As a international Judo player and coach I am constantly traveling, either interstate or overseas. Sometimes it is hard to stay on top of your diet and exercise while your daily routine is all over the place. There is nothing worse then doing a heap of travel and having your daily and weekly routine get destroyed. When I travel Itry to make everything as normal as possible. Which can be pretty tough depending on what country you find yourself in.
Here are a few keys things I do when traveling to make sure I do not over do it in the eating department and under do it in the exercise department.

Tip # 1 Plan ahead.
Plan to do at least 20-40 minutes of exercise each day you are away. If this means waking up a touch earlier, then get up earlier.

This morning I got up early and did a 20 minute bodyweight workout consisting of:
Bodyweight squat variations and 1 minute pushups. Also look out for any playground equipment where you can do some chinups, dips and some abdominal workouts.

Tip # 2 Bring a skipping rope, uchikomi band or judogi
Nearly every single trip I have ever been on I take a gi, a skipping rope and an uchikomi band. You can do a whole heap of great workouts and movements using a band and skipping rope. So always bring one of them along.

Tip # 3 Watch what you drink
When you go out with your friends try not to have any soft drinks with your meal. Just stick with water. This will help keep your daily calorie take down.

Tip # 4 Watch what you eat
When going out to breakfast, lunch or dinner try not to over eat.Try to choose the healthy option. Try to choose a dish where at least half the plate is salad or vegetables and the other 2 quarters carbohydrate and protein. A high content of vegetables means that the fiber content will fill you up quickly, it is also high in nutrients and low in calories Also try and stay away from alcoholic beverages as well.

Tip # 5 Have fun
Lastly, when you are traveling, have fun! Enjoy the world, enjoy people and enjoy life. If you can not exercise or eat your perfect meal of choice do not stress about it.

Hopefully one or two of these tips will help you out when you are traveling interstate or overseas.