I sometimes hear from folks who want to know how often you should measure yourself on the Medifast diet. I sometimes find that these people are under the mistaken impression that you have to go in for counseling and a “weigh in” where you are weighed and measured. Even folks who are not under this impression seem to think that there is somewhere that you must record your results.

Whatever Record Keeping Or Accountability You Choose Is Completely Up To You: Frankly, there is no measurement or weight in requirement on Medifast. Some people really like the motivation that regularly takes your measurements about. They believe that this provides additional motivation and allows them to literally see the results from their hard work. I have always had the opposite mindset. Taking measures and weighing can make me feel a little pressured. The thing is, I can tell how I am progressing by the way that my clothes fit me and the way that I notice my body looks when I am taking a shower. And, when I notice that my new and smaller clothes are fitting a little tighter, then I will take a look at my compliance and my lean and green meals to see if I need to make some adjustments.

Why I Focus On Average: I also know that sometimes you have great results where you have slacked off and sometimes you are disappointed in your results when you have been in perfect compliance. And that's why I try not to panic or celebrate too much either way. My strategy has always been to worry about my average results rather than hang on to each and every week. To that end, I will often measure myself at the end of a month because this allows me to see the rates and it avoids my feeling unnecessary pressure and frustration. And, the results from one month to the next can be extremely dramatic and very encouraging. I'm always happy with my monthly results and this makes it easier to keep going.

So to answer the question posed, you can measure yourself whenever you want. The company does not require for you to record your measurements. If you find this process helpful and stimulating, then you should feel free to do it as much as you would like. But if you feel pressured or hesitant, then you do not have to do this practice at all if it makes you feel uncomfortable. I find that most people (myself included) know how they are doing in terms of weight or inches lost just by careful observation. I can usually take a guess as to how much weight I've lost just by how my clothes fit and by my appearance. (And my monthly weigh ins tell me that I'm usually pretty accurate.) But if you are not able to gauge your weight loss in this way, then find whatever method works best for you. The key is to keep yourself on track but to not feel at all discouraged. This is an individual process for most people. There is no right or wrong answer. There is just what is most effective for you.