Every where you look there's another diet that promises fast, easy and painless weight loss. Turn on the television and there's an ad for a new plan, open a magazine and find another. Today, however, we will be looking at two plans, Atkins and Medifast. From the outside, I will admit that I am convinced that Medifast is the better choice, better because it is healthy.

The Atkins diet was a big hit when it was first introduced, for one reason. The basis of the plan was that you could eat as much as you wanted, but only of certain food groups. Many people went on this plan, and many lost weight. The problem was that, although most people tend to think that because they're losing weight they're getting healthy. Yet, how healthy can it be to eat endless amounts of things like bacon, while limiting vegetables, fruits and bread? There are all kinds of ways to lose weight. You can fast, you can take pills, eat this or not eat that.

Just the fact that you're managing to lose weight is no indication of how healthy you are. Cutting carbs might not be as risky as anorexia but there's nothing healthy about doing it. It's very simple, to eat a balanced diet and be healthy, carbs have to be a part of the plan.

To do anything else, particularly eating a diet consisting of almost nothing but meat, is putting yourself at risk for a host of problems like issues with cholesterol, a problem many people on Atkins suddenly found themselves facing.

Medifast is different. There's no cutting out a whole food group. You will eat foods that provide real nutrition. There's fiber to help you feel full. You get to eat real food; lasagna, pizza and pancakes. Medifast has dieticians who understand what you need to keep you happy, healthy and satisfied. Following Atkins is a lot of work.

You have to think about everything you eat. If you think it's easy, try putting together a plate of food that will make you feel full and happy without carbs. This is no problem with Medifast. It's a simple matter of choosing a plan. That's it, because Medifast is about what you can have, not what you can not have.

I do not know about you but life is too short to be eating foods that you dislike just to drop a few pounds.