In general, a person should never exercise on an empty stomach. When you do exercise on an empty stomach, you are asking for a lot of trouble. For example, you may feel very dizzy or light-headed after a heavy workout session. You may feel nauseous because your body depleted its reserve energy supply. However, a study done by Belgian researchers in 2010 estimate that this does not necessarily apply for people who want to exercise before eating breakfast. In this article, we examine the main benefits you can gain by exercising before breakfast.

The research study which examined the effects of fasting suggests that people who exercise before having a carbohydrate-rich breakfast are less likely to gain weight than those who exercise after a meal. The study also concluded that people are less likely to gain resistance to insulin by exercising beforehand. It is not just the physiological benefits that one can gain by working out in the morning.

Studies have shown that the most successful people in the world today exercise in the morning. A morning exercise will make you feel more energized throughout the day. If you have been struggling to stay awake at work then this may be your antidote. By working out in the morning, you also get rid of any excuses to not workout at all. It is better to get your exercise done first thing in the morning so you will not have any excuse later in the afternoon. Some people worry that they'll suffer from starvation mode if they exercise before they eat. When your body is losing weight, it responds by gradually reducing your metabolism. This will impede a person's weight loss objective over the long-term. This trend may be worrisome but if you eat a decent breakfast straight after your exercise session then there is nothing major to worry about.

However, there is a slight compromise that some people will have to make. If your objective is to gain muscle mass then it may not be appropriate to exercise before you eat. Since your body will not have any short-term energy supply, you will not be able to push yourself hard enough to gain stronger muscles. An alternative solution for bodybuilders is to do their cardio exercises in the morning (before eating breakfast) and do their strength exercises later in the day. If hunger is stopping you from exercising before breakfast then one solution is to drink water.