this food group in sources rich in healthy polyunsaturated fats, too.

The most famous healthy fat is the omega 3. Some commercially produced products like margarine claim to be “fortified” with this essential oil. Avoid these products and seek out omega 3 from natural things to eat to loss weight, particularly in fish. Salmon, herring, anchovies, sardines and trout are excellent sources of this and other oils.

How can you incorporate these sources of healthy fats in your diet in a way that's helping you reach your goal to loss weight? Remember that you only need just a little of these fats everyday, with the recommended intake of 20% to 35% of your overall calories coming from fats.

Practically speaking, it is as easy as changing your diet such as shunning red meat or white – fish and chicken, avoiding frying the meat and instead baking or grilling it to reduce the fat.

Notice I said, “simple” not “easy.” Although it can be hard sometimes at first, making a permanent change in your diet is your best ticket to success. For once you cut down on unhealthy fats in the diet, which are often in solid states at room temperature, you can enjoy the benefits of good fats. Remember I'm here to help you know and Choose the right things to eat to loss weight and stay healthy.

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5 Time Saving Tips for the Raw Food Diet

Having a busy life while trying to maintain a delicious, healthy raw food diet can be a challenge. Since the benefits of eating raw foods far outweigh any seeming disadvantage, it is definitely worth the effort! Fortunately I have been eating this way long enough to have come across some ways to make the raw food diet more quick and easy without sacrificing taste.

Here are my top 5 tips to make your diet quick and easy:

  • Group your smoothie materials together in your freezer and pantry so that it is all in one easy to locate spot. I make so many smoothies that having everything I need all in easy to reach places is essential. I keep bananas right by the blender, frozen fruits stocked in the freezer, superfoods, agave, and nuts in a basket in the pantry, plus a big tub of baby spinach in the fridge for quick smoothie making. Throw in a little bit of your favorite ingredients with some water or almond milk and you have a great meal in less than 5 minutes, including clean up!
  • Clean and cut fruit right when you get home from grocery shopping. Store it in clear containers in the fridge for a pre-made meal when you are in a hurry.
  • Create a salad mix twice a week. I love salads and having a mix on hand makes it easy to toss one together quickly. Keep it simple and run some carrots, radiates, and squash through the shredding blade of your food processor and store it in the fridge. When you want a salad quickly, throw some pre-washed greens in with your salad mix, toss in some nuts and seeds and cherry tomatoes and you are done!
  • Make 2 gourmet meals a week. A gourmet raw recipe typically yields quite a few servings. If I make raw tacos one night, I have leftovers for the next day at lunch, and even sometimes enough to left that I can be creative with at another meal. This is a minimal time investment for a couple really delicious meals.
  • The time spent on these gourmet meals gets even less the more you make them. Find some that you really enjoy and that is fairly easy to make, and you will see that it will take you less and less time to make them in the future. Just remember to keep a folder of the ones you really enjoy, because it is really easy to forget which ones you have loved over time.
  • Make one day a week Dehydrating Day. I try to plan ahead enough to make all of my recipes that call for dehydration happen on the same day. This works especially well for the items you use a lot. For me, this would be raw granolas, crackers, and tortillas. I also will make a batch of sprouted / dehydrated nuts and seeds to add to salads later.

I hope these tips help you as much as they have helped me to stick to my raw food diet schedule my busy schedule.

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Things to Eat To Lose Weight – Fuel For Your Fat Burning Furnace

There is a common misconception that slim people have gotten high metabolic rates and overweight people have gotten low metabolic rates. This is a fallacy since a person's weight depends on the balance between calories burned and calories consumed. Therefore weight is lost by eating fewer calories and gained by eating more calories.

However you can induce weight lose by controlling your metabolism; for instance, fast slows down the metabolic rate to prevent energy loss which in turn leads to weight gain since foods are stored rather than used. Therefore maintaining a steady metabolic rate by eating the right foods will ensure that less weight is gained and excess weight is lost. Metabolism is what I call your fat burning furnace. And, like a furnace, what you put into it depends on how well it burns. So here are 4 Things to eat to lose weight and help maintain a constant metabolic rate include:

Green Tea

Green tea is well known for its mood enhancing properties but has other uses as well. It is an excellent metabolic booster and helps reduce fat absorption by the body. In addition it helps the body regulate blood sugar levels and help reduce food cravings which occurs very often while on a diet.

Hot Peppers

Hot pepper contains a chemical called Capsaicin. It temporarily raises your body to release stress hormones speeding up your metabolism leading to more calories being burnt. It also helps keep food cravings in check.

Pears and Apples

Fruits and especially pearls and apples are high on fiber content and very low on calories. They are an excellent substitute for high fat content snacks which do not help much when it comes to weight lose. You can munch on these all day long without worrying about anything. People who include healthy servings of fruits in their diets are healthier and are less likely to appear in the weight gain category.


The importance of water in any diet can not be overstated. Drinking sufficient amounts of water helps to keep the metabolism purring and aid in weight lose. Furthermore water is a natural hunger suppressant as it eliminates bloating flushing out toxins and sodium. In fact, many times that we feel hungry we are actually mistaking thirst for hunger. Keep that water jug ​​handy!

By eating the foods discussed above you'll turn on your fat burning furnace and keep it burning strong. How? Because they help by lowering appetite and keeping your digestive system working well; boosting metabolism and improving calorie burn. They also ensure steady blood sugar levels while preventing fat storage.

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Wheatgrass Juicer: Reap All the Health Benefits From Wheatgrass

Ann Wigmore is a significant person in wheatgrass' popularity. A lot of the health benefits people know and believe actually come from her book. She is the person responsible for popularizing fresh wheatgrass juice which can easily be extracted with a wheatgrass juicer. Charles F. Schnabel initially performed experiments on wheatgrass, but he is known for making the powdered version.

Many wheatgrass advocates believe that wheatgrass is a super food. It is believed to have a lot of health benefits. It can help people with many different medical conditions. In addition, it can help prevent a lot of different medical conditions. The latter part can simply be attributed to the amount of nutrients that it contains.

Many health benefits

Many believe that wheatgrass is good for the skin. In fact, it can even be directly applied to the skin as an anti-bacterial agent. It also helps as a skin cleanser for acne and the scars these tend to leave behind.

Due to the anti-oxidants that it contains, it can be good for maintaining a youthful look. It prevails gray hair, dandruff and other diseases that can be caused by aging. It can repair and rejuvenate cells. Anti-oxidants can also provide energy which people suffering from chronic fatigue may need.

Chlorophyll is so close in its molecular make up with hemoglobin. Many say that this makes wheatgrass good for improving blood flow. It can also help diabetics and people suffering from cancer. A test was conducted on several cancer patients. They were made to drink wheatgrass juice daily. This test got positive results and the cancer patients needed less blood building and bone marrow building medication.

Fresh juice as the best dietary supplement

A lot of health organizations regularly preach about getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Juicing is great way to get all of them. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables is similar to drinking fresh juice.

If only the digestive system can digest fresh blades of grass, one will not need a wheatgrass juicer. However, one should not eat raw wheatgrass because it is too fibrous to digest. Still, extracting juice will only take a few minutes using a wheatgrass juicer.

As nutritional content goes, some say that an ounce of wheatgrass juice is equivalent to 2.5 pounds of vegetables. Health organizations recommend that people consume 2-3 servings of vegetables daily. Two ounces of juice can then be more than enough for one whole day.

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Anti Cellulite Diet Foods – It’s Not About What You Can’t Eat!

People hear the word diet and cringe, as they immediately think “okay, what foods do I have to give up this time?” Well, this is where anti cellulite diets differ; Because rather than being all about the foods you need to avoid, the cellulite diet is more about what foods you need to be eating MORE of.

Obviously, like any other diet, there will be foods that you'll need to consume less of while on anti cellulite diets; such as junk food, processed food, and large amounts of animal fat (saturated fat). However, that is pretty common with any type of diet plan and should not surprise you in the least. Aside from that though, there are still plenty of tasty foods you can enjoy and eat lots of.

Great Food For Anti Cellulite Diets …

Lean Meats: Poultry and lean cuts of meat can be very helpful for eliminating cellulite, as they happen to contain large amounts of protein. This protein helps to strengthen the body and “muscle out” cellulite deposits. Combine this protein consumption with a little bit of exercising and cellulite has met its match!

Nuts: A handmade or two of nuts contains plenty of fiber, protein, and beneficial fat, all of which can help to reduce cellulite significantly. However, you should know that nuts can be very fattening; so only a useful or two should be ate in any one sitting.

Bright Fruits and Vegetables: Brightly colored produce tend to have large amounts of antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent or slow oxidative damage to our body. More antioxidants means less oxidative damage (free radicals), and this means fewer cellulite deposits!

Fruit and Vegetable Juices: Same as above but just in a liquid form that you can drink instead of eat! Excellent choice for meals rather than sugar filled soft drinks.

Water: Water can help flush your system of toxins and make it easier to remove cellulite. Since toxins in your system contribute to overall cellulite accumulation, getting rid of those toxins is a major step for complete cellulite removal. 2 liters of fresh water every day is recommended.

Fish: As far as anti cellulite diets go, fatty fish and fish oils are the best food around. Why? Because they contain a plethora of fatty acids that are essential to us. These fatty acids help to strengthen and fortify skin cells, thereby improving the tone and texture of our skin.

These are just a few of the things you can eat or drink when on anti cellulite diets. That being said, stop worrying about your cellulite problem and just start eating anti cellulite foods until all your cellulite melts away like butter!

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Discover How to Get Fit With the P90X Diet

The P90X workout regimen is not just a bunch of exercise routines. It is a total fitness package, with not only exercise series, but diet and food advice in the P90X diet plan itself. If you really want to bulk up and get ripped fast with the P90X workout, then you've got to follow the P90X diet advice.

The P90X diet has taken meal consumption one step further to help you quickly lose those unwanted pounds. The plan is broken down into three steps or phases and each works in conjunction with the workout. Phase one concentrates more on proteins and less on carbs so you can get a jump start on weight loss. Phase two reintroduces a number of carbohydrates so you will have the necessary energy for a more intense workout. In the final phase of the P90X food plan, or phase three, additional carbs are added for additional stamina.

The importance of protein on the P90X food plan can not be stressed enough, especially for individuals with a desire to build muscle and strength. During a workout muscle tissue is essentially broken down and repaired. Without protein it would be impossible for your body to make these necessary repairs and increase muscle mass. And, the first phase of the P90X diet includes protein foods such as chicken, turkey, pork, lean red meats, whole grain cereals, hummus, pasta, brown rice, sweet potatoes and apples.

In order to maintain the high energy level needed for the more intensive workout sessions, the P90X food plan includes carbohydrates. Carbs are classified as good and bad or healthy and unhealthy. The P90X food plan only includes good carbohydrates that give your body a host of benefits. Foods such as dairy products, beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds and a variety of vegetables will effectively keep you energized, but will also add fiber to your diet and help rid your body of unwanted and harmful toxins.

And, last but certainly not least, the P90X food plan includes a list of dietary fats that everyone needs to maintain health and vigor. It is important to understand that the P90X food plan has included good fats such as peanut butter, fish like tuna, sardines and salmon, olive oil and avocados. Again, the food included in the P90X food plan often serve more than one purpose. Including foods such as fish not only meets the necessary fat requirement it also provides the body with essential omega 3s nutrients.

It's easy to see that the P90X food plan covers the three essential components your body needs on a daily basis. And, the combination of foods coupled with when they are eaten during the workout program is a great tool for burning fat, losing weight and building muscle. But, this is also your opportunity to learn to eat a healthy diet.

Obviously, junk food in not included in the P90X food plan and while it might take a little time for you to get use to eating healthy, in the long run you will notice a major difference in the way you look and feel. So, if you are asked how does P90X work, simply reply with hard word, determination and by following the P90X food plan.

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Things to Eat To Lose Weight: 3 Body-Shaping Food Groups

A common dilemma amongst most weight loss enthusiasts is identifying things to eat to lose weight. Due to this challenge many give up due to frustration and boredom. However there are foods that if ate regularly will help you lose weight successfully. I call them the 3 Body-Shaping Food Groups. Here they are:

Body-Shaping Food Group 1: Grapes and Berries
Grapes are fat-free and eating a whole bunch results in less than a hundred calories consumed. For anyone looking to lose weight grapes should never be too far from them. They can be eaten at anytime of the day. They are the perfect snack to reduce hunger pangs and will also help in your weight loss endeavors. Want a great, tasty tip? Make your grapes tastier by freezing them and eating them cold.

Berries are another source of low-calorie food and are filled with nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants and are good weight loss foods as they nourish the body and do not add fat deposits to it. They are excellent for breakfast or as desserts alternatives.

Body-Shaping Food Group 2: Lean Proteins
Lean proteins include foods such as eggs, fish, chicken and lean portions of red meat. When ate in limited quantities through the day they aid in weight loss and improve one's overall health. They can be consumed at any time of the day to keep the body revitalized by releasing small amounts of energy.

Fish contain high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids. These fats have been shown to reduce the incidence of heart diseases and improve metabolism. Higher metabolic rates help increase calorie burn through the day and so it helps burn that unwanted fat!

Body-Shaping Food Group 3: Whole Grains with a Twist
These are some of the best foods to eat to lose weight. And you want to know the best way to eat them? Raw and unprocessed. Yes, it makes a difference when they are raw! Not only do they provide dietary fiber and contain adequate levels of complex carbohydrates which act to increase your energy levels and fill you up quicker and keep you full longer, there's more. In their raw state they contain natural enzymes that help digestion so your body can focus on using your calories more efficiently!

Examples of foods in this category include whole-grain pasta, brown rice, quinoa, spelt and many others. Although there's great benefit to eating them raw when you can, whole grains can be ateen in a number of other ways: fried, baked, roasted, and sprouted!

Finally, a good way to determine things to eat to lose weight is by thinking of food as an energy source. Doing so will help you eat the right foods at the right quantities so preventing poor clinical practices that come from just eating because it tastes good!

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Are There Any Gluten Free Diet Benefits?

I will tell you honestly that until laately, I had no clue what so ever, what a gluten free diet was, or if there were any benefits to it. I have found, that gluten is the protein part of certain grains like wheat, barley, rye and other grains. There are many people, that are allergic to these grains so they need to have this type of diet.

A person who is affected from gluten intolerance, or celiac disease has to live their life gluten free to be able to live healthy lives, and they have to see a doctor or expert first. If they choose the wrong diet they could be facing health issues, for allergic reaction. If you suffer from some of these gluten allergies you do not need to be that concerned because there is always a way.

A plan that can fit your needs can be developed, and you can live a healthy life. All you really have to do is to keep clear of wheat products. You might think that is not easy, but with some help you can discover the right gluten free diet for you. If you are someone who likes oatmeal, you do not need to eliminate oatmeal or oat products from your diet. Hopefully they have been processed from the harmful effects of wheat, and other grains, but you will need to read the label to make sure, so that you do not accidently consume any gluten.

The food that you can find on this gluten free diet include: corn, soya, rice, and pudding. You also have the different choices of jams, sugars, honey, pancake syrup as well. But if that is not enough your diet can include all fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, milk, creams, butter and cheese. If you still need more you can also have tea, coffee, and most alcoholic drinks. It may think it's not that easy to stay on this kind of diet, just keep in mind not to purchase prepared food, because they may have gluten in them.

So, really all you need to do is stay with the fresh food, and stay away from canned or already made goods. And you really should stay away from anything that has wheat in it as this can ruin a gluten free diet. With some help, and careful planning you should be OK, and your diet should continue to be healthy. As you can see there are no real gluten free diet benefits, but they are not that bad either.

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The Differences Between The Atkins Diet And The Medifast Diet

Every where you look there's another diet that promises fast, easy and painless weight loss. Turn on the television and there's an ad for a new plan, open a magazine and find another. Today, however, we will be looking at two plans, Atkins and Medifast. From the outside, I will admit that I am convinced that Medifast is the better choice, better because it is healthy.

The Atkins diet was a big hit when it was first introduced, for one reason. The basis of the plan was that you could eat as much as you wanted, but only of certain food groups. Many people went on this plan, and many lost weight. The problem was that, although most people tend to think that because they're losing weight they're getting healthy. Yet, how healthy can it be to eat endless amounts of things like bacon, while limiting vegetables, fruits and bread? There are all kinds of ways to lose weight. You can fast, you can take pills, eat this or not eat that.

Just the fact that you're managing to lose weight is no indication of how healthy you are. Cutting carbs might not be as risky as anorexia but there's nothing healthy about doing it. It's very simple, to eat a balanced diet and be healthy, carbs have to be a part of the plan.

To do anything else, particularly eating a diet consisting of almost nothing but meat, is putting yourself at risk for a host of problems like issues with cholesterol, a problem many people on Atkins suddenly found themselves facing.

Medifast is different. There's no cutting out a whole food group. You will eat foods that provide real nutrition. There's fiber to help you feel full. You get to eat real food; lasagna, pizza and pancakes. Medifast has dieticians who understand what you need to keep you happy, healthy and satisfied. Following Atkins is a lot of work.

You have to think about everything you eat. If you think it's easy, try putting together a plate of food that will make you feel full and happy without carbs. This is no problem with Medifast. It's a simple matter of choosing a plan. That's it, because Medifast is about what you can have, not what you can not have.

I do not know about you but life is too short to be eating foods that you dislike just to drop a few pounds.

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