You have been working out everyday yet all the excess weight does not seem to come off. It may possibly be that you are not consuming the right stuff. You bought to read (eat) regular meals that are balanced. Furthermore the meals should contain appetite suppressing foods. What is unique about these foods is that they fill you up; make you feel like your stomach is already full. Correspondingly, you devour less. However, the good news is that they contain very few calories. In fact there are many things to eat to lose weight, both natural and artificial. But to shed weight and keep it off permanently, it is important that you stick to the natural stuff, like real food.

One of the things to eat to lose weight is apples. You have probably heard that an apple everyday keeps the physician at bay. What's even more exciting is that An apple, or a few, a day also keeps weight at bay. It is possible you always buy apples and place them on the fruit basket for others to eat but have never paid them any attention yourself. Apples unlike other fruits are fiber rich. What is more, they require lots of chewing. The brain takes around twenty minutes to realize that the hunger has been effectively satiated when one is eating. What this means is that if you eat slowly, you will consume less. If you eat apples slowly, you will feel full very fast. This will help to stop you from eating any more food. One final juicy tidbit on applications: Do not forget the goodness of the apples is in the rind. Therefore, wash rather than peel your apples.

Courgettes / zucchinis are other things to eat to lose weight. Just like apples, they are rich in fiber. Additionally, they contain lots of water. This also makes them diuretic, which means they make you drink you more water. Cooking courgettes is relatively easy. Simply slice them into thin strips, fry them briefly and serve with some tomato sauce. They make a meal that is not only tasty but low in calories. Tofu is yet another of the foods you can eat to lose weight. A good number of people think tofu is for vegetarians only. On the contrary, anyone can eat tofu and it is especially good for those who are looking to lose weight. Tofu is said to contain a peptide, a naturally occurring hormone that is known to suppress one's appetite. In addition, it is rich in proteins. So what's so good about that? Well, Foods rich in protein cause the body to release the particular peptide hormone. The result is that you feel full more faster and there before eat less. Pretty cool, eh?

As you can tell, there are a lot of simple and tasty things to eat to lose weight. Just keep in mind that fresh food tastes best ripe from the tree. So those apples? Get them as fresh as you can. In the winter in the north country that may be hard, but once you buy them, do not let them sit 'forever!'

Finally, one of the best ways to eat all these great foods to lose weight is to learn how to cook mouth-watering recipes with them !!