These are the rules that you should remember when developing your own Paleo diet eating plan. You do not need to count or measure anything, just remember what you should eat and what you should stay away from. Here is a guideline that will make transforming into the diet and sticking to it easier for you:

Eat lots of vegetables. Vegetables are vital to every diet. They provide us with almost every nutrient that we need and they make us healthy so eat lots of them. In the Paleo diet, vegetables are part of every meal and they add color to your plate so make your plate as colorful as you can. They can be paired with anything from fish to meat to chicken.

Have protein. It can be in the form of chicken, fish or meat. The Paleo diet encourages you to eat proteins in your meals because they are very good for you. Protein is responsible for making everything work in our bodies and the body needs it for maintenance, growth and repair of all our cells.

Fruit snacks. Snacks do not have to come from a box or packaged that you can eat right away. Snacks can be fresh and healthy. Fruit is a great snack. Fruit is also a great dessert. Fruit is healthy and you can eat as much of it as you can. They are a great source of vitamins and antioxidants. Like vegetables, they are really good for us and are highly encouraged in the Paleo diet.

Avoid dairy. Dairy products contain sugars and carbohydrates, and these are two of the many substances that you should avoid because our bodies do not need them and too much hormones our health. Dairy was discovered during the Neolithic era, after the Paleolithic period, another reason why it is not allowed in the Paleo diet. If you're worried about calcium, do not. Vegetables are actually a good source of it.

Avoid grains and other starchy vegetables. Grains and starchy vegetables, just like dairy products, were discovered and developed in the Neolithic era. These foods are rich in carbohydrates, another reason why you should avoid them. These two forms of carbohydrates are processed by our bodies in a way that increases the blood sugar level and therefore increases the risk of diabetes.

Have a drink. Go ahead, have a glass of wine or a 12-ounce beer. Everyone knows that a glass of wine is good for the body and in the Paleo diet; it is also popular for improving one's insulin sensitivity while reducing the appetite. It is even well known for flavoring food and can save you from adding more salt. Yes, you may substitute wine for salt. Beer is okay to drink, too, just as long as you only take one 12-ounce can or bottle. You can drink either wine or beer in the Paleo diet but only in moderate amounts.