You are reading about the Dukan diet so there is a good chance that you are thinking about giving this diet a go. But are you one of those people that have almost given up on diets altogether? I wonder how many people there are at the end of their tether, totally frustrated by the lack of success they've had with diets and weight loss plans that they've tried in the past. If you are one of those people then the Dukan diet could be just what you're looking for. So before you give up completely – a mistake I almost made a year ago before I got the Dukan diet a chance – please read on.

When people say that diets do not work what they usually mean is that diets only seem to work for a short period of time before the weight loss stops. This is the dreaded weight loss plateau. Dr. Dukan refers to this situation as being in 'stagnation'. Being on a diet but without losing any weight at all is disheartening to say the least and it is at this point that most people tend to give up and go back to their old ways. But things do not have to be this way! You do not need to stagnate while on the Dukan diet.

Dr. Dukan identifies 4 groups of people most likely to find themselves in this situation:

  1. Women who have a history of dieting. These are the women who have tried everything and come to Dukan in desperation expecting that there is a way for them to lose weight.
  2. People who come from families with a long history of obesity. Women who have overweight children as well as mothers, fathers and aunts and uncles who are obese.
  3. Men and women who are very obese. Losing weight when you are hugely over weight can seem like trying to do the impossible.
  4. People who live a very sedentary lifestyle. Most of us lead more a sedentary life than per our recent ancestors did. We drive to work, sit down all day at the office before returning home and sitting the couch in front of the TV.

Now a weight loss plateau or 'stagnation' period is a normal part of any weight loss program. As far as I am aware, it is your body's way of coping with what it sees as a shortage of food. It is perfectly possible to wait the situation out, just stick to the weight loss plan (whether that is the Dukan diet or regular calorie counting) and you should get past it and go back to losing weight. This is easier said than done however!

But you do not have to just put up with the plateau. Dr Dukan has the answer and it is as simple as this: exercise .

He writes:

“A body that has started to resist dieting down its energy consumption and extracts every last calorie from its food intake, blocking the weight loss long enough for the diet to fail. But if the situation is blocked the forces present are in equilibrium, like two sides of a pair of scales, and there is a sudden dose of 'prescribed exercise' this confuses the body breaking the stalemate. ”

In the Official Dukan Diet Book Dr. Dukan then gives his easy 6 step plan to breaking the stagnation period and quickly getting over the weight loss plateau period. Those of you not too excited about exercise need not be too worried. The prescribed exercise is simply walking!