There are so many fad diets (or crash diets) out there today that it can often be difficult to sift out the good ones from the garbage. How does the raw food vegan diet measure up in terms of a worthy, safe and practical diet? In order to determine this we need to examine this diet meticulously.

Is it a crash diet?

A crash diet is often pursued with the intention to achieve rapid results in as short a period of time as possible, despite how dangerous or unhealthy it is. Many persons have been living on the raw food diet for decades such as Angela Stokes, Dan McDonald and Matthew Monarch. They are all at optimum health and fitness, so proving that this lifestyle can be sustainable and safe . Therefore, the raw vegan diet is not a crash diet.

Is it a fad diet?

A fad diet will come into this world like wildfire and will exit this world with everyone on this earth cursing its very existence. It comes and goes like the wind. The concept and knowledge of eating a diet high in raw plant-based foods has been around for centuries, and that knowledge has only expanded over time. Nobody is complaining about the raw food diet, nobody is cursing it. It is in fact the very opposite. One woman who adopted this lifestyle declares that her “energy soared” and that she was “filled with vitality and a new hunger – for real life” – Angela Stokes.

Is it a rapid weight loss diet?

The raw food diet is renamed for its weight loss potential. When a person eliminates calorie-laden, over-processed, over-cooked, hard-to-digest meat and dairy from their diet and replace them with natural, raw, plant-based foods – weight loss is clearly inevitable. One can expect to lose a lot of weight at the beginning of the diet, and thereafter their body will gradually shed unwanted weight in its own time , until a person reaches their ideal weight. Angela Stokes Monarch is a famous raw foodist who lost 155lbs (70kg) on ‚Äč‚Äčthis lifestyle, with 105lbs (47kg) being sent in the first year. Yes, weight loss on the raw food diet is very much a reality.

Are the benefits of the raw food diet short-term or long-term?

If you go off your diet and re-adopt bad food choices – your results will be short-term (sorry!). If you have the will-power, faith and determination to remain on this diet for a long time, your results will just get better and better. Even if your diet is comprized of only 75% raw foods, the benefits will still be abundant. Angela Stokes (mentioned above) ate only 75% raw for a few years, and her health continued to improve. Her endurance and determination enabled her to eventually clear up her candida overgrowth, her acne, her over-active thyroid, psoriasis and of course, her obesity. Indeed, the benefits of the raw food diet can be long-term if given the opportunity.