The Slow Carb Diet is one of the newer diets put forth for people with weight problems to consider. And as we all know, there is great controversy about how we get fat, what “diets” work best – or work at all – and who has (drum roll, please) The Answers . Could it possibly be the Slow Carb Diet? It's starting to look like that may be the case.

A few years ago when Gary Taubes came out with his first book on fat gain and loss, Good Calories, Bad Calories , and was making the rounds promoting it. Taubes' career has been as an investigative reporter researching and writing about scientific topics.

He appeared on Larry King, hosted by Joy Behar, with Mehmet Oz in the first segment and Andrew Weil and Jillian Michaels in the second. Dr. Oz promotes his beliefs and book, Taubes talks about what he has discovered, Weil gives a review of the book and Michaels insists that what she does is what works. All in all, the national dispute in two video clips.

These Larry King Show clips show respected people getting a bit ruffled at the thought that their expertise is being questioned. Whenever long held beliefs are threatened, people hunker down, and doctors and weight loss gurus who have been trumpeting “eat less, exercise more” as the way to lose weight do not want to read what Taubes has written. Although Dr. Weil has and thinks it's good information. Good for him.

The truth about why we get fat is much more complex than we've been told and Taubes essentially tells us that it's not our fault if we gain weight easily . What a relief. He also explains what makes us fat (sugars and carbs) and how to give ourselves the best chance to lose weight. Some of us gain weight easily and others do not. And it appears that a lot of what we've been told was self-serving in one way or another and that a healthy slow carb diet will really help us defeat obesity.

So based on Gary Taubes lifetime as a science writer, and that his book that has over 100 pages of references, let's give this a good look. It may well be the answer. If you're interested in finding out more about this diet, you can refer to the books of Gary Taubes and also Tim Ferriss' 4-Hour Body . Online searches also produce a lot of information and both Taubes and Ferriss have informative web sites.