For any weight conscious individual, they may have scoured around the web and in books for different types of weight loss strategies. Some may have considered a high protein diet, which is essentially the same as a low carb one that has become popular in the past few years. Knowing about a protein only diet – pros and cons, will help you decide whether this diet is right for you.

A high protein diet means shifting the ratio of calories consumed to include more protein and less carbohydrates. Often, a little more fat will be consumed as well since foods high in protein also contain higher amounts of fat. Foods should come from sources such as fish, chicken, lean meats, eggs, and skim milk. A protein supplement may also be used. Carbs should not be neglected completely. Consume a moderate amount in the form of oatmeal, whole grain bread, and sweet potatoes.

Research has shown that protein-rich foods are digested more slowly than carbs. This keeps you feeling full for longer periods. Studies have also shown that those who consumed higher amounts while restricting carbs have loss weight more quickly than those who just relieved restricted calories.

Such diets however, have also been shown to have unwanted side effects. These kinds of dietary habits are hard to maintain for long periods because desires will develop. Many have found that as soon as they came off the diet, the pounds came back. This is because a lot of the weight loss is from water retention. Reducing carbs can also mean getting less nutrients such as fiber and other vitamins.

Everyone responds to certain eating habit plans differently. Listen to your body and closely monitor the result. It is only through trial and error that you will know whenever such a diet is right for your particular body type.

Protein only diet some of the pros and cons are that you will most likely lose the weight on this diet as you will eat a lot less but feel full longer, but you can not really stick to this diet very long. Furthermore, you will be taking in a lot less fiber and vitamins so it is probably better to go on a diet that allows you to eat all the foods, but something that will trick your system into losing weight. Maybe something such as shifting calories diet or something similar to it! No matter what, you must take enough vitamins so while dieting try to consume multivitamins and vitamin C.