You've delivered your bundle of joy and now reality is setting in. Suddenly, you look down and realize you must do something to get back into shape so you search for the best diet post pregnancy. It is interesting how while pregnant we do not notice the extras as much, as after we give birth. If you're not breastfeeding you should give yourself six weeks after the birth before you start dieting. If you are breastfeeding feeding, start after your baby has been feeding for at least two months. Your body is already trying to lose the fat around your middle. The water your body is holding is being lost at eight to ten pounds per week for the first two weeks after delivery.

Still, weight loss should be slow, consistent and not too extreme. You should also mix dieting with moderate exercise. One without the other would not be as effective. A post pregnancy best diet depends on it meeting all your diet needs and being easy for you to access daily. Keep something else in mind. During pregnancy women body will get weak, or muscles will get weak, you have to get your muscles back in shape, especially stomach muscles. Most women experience the back pain afterwards, and this is one of the reasons why.

Reduce your fat and carbohydrates calories and start eating at least two vegetable salads per day. Reduce sugary sweets and alcohol consumption as much as possible. These tend to be empty calories that can even be eliminated from your diet for faster weight loss. Fill up on fresh fruits for snacks, salads for entrees, and drink water before meals. Eat a useful of nuts occasionally for snacking. The average woman should eat around 1700 calories daily. This number should be adjusted based on your body type. A petite small boned woman may need a lot fewer calories, while a tall big boned woman may require significantly more calories.

Dieting after having a baby requires the dieter to consider her unique situation. If she is breastfeeding feeding, she needs to consume more calories than she needs for herself; she needs to have enough energy to produce her baby's milk as well. It's also important for her diet to give her enough energy to care for her newborn and exercise moderately. So choosing the best post pregnancy diet should be done with great care, as you do not want to do anything that can hurt your health or your babies health.