There is a common misconception that slim people have gotten high metabolic rates and overweight people have gotten low metabolic rates. This is a fallacy since a person's weight depends on the balance between calories burned and calories consumed. Therefore weight is lost by eating fewer calories and gained by eating more calories.

However you can induce weight lose by controlling your metabolism; for instance, fast slows down the metabolic rate to prevent energy loss which in turn leads to weight gain since foods are stored rather than used. Therefore maintaining a steady metabolic rate by eating the right foods will ensure that less weight is gained and excess weight is lost. Metabolism is what I call your fat burning furnace. And, like a furnace, what you put into it depends on how well it burns. So here are 4 Things to eat to lose weight and help maintain a constant metabolic rate include:

Green Tea

Green tea is well known for its mood enhancing properties but has other uses as well. It is an excellent metabolic booster and helps reduce fat absorption by the body. In addition it helps the body regulate blood sugar levels and help reduce food cravings which occurs very often while on a diet.

Hot Peppers

Hot pepper contains a chemical called Capsaicin. It temporarily raises your body to release stress hormones speeding up your metabolism leading to more calories being burnt. It also helps keep food cravings in check.

Pears and Apples

Fruits and especially pearls and apples are high on fiber content and very low on calories. They are an excellent substitute for high fat content snacks which do not help much when it comes to weight lose. You can munch on these all day long without worrying about anything. People who include healthy servings of fruits in their diets are healthier and are less likely to appear in the weight gain category.


The importance of water in any diet can not be overstated. Drinking sufficient amounts of water helps to keep the metabolism purring and aid in weight lose. Furthermore water is a natural hunger suppressant as it eliminates bloating flushing out toxins and sodium. In fact, many times that we feel hungry we are actually mistaking thirst for hunger. Keep that water jug ​​handy!

By eating the foods discussed above you'll turn on your fat burning furnace and keep it burning strong. How? Because they help by lowering appetite and keeping your digestive system working well; boosting metabolism and improving calorie burn. They also ensure steady blood sugar levels while preventing fat storage.